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Playstation Network $20.00 Card (US) - £12.91 @ PC Game Supply
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
10% off US and Canadian PSN $20 card. Canadian link here . One per household
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Nice one, I got two to stock up for RDR2.


Thanks for heads up. 3 new sales on US PSN Store this week.


I got like 50 bucks still from last year. Won't be buying more as can't seem to find anything I want on the store.


Managed to get one of each, thanks!


Pity the American flash deals are nowhere near as good as they used to be ;( Bought anyway (y)

10% off $20 US PlayStation PSN credit £12.91 @ PCGameSupply
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
10% off $20 cards for a limited time. Update - $20 Canadian credit can also be purchased for £9.85 https://mobile.pcgamesupply.com/special-promotion/656
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I dunno if its because they check your ip address. I always use one account on the home wifi and the other on my mobile signal. I had trouble using the same payment method previously too, so now I just use a different card for each, or one on card then one on paypal.


One for US, one for Canada


Can't be at the same address though. I tried setting up an account for the other half, and the order was repeatedly rejected. Support told me it's one per household, not per account. Note: this was for a previous promotion, but presumably same logic.


I got 2. Create another account with different email.


Haha! Yeah, we're keeping a low profile in here and hoping the feds don't find us. I hear they're cracking down hard on international game-buyers...

$50 Canadian XBOX credit £24.63 @ Pcgamessupply - Need for speed payback deluxe edition Xbox live ca
LocalLocalFound 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Via pcgamesupply credit is 24.63 https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/store/p/need-for-speed-payback/c355t88bbx1s
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Am I going insane, or do they charge more than the value of most of the cards they are selling? A £50 xbox live card is on "special offer" at £54??????


To base it on new titles is the right way. Like I said its not worth the hassle for me.


It cheaper specifically for the game advertised farcry isn't related. UK payback deluxe is £32 so to each their own it's the cheapest I've seen it


Save £3 pound. Only good if the game works out cheaper than the UK. So for example Far Cry 5 works out. £47 inc tax. Only a about 20p cheaper than CD keys after the 5% discount. Plus with offers on UK currency, actually its not great as Canada is slightly higher than UK on most games at the moment. SO I'm afraid cold from me, as the hassle isn't worth it. Good try though.


I was gonna say the same, very nearly ordered then realised on the checkout page, deal not quite as scorching as I first thought haha

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Save 10% on $20 USD Playstation PSN Credit at PCGameSupply.com - £12.91 available for Canadian $20 credit too
Found 27th MarFound 27th Mar
Useful to combine with the current sales and the 20% PSN discount code deal! Update - The 10% off deal applies to $20 Canadian PSN currency too, thanks to @BuzzDuraband for poin… Read more
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Nice one, I'll give it a check. Cheers!


Offgamers have PSN credit for broadly the same prices, have you tried there? Used them many times, actually quicker than PCGamesupply usually


Never been able to order from this site. Always goes through and then says order cancelled/no payment taken. Tried Paypal and credit card.


What’s the order status? I ordered two this eve and they both came through in 10 seconds


I am not yet to receive my code 6 hours after purchase. Anyone else have this problem?

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$50 Playstation Network Card (Digital Code) - £32.22 @ PCGameSupply
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Best option I could find at the moment for a US PSN top-up. $5 off a $50 PSN card.
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Cheers for the tip.


It seems those 30% off deals are gone forever


You should keep an eye on the Indonesian store too. The spring sale at the moment isn’t great, but their recent CNY sale was fantastic. Must have spent £50 on around 10 what folk consider to be AAA (or previously AAA) titles over the course of that two weeks


See above


Killzone Shadowfall Prototype 1 Prototype 2 WRC 5 Guardians of the Galaxy Dead Synchronicity Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Kyurinaga’s Revenge Shadow Warrior

20% off $10 (USA) £5.67 Nintendo eshop voucher PCGame Supply
Found 30th JanFound 30th Jan
PCGAME Supply have another Nintendo offer on. 20% off a $10(USA) voucher. Works out at £5.67 One per person, normally just card payments but has option for PayPal too. Offer ends… Read more

We got an email back saying it was “one per household”. Fair enough. I guess my mum will be picking up some US credit next time around (excited)


I made a second order using a different email address and my sons phone number but forgot to use a different card. It 'voided' my purchase at the last minute and didn't take payment.


