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Dell Ultrasharp P2415Q 24" 4K Ultra HD Monitor @ PCbuyIT £350.40
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Posted 17th Jan 2015Posted 17th Jan 2015
Dell Ultrasharp P2415Q 24" 4K Ultra HD Monitor @ PCbuyIT £350.40£350.40
Smaller screen for those with small desk space and large wallets. Make sure your graphics card is good :) Might be useful for a small selection of people.

We're talking 11-13" screens - I like big fonts - but you can set the zoom lower to get more screen estate if your eyesight is better...


1280x720 effective! You really have got the best of both worlds..


Yes native resolution is 2560x1440. Yes effective screen estate is 1280x720 - but fonts, bitmaps, etc. render at the native resolution so they are very sharp just as on phones and tablets. There is no "scaled resolution" except for legacy apps not aware of high DPI. I'm not sure what you mean "no need to scale" we need to move away from 1:1 we've had so long and think in "effective pixels" not "native pixels" - that's the only way you're going to get the same sharpness as on modern phones/tablets. It is ridiculous to have far higher DPI on phones/tablets than laptops or monitors - at effective distance (i.e. accounting for use distance to screen).


So is the native resolution 2560x1440 or the effective scaled resolution? If the latter then what is the effective scaled resolution? 1280x720! With Apple 4K scaled would give you an effective working resolution of 1920x1080 I think. Personally at this price I'd rather a larger screen with 2560x1440 that I wouldn't need to scale. I'd like to see this style of monitor to see how it compares with my U2413 which is 24" 1920x1200 and is factory calibrated and also supports the full Adobe RGB colour space. Even though this doesn't offer Premium Colour support as I tend not to use the Adobe RGB pre-set this may well look better albeit lacking the 1200P when scaled. So many choices these days.


I have 1 laptop and 1 tablet at 200% (2600x1440) and have no scaling trouble with any apps I am using. The sharpness is incredible.

Eizo Flexscan Ev2436w 24.1 inch monitor 1920x1200- £246 @ PCBuyIt
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Posted 9th Oct 2014Posted 9th Oct 2014
Eizo Flexscan Ev2436w 24.1 inch monitor 1920x1200- £246 @ PCBuyIt£246
Good price for one of the best brands. Apparently only this week with that price. Normally over £300 Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Got the Benq delivered Sat ,must say Im well impressed so far


Also had a 2209WA followed by LG 120Hz TN and now a pair of Benq BL2411PT screens. Benq BL2411PT is the best general purpose monitors I've owned and I have had access / used a fair few other similar 24" screens through work. I've been grinding my way through a backlog of games on these BenQ screen and at the same time messing around with SLR photography. All kinds of games - RPG, RTS, Strategy, FPS, Indie, Racing, Space Sims without any significant issues. Screens also used for RAW photo conversion / editing DXO optics, ACDsee, Lightroom, Paintshop Pro. Excellent all rounder IMO. If no 1 priority is gaming 120Hz / 144Hz TN are noticeably more responsive. They are close but not quite CRT level of sharpness for a moving scene. IPS is a little bit slower pixel response and the quality of a moving game scene is less sharp but not in a bad way like heavy ghosting. A slight softness to scrolling game environment is OK to me whereas any kind of stutter or tearing I find massively distracting. 2209WA had a grain like quality to the anti-glare coating and the Benq in this regard is much improved. Text seems clearer and easier to read with less aggressive coating.


I just checked reviews and it looks promising, have you got it and use it for gaming? I've got Dell 2209WA which I love but I need something bigger with higher resolution. How's ghosting on BenQ? I play a lot of Starcraft etc. but also fast FPS shooters like Counter Strike, will it be ok for those? Thanks!


thank you ,


Good monitor. TFT central have an in-depth review. It's very similar monitor to BenQ BL2411PT which is ~ £30 cheaper and also having good reviews. I considered both monitors and decided the BenQ was the better option for having a less aggressive anti-glare coating. Both IPS, flicker free dimming, low power LED backlight, adjustable stand, thin bezel

EIZO FlexScan EV2736W 27" IPS Monitor  2560 x 1440  £374 @ PCBuyit
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Posted 4th Jun 2014Posted 4th Jun 2014
EIZO FlexScan EV2736W 27" IPS Monitor 2560 x 1440 £374 @ PCBuyit
Great 27" monitor for office use. Amazing spec for the price.
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IPS panel... nice... especially good to view it from the side.


