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3 issues of PC Pro for £1 with a free 26 piece toolkit
Found 24th Sep 2012Found 24th Sep 2012
3 issues of PC Pro for £1 with a free 26 piece toolkit You can cancel after the three issues. This includes both print and digital magazines.

Just a reminder from every other time it has been posted, it's a pound shop toolkit, nothing amazing. But still a good deal for a great mag.

3 Issues of PC Pro Magazine and a Free 1GB USB Drive for £1
Found 13th Apr 2012Found 13th Apr 2012
You get a Free 1GB USB Flash Drive if you subscribe to the magazine and then cancel the magazine after the end of the first 3 magazine term.

They were THESE They were originally supposed to be Muse 'carpenter' phones but they ran out. Actually the above phones aren't bad. Bit pricey for what they are but, hey, they were free (_;)




What were they mate? Booking my sennheisers for an RMA at the moment as the sound only comes out one ear.


Not as good as the headphones I got from the last PC Pro offer, but still good for a few issues.

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AVG Anti-Virus 2012 Free 1 year Serial Number / License Key with PCPro
Found 16th Jan 2012Found 16th Jan 2012
AVG Anti-Virus 2012 is paid upgraded version of the company’s much popular Anti-Virus Free Edition, and one of a handful of the best-performing antivirus software products in the w… Read more
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Not sure if AVG has free malware scanner included. but Avast has it in the paid version. However, if you need a free malware scanner there are several: 1. SuperAntiSpyware - still very good and recently much quicker to use. 2. Emisoft Malware scanner - you can try full paid version for 30 days, then becomes free scan only. 3. Malwarebytes - quick at scanning and is well thought of, but I don't use it, so I can't comment. 4. As mentioned already, Microsoft Security Essentials includes a malware scanner I'd use two of your choice. Always a good idea to run two separate scans occasionally.


Anyone know if AVG or Avast (free) contains a malware scanner?


Used to like AVG but in recent times was having problems with it. Was a nightmare to get it removed. Happy with MSE now :)O


Whenever the subject comes up on here people always recommend MSE over Avast although Avast is still very good which is what I use and it does a great job.


I use Microsoft Security Essentials (free) :)

PC Pro Magazine 3 issues for £1 plus free 26 piece toolkit
Found 9th Jan 2012Found 9th Jan 2012
This offer seems to keep coming up & its always nice to get a few cheap magazines. The offer seems to be for this magazine and also Custom PC magazine. The free toolkit will co… Read more
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I would thoroughly recommend PC Pro if you've not read it before. A lot of really in depth discussion and insight into a broad range of issues. £1 for 3 mags is money well spent, it will keep you occupied and thinking for hours. The free gifts however (I have received both) are tat. The toolkit is of the pound-shop variety, and, yes, it's a maglite, but technology has moved on tremendously since these mini-torches were introduced: any pound-shop LED torch, and probably the LED flash/torch on your phone, are better than this. So in conclusion, I say, order for the mags but not purely for the gifts.


Thanks DodgyDave. Btw I meant PC Pro, not PC shopper :P


I'd say probably cancel once you've received the 2nd trial magazine and the free gift? Sometimes these offers tell you in the confirmation emails the dates that the direct debits are due. The 1st direct debit will be for £1 so i'd look in the emails for an indication of when the 2nd and more heavyweight direct debit is due. Or you could email dennis publishing for the date if you give them your subscriber number which will be on the main confirmation email. I normally just cancel the direct debits by calling into the bank or cancelling through internet banking. You could let the publisher know you're cancelling but i don't know if that is 100% necessary.


Sweet! Ordered both (PC Shopper + Custom PC) Hotness! BTW when should I cancel and how? :/


No....hang on....they've found some more toolkits under someone's desk.