I tried to be a total wise ass and sign up for a second account using my partner’s details, which is entirely within the ‘one per account’ limit (although I fully intended to use both codes on my own Nintendo account, but still). However, they’ve TWICE taken payment through PayPal, and both orders simply have a red cross beside them. Excellent. I’ve heard of them being bizarrely fussy before (and having completely unsympathetic customer service), but this is the first time I’ve encountered it myself.


Can i buy 2 using 2 differant accounts? Want the game Furi, this would make it £12.34 instead of £17.99.


Any figured out how to buy more than one code??

[US-PSN] Playstation Network $20.00 Card (US)
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
10% off. Finishes at 11 pm

Awesome, the guide says it'll teach how I can play the Us games on my regular UK account. Will try tonight! Thanking you for that.


That was a short offer!!


Not quite as good as previous offers however still cheap enough for me to stock up £26.54 for $40 seems good for me




I would like to know this as well. My first time doing PSN stuff

30% off 1 month Xbox Live £5.28 at PCGameSupply (US accounts)
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Note: States for US accounts, if anyone is able to help re: whether this can be redeemed on UK accounts please add to thread. Note: I’m aware some UK users are being offered one m… Read more
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I would've given heat for effort...hope they have some US PSN cards for sale soon


Ending early as I can’t be doing with notifications for messages that are frankly unhelpful.


I’m not an Xbox owner currently, but one month at a time is £7.99 is it not?


Just checked and £9.49 for 3 months, in and out of stock constantly. But if you are waiting till gold expires then it's your own fault if you have to pay more


Oh dear i do hope this was a joke!

$20 PSN credit for Canadian region 10% off £10.55 from PCGameSupply
Found 26th Dec 2017Found 26th Dec 2017
10% off $20 Canadian PSN credit. PayPal and Credit/Debit Card all ok
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I've highlighted week 3 additions in my other post for US week 3 sale (check CAN site for Canadian prices though)


Cheers mate (y)


Yep I went back and it added two at discount then when I tried to pay it said only 1 at discount.


Depends what you’re looking for, this is very subjective, but some deals do mirror US sale prices so ultimately a fraction of the price.


Correct, only one at discount price.

10% off $20 US PSN credit for £13.59 at PCGameSupply
Found 11th Dec 2017Found 11th Dec 2017
Credit and Debit cards only, no PayPal. Can only be redeemed on US PSN accounts.
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Wouldn't be too bothered, the 30% off $10 that pops up now and again is alot better value than this was.


Noooooooooo missed it. They likely will do another again very soon


Site never works for me


All sold out now. Just missed it! :(


That site always rejects me!

Playstation Network $10.00 Card - £6.04 - PCGameSupply
LocalLocalFound 5th Dec 2017Found 5th Dec 2017
Admittedly not as great as the 30% saving, but a saving is a saving :) 20% off $10 PSN US codes! One per customer while supplies last, valid when paying via credit card only… Read more
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I tend not to buy games on release, stopped caring about buying games during their release period long ago, most of the games I’ve bought from US PSN store in the past year have been around the $5 mark. I’m also not swayed in any way by reviews or the words ‘critically acclaimed’, I’ve been buying and collecting games for over 35 years now so I tend to make my own mind up on things. I still do maintain that I’ve seen better deals on PSN stores in the past, but like anything else the way different people see these deals is highly subjective


Well if you got 6 of those these from this deal (It would cost £36 for $60) You would have a RRP Digital game for $60 All Digital Prices on UK are normal, I don't know why PS4/Xone digital games cost £15+ more then buying it from Amazon in the UK


Jeez, I thought I was bad with my 40 unplayed PS4/Vita games. Compulsive digital hoarding.