The screens can still be Grade A. Only A+ go in the top end monitors. and I assure you, It wouldn't surprise me with such small discrepancies.. a few A+ get classed as A, and vice versa. Apple charge 899.. (same panel, grade A+ vs my A - presumably) yes, with the far superior stand, thunderbolt and a couple of USB 2.0 connections and 2 years warranty) - Worth an extra 650? But yeah, odds and sods. Typically you can say you get what you paid for... In the 2-3 years I've had it, only the PSU broke (sent a free replacement via DHL from china, to my door in about 5 working days). to add, I dare bet if I sold it on ebay, it'd still clear 170+ Just checked, I only got it in October 2012. But it only cost me £203 delivered. - ebay item : 130724901986


Probably because a moron would be unlikely to be able to use a computer at all, let alone post replies on a forum such as this. I don't think it's unreasonable to say that your comment implies that the poster is a moron.


Huh, they were right at the bottom of the review I read that helped me decide on the monitor I wanted (Dell U2414H) and I never even noticed.


If you read monitor reviews on the TFT Central website, you would have. :)

31.5" Dell Ultrasharp UP3214Q UltraHD 4K LED Monitor - £2278.80 @ PCBuyIT
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Posted 11th Dec 2013Posted 11th Dec 2013
31.5" Dell Ultrasharp UP3214Q UltraHD 4K LED Monitor - £2278.80 @ PCBuyIT£2,278.80
• See more in Ultra HD 3840 x 2160. That's four times the resolution of Full HD. • With extremely high pixel density, the tiniest details in videos and images are revealed, providi… Read more

Yeah just checked and Display port has a massive bandwidth increase over HDMI, the latest version can support 24bit colour 3D image at 4k.


In that case you'd need to go DisplayPort then which is definately 60Hz @ 4K. A high end GPU needed for this will almost certainly have a DP1.2 output.


'4k will make an awesome monitor though. One day I'll have one definitely.' We can but dream can we not?


I'm not sure about display ports but I read an article recently that stated that HDMI could only support 30hz and 16bit colour at 4K due to bandwidth limitations. Therefore the 4K TV's with HDMI are just a waste of space until the sockets catch up.


One day... Maybe this time next year...

Dell UltraSharp U2312HM £159.59 inc next day delivery @ PCBuyit
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Posted 29th Jan 2013Posted 29th Jan 2013
Dell UltraSharp U2312HM £159.59 inc next day delivery @ PCBuyit£159.59
Excellent Dell IPS monitor. Next day delivery is included with the price and its the very latest revision of this monitor too. You get a 3 year warranty including Dell's pixel pe… Read more

still cheap here http://www.ilgs.co.uk/products.asp?partno=U2312HM


Ahhh **** monkeys I was just sitting down to buy this as well.


Yup it's defo popped upto £170.40 grrr... www.ilgs.co.uk/products.asp?partno=U2312HM is £160.21 standard delivery to UK mainland Very tempted...


Price seems to have popped up to £170.40


It has Display Port and DVI - both of which are HDMI capable. I pay £128 inc VAT for this monitor (in volume) as a company direct from Dell. Cheaper here though: http://www.ilgs.co.uk/products.asp?partno=U2312HM and refurbished here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dell-U2312HM-23-Widescreen-LED-IPS-Full-HD-Monitor-1-Year-Warranty-60DK2-/170969618446#vi-content

