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Cheap desktop and laptop deals at PCspecialist eg Vortex Alpha  gaming PC at £1,499
Found 20th NovFound 20th Nov
PCSpecialist have a couple of laptops and a couple of desktops at rather good discounted prices... especially the Vortex Alpha at £1,499. Definitely worth taking a look... and th… Read more
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In this case you could not save anything, it came in cheaper than parts bought from multiple retailers. Should have never gone cold.


its not that difficult, but i see your point


not in this case, parts cost more!


I voted hot, and bought the Vortex Alpha so thank you:D I have no idea why this is even cold, if your price up the individual parts on pcpartpicker this pre built comes in cheaper than building yourself. Latest i7 CPU and z390 mobo, Gold rated PSU, Corsair RGB crystal case, 3000mhz ram, latest RTX series GPU, - all the areas that pre builts usualy skimp on like case, slower ram, cheap motherboard and low quality power packs are of high quality here. Maybe its cold just because £1500 is a lot of money


It`s cold in here i tinks.... :o

PC Specialist I7 8700 Radeon RX580 16GB DDR4 Vengeance Ram 120GB SSD Windows 10 Home £543
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
This could well be a price error. Maybe worth a shot though. Direct link defaults back to the home page. You need to go to the configuration section and select Intel Home Pc's and … Read more
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Surely this needs to be expired??


Please let me know when you put them on ebay so i cam buy one for £1200 (lol)


https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/view/Eyefinity-1150-pc/ Looks like this is the exact pc OP has screenshotted but for over £900. Seems like this is expired


Not working. Can you supply a link to the exact spec please?


£1000+ here too

PC Specialist - Enigma K7 Review Build - £1000
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
Seems good value in the current market. If you manually configured the same spec, it would be just shy of £1200 . As usual these review builds aren't up for long. Case - CORSAIR… Read more
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Frustrating not to be able to change out the 16GB Corsair VENGEANCE DDR4 2133MHz (2 x 8GB) for 3200MHz, would be so simple for PC Specialist to do that, but at least it's dual channel. I would have liked the option to change out the PSU for a silent RM x series model, say, which PC Specialist offer in the upgrades when selecting upgrades in upgradable models, though could always sell the CORSAIR 450W VS. I appreciate the aim of whoever built this was to keep the price at sub £1000 and it seems like a good compromise at the price. Have some heat!


Yep, that’s how i used to feel. The build was the fun bit, especially in the days of jumpers, with your fingers crossed whilst you pushed the power button. . .


Oh class ... Lol The grand mar police is out Very good


theres nothing wrong with self builds, i just prefer to pick my own parts, and get the satisfaction from self build. 8)


I was the same as you in terms of self builds, but I’ve now gone full circle and purchased one of their review builds in Jan. It was £250 more to self build, and every component in it was sound. That and I just can’t be bothered to build my own anymore. I didn’t buy this particular model, but I was very impressed with the service and the PC in general.

PCSpecialist Vulcan Pro (8700K & 1080 Ti) System - cheaper than the components cost! - £1750
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
PCSpecialist Vulcan Pro (8700K & 1080 Ti) System - cheaper than the components cost! - £1750
This seems a great deal for a high end gaming PC with a 1080 Ti. Needs a bigger hard drive but it can be configured. Intel® Core™i7-8700k ASUS® TUF Z370-PLUS GAMING 16GB Cors… Read more

Looks like it has expired. Shame i was going to buy this on payday


miners combined with a memory shortage.... it is the worst time ever to be looking for a gpu, and sadly... i AM looking for a gpu :(


I've just bought some parts to upgrade my PC, I7 8700k, 16gb DDR4 3200 Ram, Z370 Motherboard and a Samsung Evo 500Gb SSD and those came to £880 alone without any GPU! I'm holding my hopes for Nvidia to bring out something for the 'gamers' soon so that I can get my hands on a high end card around 1080ti spec. This is not a bad deal imo, voted hot!


Thx op finally decided to go for this. Looked around for ages & this is perfect. Great post!


Them days gone for me.... was doing 1200 quid pc's in the late 90's/early 2k's.... then one day bought a 500 quid dell and kept it for 5 yrs....