AVG Anti-Virus 2012 £4.95 @ PC Pro Software Store
Found 10th Dec 2011Found 10th Dec 2011
Yea this is for the latest AVG Anti-Virus version 2012 software, for less than a fiver you can get a 1-year license to use the non-free version with these added features Automatic… Read more

i hope so.... just bought it.... register on http://www.groupon.co.uk/, get 8 pounds credit, and buy One Year AVG Security Package 2012 For One (£9) or Two (£12) Users from AVG (Up to 88% Off) with pc tune up for £ 1... i just did!!!!


Much better and free.. http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/security/pc-security/mse.aspx


Yeah AVG is fantastic. Fast. Doesn't slow down machine and take up lots of resources.


Is AVG any good? I am looking for a anti virus for my laptop.

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3 Issues of PC Pro Magazine + Free 26 Piece Toolkit - £1 @ PC Pro
Found 23rd Sep 2011Found 23rd Sep 2011
Get 3 issues of PC Pro, together with a 26 piece toolkit. All for the princely sum of £1.00. You can cancel at any time during the first 3 months and keep your toolkit. I picked u… Read more
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I'm not knocking the price, but it came with a 3 month sub to Auto Express. Wouldn't let them near a car. If I had one. Russell


This is such a poor quality toolkit that it's not even good enough to give to the charity shop. If anyone is desperate enough, they can have mine - postcode N2. It's unused.


and it cost....... a £1... subtracting the cost of 3 mags... blimey...there is no such thing as a free lunch...:p


Got the tool set with another mag sub. It's a bit Poundland-ish. Russell

Found 25th Aug 2011Found 25th Aug 2011
Claim a FREE issue today and see for yourself why PC Pro is essential reading for IT enthusiasts and professionals alike.
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What a bad offer!


..in other words, how dare they actually TAKE what we're offering ???!!! What the hall do these idiots think this says about them ?


Due to abuse of this promotion, online ordering for this offer is currently suspended. If you still wish to purchase a subscription, please contact our customer service department on 0844 844 0053.

3 Issues PC Pro magazine and get FREE MAGLITE SOLITAIRE
Found 21st Jul 2011Found 21st Jul 2011
Weighing less than one ounce (with battery) and about three inches in length, the Mag-Lite Solitaire Single Cell AAA flashlight offers the same precision engineering and craftsmans… Read more
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The magazine is excellent - especially for those in IT. Have to agree that the free torch is rubbish though.


Did this once what a terrible publication full of adverts for Scan. As for the torch that i received it is as much use as a chocolate fireguard. I can see why this is going downhill


Take a look to the right of the home page...

3 Issues PC Pro magazine and get FREE Muse Carpenter Earphones for £1
Found 20th Jul 2011Found 20th Jul 2011
Muse Headphones £25.58 on Amazon The essential tool for those obsessed by creation, authenticity and quality sound. Noise isolation dramatically reduces ambient noise so that all y… Read more

Got my Hitmans too. So bad not even worth £1. Edit: Turn the volume slider up to max and they work. :D Fab for a £1.


I also got mine through (Hitman). Can't believe how bad the quality is for such expensive earphones!


Got the hitmans, sound quality is very poor, muffled to the point where I started picking at it in case there was a cover on the ear buds! No bad for a quid with 3 free mags thrown in for free!


My Hitman's actually came today :D Thank you Fanimal. Shame the sound quality is awful, but for a pound you can't complain.


Got mine today, was sent the Hitman's - thanks OP :D There is a letter with the headphones that clearly says phone number and e-mail address you need to use to cancel. The contact info was also in the 2 e-mails you received when you subscribed.

3 issues of PC Pro magazine £1 delivered incl Maglite Solitaire torch free gift
Found 7th Jul 2011Found 7th Jul 2011
Subscribe to PC Pro today and claim the first 3 issues for just £1 PLUS receive this fantastic Maglite® Solitaire® as your FREE welcome gift.

Due to abuse of this promotion, online ordering for this offer is currently suspended. If you still wish to purchase a subscription, please contact our customer service department on 0844 844 0053.


Not seen this in a while. Well 3 days maybe.


This offer never ends & has been going for years.