Dell U2713H 27" LED 2560x1440 WQHD Wide Gamut Pro Monitor @ PCBuyIT
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Posted 28th Jan 2013Posted 28th Jan 2013
Dell U2713H 27" LED 2560x1440 WQHD Wide Gamut Pro Monitor @ PCBuyIT£567.99
Top quality wide gamut monitor with stunning picture quality. 2560x1440 WQHD resolution - 16:9 aspect ratio. Unintrusive anti glare screen. Unlike it's predecessor. Tilt, pivot,… Read more
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"RMA is standard... who mentioned DGM?" Sure RMA is standard, but that's what I mean. With Dell you're not waiting around for a replacement. It's with you the next day and then you send your old one back. I don't know about you, but I'd rather pay a little extra for good customer service. Someone in the thread mentioned DGM. "owwww it turns! and tilts!" Yes it does. Not all do. It's another feature. What's the issue there? You need to compare like for like. Not a cheaper panel that doesn't have half the features this one does. "ur res anit that special. 1440p..few samsungs and acer's priced at 400" "this MAY be the best price for his monitor, but other options out there." Please show me what better options are out there. I'm pretty sure I've looked at them all, but better options might help someone if you could point them out. "just to 'quote' u should i go get some beats earphones because they are £40? not usual 100+" Well if I need/want Beats, then I'd get them at that price.


well your first statement is clearly a valid argument and not taken out of context at all... RMA is standard... who mentioned DGM? ur res anit that special. 1440p..few samsungs and acer's priced at 400 owwww it turns! and tilts! best give u my credit card details. my point was u've paid nearly 600 for a monitor with a high res, wide gamut...granted! i'll give u that, a card reader, and USB ports. i fail to see the attraction. this MAY be the best price for his monitor, but other options out there. just to 'quote' u should i go get some beats earphones because they are £40? not usual 100+ Considering I've wasted my time responding to this. think i'll leave it here. have fun enjoy your gaming!


Well then I guess that would apply for everything then. Celo 1080p TV for £250 or a Panasonic 1080p TV for £500 AMD 6100 Hex Core CPU for £85 or Intel i5 3750K Quad Core CPU for £185 Ford Focus for £15K or Mercedes C Class for £26K I could go on but I think you get the point. I think people really need to use their brain a bit before voting. This is the best price available for this monitor. This is not a 1080p monitor with 2 million pixels. It is a 1440p monitor with 3.7 million pixels. That's 78% more pixels! You also can't compare it to those crappy Korean catleap/Hazro/DGM monitors. They will have dead pixels. Also, if anything goes wrong, you need to either send it to Korea (expensive) or send it off for an RMA (no monitor for a while). The stands are also naff on those. If you tilt even a little, then the monitor will fully tilt. There's also no height adjust or portrait mode. It doesn't have your standard iso pixel policy. It has a perfect pixel policy. It's also wide gamut and has portrait rotate.


i think it speaks for it's self 27"...500...that is all.


That would be a U2713HM Totally different products. With this you get: 3 year warranty pixel perfect guarantee wide colour gamut calibrated display USB 3 card reader 180° swivel (portrait mode) anti glare screen (personal taste) a variety of inputs picture in picture feature So the iMac might be good, but it's not gonna be any use with my gaming pc. Isn't it thunderbolt only?

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Dell U2713H  27" display  £608.40 @ pcbuyit.co.uk
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Posted 17th Dec 2012Posted 17th Dec 2012
Dell U2713H 27" display £608.40 @ pcbuyit.co.uk£608.40
This is the NEW High End 27" display from DELL (Currently OOS, but with new stock expected on 25-12-12), one of the first Wide Gamut screens with LED backlight Details from http:/… Read more
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based on its spec and early user reviews this could be the best 27" monitor ever under £1000 (for photo buffs and colour folk and general consistency) also great to see the new AH-IPS LG panel being used here, one up on Apple I think! normally I would wait for the reviews but I have ordered here as I think the advantages vs the U2713HM are worth it, particularly on consistency and gamut


Don't want to belabor the point, but I do find the U2713H interesting for photography too (a larger gamut is helpful with ink jet printers which can print more colours that standard monitors). While lesser screens such as the 2713HM are also IPS, the higher end version has more uniform brightness (with some ability to adjust for it over time), and although more colour nuances (10bits v. 8 bits)... provided one has the right equipment (ie Photoshop and the proper video card). Web/Gamers/Office users will be best served by the lower end version...


