PC World Clearances - Wireless card , Speakers , Monitors

PC World Clearances - Wireless card , Speakers , Monitors

Found 25th May 2008
Was looking for a wireless network card for my new Dell XPS, checked out the PC World website and nothing really attractive price wise.

So called into the Cardiff store hoping to get a price match but there was no need, items not on their website were reduced, managed to pick up a Netgear Wireless PCI card 108Mbps for £19.99 down from £39.99 - Ok it was overpriced at £39.99 but £19.99 made it cheaper than online and with no wait, in fact it is already installed.
On the way out I picked up a set of Logitech speakers and Subwoofer for £19.99 down from £35, Can't find these on the website.

They also have the Samsung 20" pebble monitor for £144.97, even though it shows no stock for collection on the website it was in store, so even if the website shows no collect at store it is worth having a look just in case.

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