For some reason the Go to Deal link isn't working but this one does and I can't seem to edit http://pcpro.subscribeonline.co.uk/pc-pro-all-titles/pc-pro-dvd-edition?regularSubscription=true&offer=N0712XMAD

3 Issues of PC Pro For £1 + Free Maglite Solitaire @ PC Pro
Found 27th Mar 2011Found 27th Mar 2011
This offer is on again. a maglite for a quid can't be bad... 3 issues for just £1 FREE Maglite® Solitaire® A saving of 17% on the shop price should you choose to continue… Read more
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Got my first mag, and torch arrived other day. Cancelled subscription now. Just a reminder for others to do the same. :) You will have to e mail PC Pro with your subs number, as their subscription service you log into oddly enough doesn't offer a cancellation option.


Shine it up yer face n scare yer ma. Gowan ! Gowan gowan. Gowan-gowan gowaaaaaaaaan ! oO


got my torch in today. yay !


They used to be good. My best find was Delphi Personal 7 on the cover, RRP £93, but that was about a decade ago. Trouble is, all the software has been written already and the reviews have tended to admire 'build quality' and such intangibles while holding a stopwatch over the machines which are pretty much otherwise indistinguishable. Still a leading PC Mag, just the internet has taken a huge chunk of their readership.


So how do I cancel this guys?

PCPro Magazine 3 issues for £1 + Free Mini Maglite - COPY AND PASTE LINK!
Found 1st Jan 2010Found 1st Jan 2010
PC Pro Magazine are offering a decent gift with their ongoing 3 Issues for £1 deal. UPDATE - COPY AND PASTE THIS LINK!!!!!! You need to copy and paste this link, as they have bloc… Read more
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super deal thanks


Done. Must remember to cancel after 3rd issue.


I've already signed up to the previous one they done, and got a free 2gig usb stick. Doubt I can just cancel and resign up again. I do wish to continue the subscription, but don't want to miss on the deals, if you follow me!


Strange-how do expect to complete the offer without giving them your details? This is how these offers work.They expect people to forget and continue the subscription or people may take out a full subscription after the trail. Simple answer is to email or phone them to confirm the DD has been cancelled.


After you have received your second issue just phone them and say you want to cancel.I have done it this way many times.Once you have received your third issue cancel the direct debit

PC Pro 3 Issues for £1 + 1gb PC Pro Branded Swivel Cap Usb Flash drive
Found 13th Dec 2010Found 13th Dec 2010
As per the norm with PC Pro, & other Dennis Publishing, trials you get 3 issues for £1 plus instead of the usual toolkit you get a 1gb flash drive (as shown in the picture). T… Read more
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Emailed PC Pro who just said use this code which was the magelite code.


Maybe if you ring and quote the code to them? Number is 0844 844 083. The leaflet makes mention of the free DVD as part of the deal so probably a site glitch


The £1 deal appears to only work for the CD version, not the DVD. I tried both a couple of times.


Use the link mentioned in the original description as the other one seems to go to the wrong place (they always do this) i.e. the website is www.dennismags.co.uk/pcpro, and that definitely works because I just tried it. Source was a leaflet with my latest copy of PC Pro so Dennis Publishing itself.


Direct link shows 3 issues for £1 and free gift as Maglite torch (as previously offered) no option for code (what was the source ?) www.dennismags.co.uk/pcpro shows 6 Issues for £19.99 and facility for free gift code.

Found 7th May 2010Found 7th May 2010
Recieved this offer with copy of Computer Shopper. A freee copy of PC Pro can recieved by calling 0845 357 7007. No doubt as is the nature of these types of offers, callers will be… Read more

I'm influenced. :)


I tried this before, I got the free mag and then I had constant phone calls to try and get me to take up subscriptions for all the other PC Mags they do it drove me quite mental, each one promised to take me off the list but it took forever and the phone calls kept coming, I dreaded answering the phone in the end, it was an absolute nightmare!! I'm only saying what happened to me, please don't let me influence you Thanks anyway

3 Issues of PC Pro PLUS free 26 piece tool kit  for just £1
Found 24th Apr 2010Found 24th Apr 2010
"Try 3 issues of PC Pro for just £1 and you will be sent the UKs most influential PC magazine, with FREE delivery, direct to your door. If PC Pro isnt for you, simply cancel within… Read more

Tool kit is rubbish, but still a good deal. Have yet to get any issues though, just the tool kit.