Most people won't notice the difference between the U2713H and U2713HM monitors, you only need the U2713H version if you are actually intending on colour correcting for broadcast television or outputting to DCP (digital cinema), but then its probably best to buy the cheaper monitor for editing and pay a colourist to colour correct your film - professionally (in other words, they will do a better job than you)! If all you do is Youtube, Vimeo, DVD or Bluray work the colour space on the U2713HM will be perfect for you - and a bargain with 40% off at the moment, as mentioned by another member!!!


Because this one has a wide colour gamut. So can display more colours.


They're both IPS panels, not quite sure how one is not as good as the other for "colour critical" work

Dell Ultrasharp U2412M 24'' IPS 16:10 LED Monitor £214.80@pcbuyit
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Posted 10th May 2012Posted 10th May 2012
Dell Ultrasharp U2412M 24'' IPS 16:10 LED Monitor £214.80@pcbuyit£214.80
Great IPS screen from Dell. Capable of horizontal and vertical mode. No HDMI as far as I'm aware, but has a display port (DP). Price includes next day delivery and 3 year on-site … Read more
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Not everyone use their computer for games. . I have never had or used games on my PC So this a great Monitor for someone like me as I mostly use my PC for graphic work


Voted Hot, hear lots of good things about Dell's high end monitors.


This is a HOT deal, IPS and 16:10 with 1920*1200 resolution makes this a decent PC monitor.


There is no problem with gaming on a 16:10 monitor. This is a great monitor. I'm not up on the prices to tell if this isa good deal or not as I haven't been looking but to say its crap because its 16:10 is completely absurd & anyone who thinks that can just just go back to their beloved 19" TN panel Technika from Tesco & have themselves a grand day.


work or gaming, I couldn't use a 16:9 screen any more as they feel really short.

Dell Ultrasharp U2412M 24 inch IPS Widescreen LED Monitor Black REV A04 With Pixel Guarantee & 3yr next day onsite warranty
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Posted 6th Apr 2012Posted 6th Apr 2012
Dell Ultrasharp U2412M 24 inch IPS Widescreen LED Monitor Black REV A04 With Pixel Guarantee & 3yr next day onsite warranty£223.20
Retailer is a Dell Certified Partner, comes with Pixel Guarantee & 3yr next day guaranteed warranty , 1920x1200 so much bigger than a 24" widescreen monitor

Great monitor.


With the caveat you don't get the full warranty and you won't know the full warranty period until it arrives then you have to contact Dell to find out. I don't think either are "hot" deals. But I know I would pay the extra £25 to go direct with Dell with cash back and get the full warranty of the deal posted here as it works out at only £5 more after CB. Otherwise it's the same price at Amazon & CCL Online.


Ahh see the coupon now on Quidco the one on here is 10% must be a new one not seen that 20% one before , still have to wait for cashback to track if it does tho as we know not guaranteed, buying from a certified seller is as good as going direct Post it as a deal if you think its good enough m8 :)


Your math is also incorrect :) The coupon is 20% and cash back is 9%. £248.64 with coupon -9% quidco (pre-vat) = £229.99 after quidco


Your maths are not correct its £279.72 with 10% coupon, Quidco is only 9% so total if cashback tracks £254.46 , £30 more expensive The one i got from PC Buy It was January build, not sure of Dell shipping date will have to check will be at least Feb/March due to coming on boat from China

Dell Ultrasharp U2711 27" IPS Monitor (2560x1440)- New with full 3y warranty @PCBUYIT
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Posted 11th Feb 2012Posted 11th Feb 2012
Dell Ultrasharp U2711 27" IPS Monitor (2560x1440)- New with full 3y warranty @PCBUYIT£515.99
Currently £743 direct from Dell. This is the best price I have ever seen for a brand new UK unit with the full Dell next day replacement warranty for ANY pixel defect. I'll let p… Read more
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Bought one - All good. Delivered next day for free, no problems. The price has gone up now though, but Aria has it for 519ish http://****/SuperSpecials/Other+products/27%22+Dell+Ultrasharp+U2711+Widescreen+IPS+LCD+Monitor+-+Black+?productId=39560&source=googleps


Anyone bought one yet?


