PC World Fenchurch Closing Down
PC World Fenchurch Closing Down

PC World Fenchurch Closing Down

Lots of stuff on clearance, inc parts, software, books and machines!!



That's a shame.

I voted this hot for those who live near there but don't expect mega deals as the stock can easily be transferred to other branches,

Horay!!!!! death to PC world!


What else is out there for buying off the shelf. Might be a bit pricier, but if you need something fast, they are good for that.
I hope this is not the start of a trend!

Sadly, I work nearby and PC world has always provided a lunch visit destination - despite the rubbish stock, expensive prices etc. Sad to see it go....but not that sad!

I went in today, seem to be getting rid of a lot of old pc games, top floor now mostly cleared out.
Only good bargins i found are the old gfx cards (e.g. 7600GT for £25)


Just been in there, they have an ex display 22 inch r88 samsung lcd that has been reduced down to £369...
I bought a brand new 26inch from dixons for less than that
Anyone know the actual closing date?
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