That and a general sense of PSN sale lethargy, I’ve bought upwards of 80 games from the PSN stores in the past year (spending very little in the process) yet I simply don’t have the time to play them all.


I've only quoted half a dozen games there, but I think, generally speaking, it's fair to say that having a multitude of critically acclaimed games on sale, many of them new and/or the cheapest they've ever been, constitutes a pretty decent sale. But yep, maybe crap for you in particular

PSN credit $10 for £6.04 US account only for next 3 hours - PC Game Supply
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
Title says it al

Ah... Missed that one - went for Fast RMX :)


Managed to grab one with 2 minutes to go.


says my order is pending


Logged in to be told offer expires in 1 minute and 11 seconds, took me over that to log in and now it says its expired


Weird. I purchased using paypal today and yesterday on pc, chrome. Ive also paid via cc in past. The site is 100%.

$10 PSN credit for £5.30 at PCGameSupply
Found 30th Oct 2017Found 30th Oct 2017
No PayPal, credit and debit cards only.
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Nevermind. The link takes you to a google play $10 credit (annoyed) No to try and get a refund for that...


Just worked for me! I had to log in to my account first, then open the link from HUKD and it should at £5.27 and processed and approved.


Guessing the deal has gone as I am seeing it for £7.57... A shame as I have been looking for a deal like this so I can get Grandia III, a PS2 we never got here in Europe.


Since I bought some US credit, the sales on US PSN have been rubbish, typical!


I didn't notice until it had already processed oops!

Pcgamesupply 30% off $10 PSN Card - £5.33
Found 27th Oct 2017Found 27th Oct 2017
30% off $10 PSN Credit
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I love how this was expired before it even went hot, yet people continue to give it heat. Ah, Hot UK Deals (y)


I love how they ask you to sign up to their mailing list for offers, then proceed to never email you when these offers drop (y)


Likewise glad I missed it, would have been a purchase for the sake of it.


Missed it but probably a blessing with how poor the USA store sales have been of late.


Can't believe I missed it :( I only buy it because it seems a bargain :/ I don't like buying digital games much though. Was happy with Last of Us for $9.99 though.

Pcgamesupply 20% off $10 PSN Card
Found 23rd Oct 2017Found 23rd Oct 2017
20% off $10 US PSN credit.
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The deal's over?


Heat, and thanks!


Direct Debit is still factually incorrect!


Because I'm a idiot and I didn't know they use Credit for what we call Direct Debit :|


when they gonna do one for the eshop again

$10.00 US PSN credit £5.32 at PcGameSupply
Found 19th Oct 2017Found 19th Oct 2017
Credit Card only as per previous deLs.
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Once or twice the code email has gone to spam, but if they log in there should be a link to the code from the account panel


Anybody else having trouble with the order coming through? I sent this to a few friends & they've not had any email or update in their accounts since paying last night, despite confirming the code & the money being taken from their account.


I just Googled the address of an Alaskan hotel :)


I highly recommended both Wolfensteins for £4 a piece but if you were to buy only one, get New Order - it's much bigger and looks better too. I just picked up Divinity - a mate already has it so we'll be doing some co-op this weekend (nerd)


Yes you do, but you can get a free US shipping address from borderlinx .

$10 PSN US for £5.22 at PCgamesupply
Found 29th Sep 2017Found 29th Sep 2017
You know the drill
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I grabbed one of these at 630am (strong) Seems to be back to full price again (again).


Bah, missed it a second time (horror)


Couldn't get it to work second time round for me, but I still got 2 as I have 2 accounts, 1 for my phone number 1 for my wife's.


Yay I didn't miss it (highfive)


Ive been able to buy a second with the new deal. So it is possible to buy anther on