I always presume it was because if the manufacturer sold a product cheaper than everyone else then nobody else would bother to sell it. This would mean lower overall sales in the end because less people would find the product.


£552 direct? I'd have had some of that. I was buying laptops at that time so completely missed that offer. Damn. I'm always surprised at how third parties can offer the monitors cheaper than Dell direct, it's been similar since I bought the Ultrasharp 24'' 6 or so years ago. And yeah, seems sensible what you decided to do, one of the XPS 17s I received had a very minor bright pixel defect right at the edge, I'd have stuck with it as you did, unfortunately the trackpad was dead too... Shame, cos the panel was miles better than the other two, must've been a different manufacturer.


I would generally consider myself the same, however my U2711 does have a single dead pixel around 1cm up and 1cm left from the bottom right corner. However you literally cannot see it except on one background colour and you have to be about 1 inch away and look very hard. I rang Dell and they offered to swap it out the next day but I decided to keep it as it basically guarantees me a free replacement almost 3 years on :| Side note apparently they were on offer at the end of December until first week of Jan for £552 direct from dell with a 15% code also available. + Quidco! Gutted.

Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24" LED IPS monitor 1920x1200 (0 dead pixel) £234.00 delivered @ PCBUYIT
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Posted 18th Jan 2012Posted 18th Jan 2012
Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24" LED IPS monitor 1920x1200 (0 dead pixel) £234.00 delivered @ PCBUYIT£234
PC BUY IT is an official retailer of Dell Monitor and they offer a pixel perfect guarantee - dead/stuck pixels are difficult to avoid in high resolution monitors. Even Dell cannot… Read more

Stock is also now in Many thanks Annika PCBUYIT


HI, All our monitors are brand new, sealed and sold with a 3 year onsite warranty direct with Dell Many thanks Annika PCBUYIT


Is this a refurbished set?

Dell UltraSharp U2312HM 23'' IPS Monitor @ pcbuyit £177.60
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Posted 23rd Dec 2011Posted 23rd Dec 2011
Dell UltraSharp U2312HM 23'' IPS Monitor @ pcbuyit £177.60£177.60
UPDATE: Price now showing as £170.40 This is the cheapest I've seen this monitor at. Let me know if you see it cheaper. Looks like free delivery too. Here's the specs: DISPLAY … Read more

Have u had a chance to play around with the 24? Im thinking of getting it and would appreciate some feedback. will be connecting it to my macbook and using it for photo editing, movies and the usual web stuff.


Didn't notice the damage until after I'd unpacked it. The screen didn't look damaged until I'd turned it on anyway. Hopefully this will get resolved without loads of headaches.


Thanks for that tip. I've cancelled my order with pcbuyit (was a little vexed that the order didn't arrive yesterday or today) and have re-ordered with Dell instead.


£179.10 on Dell's website, with 10% TCB makes this cheaper still.


Well, it's now 6.30pm and they didn't deliver my monitor today, even though I ordered well before 5pm yesterday. I generally wouldn't be so disappointed, but I had taken the day off work to sign for the parcel. Very frustrating.

Dell Ultrasharp U3011 30" Rev A06 @ PCBUYIT for £958.80 (~£969 inc del).
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Posted 11th Nov 2011Posted 11th Nov 2011
Dell Ultrasharp U3011 30" Rev A06 @ PCBUYIT for £958.80 (~£969 inc del).£958.80
I realise this is a lot of money for a monitor, but you are getting the top of the range DELL 30" monitor with an extremely high resolution of 2560*1600. Perfect for photo editing … Read more

Those voting cold must be the usual lot of people who see a £199 ebuyer desktop as equal to a high specced gaming pc and vote accordingly because they don't understand the difference in quality and specifications. Too many good deals are shot down by this ignorance. Hot from me, even though it's out of my price range. I'll be going for the U2711 instead.