Er yes 3 mags free delivery, does not leave much dough from £1 for toolkit, anyway ordered mag and I will be saying no thanks after issue 2:-D


I quite like PC Pro's email newsletters.


Just ordered, how long do I have to leave it before I cancel? Also where would I go to chancel the subscription?


ordered! thanks!

3 Issues of PC Pro Plus FREE 26 Piece Toolkit For £1
Found 5th Jun 2009Found 5th Jun 2009
Your £1 gets you: * 3 issues of PC Pro (saving £13.97 on the shop price) * FREE 26 piece toolkit. Perfect for PC repairs and general handy work. * FREE DVD every month… Read more

nice find. subscribed :)


cancel right after they take out the £1 as mentioned previously on this thread. you will still get 3 free issues and the toolkit


ordered cheers, so cancel the dd after the 3 issue right?


I took up this offer last year or 18 mths ago and received the tool-kit without any problems and cancelled without any problems. However, if you purely want the tool-kit (the one in the picture is identical to the one sent to me), bear in mind an identical toolkit (down to the packaging) is or was sold by Poundworld (not Poundland, although they might be part of the same group). Spare youself the hassle of cancelling the subscription and buy the same toolkit for a quid.


cancel the DD!!!!

swITch OFF PC Stickers FREE!!! up to 10 free Stickers Home - up to 50 free Stickers for Businesses
Found 15th Jan 2009Found 15th Jan 2009
I found this offer whilst browsing their site. It might not be that great of a deal but if at the end of the year it saves you a £100!!! then it is AMAZING!! Stickers are subject… Read more
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PinkSpider: Your IT Dept should be shot if thats there process, PC's will download auomatic updates when powered on even internal updates from your company should be picked up to by the software they use to install these


Why ever turn your computers off lol? I only see it as a waste of electricity if the computer is sitting idle, but there are many scientific programs all over the world that would not exist without running their software on idle PC's (boinc is a prime example). I have 2 computers running 24/7 in my house and to be honest, yes it does cost me a bit and it is bad for the planet but I would rather have someone using them than them sitting off all the time. Good find though, heat and rep added.


handy reminders


thanks, heat 'n' rep added - alwys nice to try and slow global warming!:P


Good stuff. Shame they dont let us turn the PC's off in the office (even though they go on about energy saving all the time). Apparently they need to be on for updates :/

PC Pro Magazine Trial - 3 issues for just £1
Found 8th Nov 2008Found 8th Nov 2008
I've just received an email. It may be for someone to try. Try 3 issues of PC Pro for just £1 and you will be sent 3 months of the UKs most influential PC magazine, with FREE deli… Read more

Go via quidco & get paid to take it - I also got a free toolkit.


Also Cashback :whistling:


This is a constant offer. Same for computer shopper/computer buyer etc. Good offer but done it a few too many times now...

Free DVD from PCPRO
Found 11th Jul 2008Found 11th Jul 2008
Just Received from Dennis Publishing via email................ CLAIM YOUR FREE DVDfrom PC Pro magazine ************** Dear Mr Rooban PC Pro is the UK's biggest and most repected… Read more

They're also attempting to pass this off in phone calls as a competition prize. Told them to get bent :)


second that:thumbsup:


I agree :thumbsup: Steve


My thoughts exactly. Cold voting should be done away with. If you dont like, dont add heat, simple as that. It'd stop the moronic and pointless cold voters with nothing useful to add or say to the community.


Heat Added. Some have voted COLD but why not just move on and leave well alone. Certainly in my books, if i don't want something then it's not worth voting at all. Good Find Rooban.