The context of your comment isn't clear or helpful to anyone reading it and could just lead to confusion over what I stated about Dell warranties which is fact over what you claim which is your stated personal experience.


I bought my 2408WFP from PCBuyIt and I had the full 3 year warranty from it to the point where I had an issue with the screen a month and a bit before the 3 years were up and they replaced it with a new U2410 rather than a refurb unit. Excellent service from Dell!!!


The NEC is about £300-400 dearer than the Dell, but if you are able to live with the anti-glare sparkle then this is not a bad monitor at all. Probably not for photo and colour work but for CAD and design in general it is worth considering if you have only room for one large monitor. A grand would pay for two 27" Hazros, otherwise. Voted hot, nonetheless.


Dell coating - failure. If you want to invest into a good IPS monitor, NEC is your best bet. Coating makes Ultrasharp monitors horrible for graphics work.

Dell ST2220M 21.5 inch 1080p LED Monitor - £100.07 @ Pcbuyit -  (£70 CASHBACK AVAILABLE)
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Posted 8th Nov 2011Posted 8th Nov 2011
Dell ST2220M 21.5 inch 1080p LED Monitor - £100.07 @ Pcbuyit - (£70 CASHBACK AVAILABLE)£100.07
Take your multimedia viewing experience to another level with the ST2220M full HD monitor with LED. This 21.5"(54.61 cm) widescreen display is an optimum choice for cinematic quali… Read more
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Was told I would be paid on the 31st January, when I emailed them yesterday to enquire where the money was, I was informed it was delayed and it would take another 7-10 days.


As if by magic, got an email today saying i will be paid with in 7 days :)


After complaining about the missing vga cable I got the £5 added back on (8th December) and I received my cashback today.


As was mine I have and to chase it twice but I was paid


claim approved 30th nov, still awaiting payment :(

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Posted 27th Jul 2011Posted 27th Jul 2011
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@nublets2k I stand corrected, thanks, didn't realise anybody did them.


yep, e-ips panels cost about the same price to make as TNs do. H/S/P-IPS panels cost at least double that. most 24" HP screens do - and they're top quality.


Very few landscape / portrait pivot monitors of any size or quality around, so difficult to compare, but not surprising it's a fair bit more expensive than an non-pivot monitor Not voting either way, as there's nothing to compare it to, but if I hadn't just bought a new PC, I'd be tempted


For a 24 inch? lol.


it'll probably drop to ~£200, that seems to be the current price for them.

Dell UltraSharp U2711 27" Monitor (2560 x 1440) - £639.60 @ pcbuyit
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Posted 5th Jul 2011Posted 5th Jul 2011
Dell UltraSharp U2711 27" Monitor (2560 x 1440) - £639.60 @ pcbuyit£639.60
Please read bout this monitor before voting cold. It's not an ordinary monitor. Free Delivery on this monitor + Awesome price! (Dell's price with 20% discount £671.04) I was looki… Read more

Hanktank - this monitor is aimed more at graphic design professionals rather than gamers. The price is good for those professionals, but if you're only gaming at 1080p you're quite right its a waste of time spending money on this if you're not a pro. Gamers are better with a TN panel as the response times are faster.


Did you even read the rest of what I wrote? The fact that LED backlighting is a newer technology doesn't make it better than the W-CCFL backlighting in the U2711. I'm not arguing opinion. I can understand your difference of opinion, you don't think this monitor is worth the money over several cheaper options, and for 99% of people I agree. But don't go crapping on this thread suggesting alternatives that are nowhere near comparable. If you'd like an LED lit alternative, Overclockers has an inferior Hazro 27" for £400: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MO-011-HO


If you look at the specs it’s clearly not in the same league as the Dell which is aimed at Professionals who are going to happily spend the extra £250 and buy the right tool for the job. £250 works out at about 23p a day over the 3 year warranty period which is insignificant for a business user. If you can’t afford that what does that say about your business! I had a client that spent about £750 on a 15” Philips TFT about 11 years ago when a decent quality 17” CRT was about £500 so this is really cheap. :D Hazro HZ27WC 72% NTSC / 100% sRGB coverage 1 x Dual Link DVI-D 3yr RTB Warranty


Ive got two of these, colour reproduction beats anything i have seen elsewhere. You'll need to use a dual-link DVI-D cable or Display Port to achieve 2560x1440


Oh yeah and one more thing...

Dell Ultrasharp 2209WA Monitor: £230.30 delivered from pcbuyit
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Posted 30th Jan 2010Posted 30th Jan 2010
Dell Ultrasharp 2209WA Monitor: £230.30 delivered from pcbuyit£230.30
This is a higher quality TFT monitor, using E-IPS technology and comes at a much higher price than a basic TN panel. I paid £20 more than this price two days ago but it was still … Read more

This is a very good price for an IPS monitor. It's only 1680 X 1050 though so anyone wanting to use it for full HD video (eg Blu-ray) may prefer to go for a 24" with 1920 x 1080 or 1200. Still a good buy and far better than a TN panel.


Well it was also £5 cheaper on pcbuyit for the silver but I wanted the black (didn't want any reflectiveness).


I paid £200.49 delivered in September last year from overclockers.co.uk - Just checked their site and its now £253 As Glix says this is not a normal TN panel its much better! Really this is the best monitor Ive ever used! Well worth the extra money. Colours are amazing in games and videos and the viewing angle is sooo much better than a regular screen.


People voting cold without any knowledge of LCD's... great. It's an IPS panel hence why it costs more than your cheapo TN panel 22" But yeah I haven't voted because you could get it for £5 less on the EBuyer with the hit and miss super saver delivery (silver version), black is more expensive.

Dell Ultrasharp 2209WA 22" E-IPS Widescreen LCD £194.35 @ PCBuyit
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Posted 22nd Oct 2009Posted 22nd Oct 2009
Dell Ultrasharp 2209WA 22" E-IPS Widescreen LCD £194.35 @ PCBuyit£194.35
Best Deal I could find... price quoted does not include postage but this varies with postcode - cost me £8 for next day delivery (citylink). Also comes with no dead pixel guarantee… Read more

Overclockers.co.uk have sold these for £187 several times in the past few months. They're currently £194.99 but I'm sure they'll be on offer again some time soon. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MO-032-DE


Its £199.99 delivered from a ebay poweseller with 1700 odd feedback, so you could save your self a few more pounds!


The width and height.


If this is a monitor what's small about the size?


They're back in stock and even cheaper than they were. If you can live with the small size then it's a cracking deal.

Dell SP2009W 20" widescreen Flat Panel LCD Webcam Monitor £113.85 + £8.00 Delivery + 3 Onsite Warranty Direct With Dell  @ PC BUY IT
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Posted 14th Oct 2009Posted 14th Oct 2009
Dell SP2009W 20" widescreen Flat Panel LCD Webcam Monitor £113.85 + £8.00 Delivery + 3 Onsite Warranty Direct With Dell @ PC BUY IT£121.85
Deffo Bargain Here, HD Resolution, Built In Webcam + USB 2.0 Hub, DVI Connection, Fast Gaming 2ms Response. Eco freindy between 45w and 75w max. EVEN GET A FREE DVI AND VGA CABLES… Read more
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I got this monitor thinking it would a good change. However, trying to get it setup properly in Windows 7 is tough. I can't seem to get the 1680x1050 resolution, only 1600x1200 which looks blurred. Even using the Windows 7 2009w driver here - http://ftp1.us.dell.com/monitors/ - Windows 7 won't let me change from the non-pnp driver (connected on VGA) to the one I listed from the Dell site above. If I find the answer to this problem, I'll post it here to help others. EDIT: Right! Very simple and I should've had an inkling of why things were the way they were. VGA doesn't allow for the standard 'native' resolution of 1680x1050. It took for my more techsavvy brother to encourage me to try a DVI connection instead of the VGA one. I did, and found that suddenly it went straight to the native resolution and looked much better. Hurrah! And may I just add that this monitor is gorgeous and I've stopped using my 32" tv for playing pc games on and now use this 20" Dell monitor because it's stunning. Great quality and loving the added usb and webcam features. Very useful. EDIT2: Right, started using the built-in webcam mic for use in online games. It works well and I unhooked my normal mic because it was very similar quality AND then I had one less cable stretching across my floor! However, a real problem comes up during play. Out of the blue, the mic makes me sound like a robot randomly! And, I have no way of fixing it. I just have to hope that it fixes itself. Even exiting the game and returning does nothing. I'm at a loss. If anyone has experienced this and knows a fix, please pass it on. I'd be very appreciative! Once more, if I find the solution, I will post it here.


for a 20" monitor it is pricy but if you consider it has usb hub webcam and hi resolution then i suppose its a good deal. 3 year warranty is standard for most monitors deals these days. I never head of this retauiler before but there are the reviews on google product for those who are interested in purchasing http://www.google.co.uk/products/reviews?fq=Dell+SP2009W&cid=12c261993c924526&sort=1&cat=merchants strangely it went cold when posted 9 months ago at £149.25 https://www.hotukdeals.com/item/309094/dell-sp2009w-20-inch-widescreen-fla


You should add the delivery price to the total price... still Hot though..


Great deal but I bought one from PC World last summer (was the SP2008WFP) for £79.95 when they were having their big clearance. Truth be told I think it was a misprice...heat added anyway. Very nice monitor though.

Dell G2410 24" 1920x1080 LED Backlit TFT monitor = £229 + £8 del @ PCBuyIt
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Posted 10th May 2009Posted 10th May 2009
Dell G2410 24" 1920x1080 LED Backlit TFT monitor = £229 + £8 del @ PCBuyIt£229
Next cheapest(?) = £266 @ Dell: http://accessories.euro.dell.com/sna/productdetail.aspx?c=uk&l=en&cs=ukdhs1&sku=205476 This is a LED-LCD against the more common TFT-LC… Read more

To add to that they should be theoretically more resistant to vibration and damage through transport. However, again it really depends on the individual screen unfortunatley. Unofrtunately not. The industry will tell you LED backlights can outlast their CCFL counterparts by "upto" a factor of 2. In reality there are many factors which can close that gap. Generally you're looking at a backlight lifteime of 25k to 100k hours. I would expect an LED backlight in a similarly classed display to outlast its CCFL counterpart, but perhaps not always to the extent to warrant the extra cost. :roll: Again it depends what you use the monitor for. If the application invovles somtthing like picture editing it would be advisable to consider an LED backliit display. Ofcourse you'd also need to invest in calibration equipment, as there's not point in having a screen that can output a broader range of the visible spectrum if its displaying everything incorrectly :) The fact that its a TN screen doesn't necessarily mean it will fail to take the advantages of LED backlighting from a technical point of view. However, unfortunately it may be an indicator that the manufacturer has cut corners, so you could be right.


Ah, I'd forgotton about the second one, I guess that'll have a few specialised benefits like easiest wall mounting and easier lan party travel. Do you have any sorts of figures here? 10 years vs. 20 years? Unfortunately, as the general software support isn't in place yet this is generally a disadvantage since it'll result in everything having shifted colours. All rather academic for a cheap TN screen like this.


Thanks for all the helpful, constructive replies tips & info guys :). Saves me the typing - & the quibbling :p Looks like they're not configured properly? I spent quite a bit of time configuring my 19" TFT TN monitor when I purchased it a few years ago. For a start, it was too bright & everything was set at 100%. There are various settings to play with, & free programs out there to calibrate monitors properly - perhaps not to a professional standard, but surely anything's better than the rubbish default settings! And remember, once you do one to your liking, you'll hopefully only need to replicate the same settings on the other monitors :thumbsup:


I have just purchased 10 of these for work and they are good but not great. The first I did was turn off the power saving fature as all it did was dim the screen to the point it looked dull.


The OP is a little confused 'This is a LED-LCD against the more common TFT-LCD.' ...it's still a TFT screen, only the backlight has changed from CCFL to LED. Decent price I guess, though personally I'd never buy a TN.