PC Specialist Discounted Review Build £780 @ PC Specialist
Found 30th JanFound 30th Jan
PC Specialist Discounted Review Build £780 @ PC Specialist
£780£89012%PC Specialist Deals
This Computer has £890 worth of hardware for a discounted £780 price. £112.86 Saving https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/ Specification Case GAME MAX FALCON BLACK GAMING CAS… Read more
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What do you think of this build? https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/pc-specialist-discounted-review-build-1479-pc-specialist-2881520 Am I better to hold off for now?


PC Specialist wanted £90 including return postage plus the part (£19) to fix the fan on my £900 laptop I bought with them that was just out of warranty. I bought a fan on EBay for £6.50 and fitted it myself. Issue resolved.


Don’t think it will burst really. There will always be a coin or token that a GPU can mine. And seeing as the various blockchains need this compute there will always be a demand for it. This is my opinion of course buy GPU mining has more staying power.


In the current climate, this is a very decent price. I’d struggle to build from scratch and match this. May have to accept this is the new normal. Not sure what this issue is with the 450w supply. It’s of a good quality, and the whole system won’t draw much more than 200w at load.


If you can do without the corsair Ram you can get similar for cheaper here https://www.overclockers.co.uk/ocuk-gaming-vision-vr-gaming-pc-intel-8th-generation-3.6ghz-quad-core-fs-1c5-og.htm

PC Specialist Discounted Review Build £1479 @ PC Specialist
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
This Computer has £1700's worth of hardware for a discounted £1479 price. Specification Intel® Core™i7-8700k ASUS® PRIME Z370-P 16GB Corsair VENGEANCE 3000MHz 8GB GEFORCE GTX 1… Read more
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no longer available


Surprisingly, I believe the price has stayed the same since it was released. PC Specialist seem to have not been hit by the crypto currency surge.


I'm still considering it. Wondering how much difference the crypto currency is having on the price of this unit?


Looks like it is still available. It shows at £1391 after removing the OS. It is much cheaper than building your own so go for it!


Did anyone end up buying this computer and if so, how are you finding it? I saw this deal a few weeks ago and I'm still considering it, so would be very grateful for any opinions :)

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£50 OFF every PC and Laptop order at PCSPECIALIST
Found 25th Nov 2017Found 25th Nov 2017
£50 OFF every PC and Laptop order at PCSPECIALIST
£50 off every PC or Laptop from PCSPECIALIST before 30th November Use code EGX17 Use on website after ordering and then apply code. Better the Black Friday deal of £20 off
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The last time they had my PC for repairs (which was literally this week) the email I received on what was wrong with it came off quite snotty, otherwise they’re okay(:I


I bought my PC from them last year, the put the build together really well and the process was quick, but I kinda wished I had built it myself as I could have saved a lot more money.


I wouldn't recommend Pcs. Their builds are OK but their customer service is rude and horrendous.



Not True. I've put the code in. You have until 30th November 2017 to use code as why would you have a date to use by 30th November on the voucher. It was applied and presently in the system as a saved quote ready to purchase. So not sure why you are putting people off using it as it will encourage potential buyers to use it. Plus I do find PCSpecialists very competitive as I've calculated I cant build it cheaper. So still better than Blackfriday deal by £30

The ultimate in PC technology, a monster 18 core HEX Ultra M6000X Xeon PC £16258 -  PC Specialist
Found 6th Nov 2017Found 6th Nov 2017
The ultimate in PC technology, a monster 18 core HEX Ultra M6000X Xeon PC £16258 - PC Specialist
This could control the world, absolute monster of a pc, definitely a workstation so not for everyone at this price and more for demanding 3d modelling but could also destroy any ga… Read more
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No I am not forgetting, hyperthreading is also enabled in the benchmarks. And, it's "you're".


Your forgetting hyper threading, effectively comparing half a core on i7+ to a full core on an i3. And, I guess, pulling straight figures from passmark :)


This is still not correct, the benchmark scores will.of course active turbo mode, so the i3 I mentioned does indeed outperform this Xeon in single thread performance.


Actually it does have a 3.6ghz turbo speed, which would be quite attainable if you're not using all the cores anyway - putting it ahead of most i3 and i5. However yes, it's beat in gaming and emulation by most i7 / i9 / extreme editions etc for their superior (4ghz region) single core performance. Hot tip for the moment - E5-1650 v1 / 2/ 3 workstations on ebay. High clocked hex core's, cheap and extremely cheerful :)


Wow..today I learned something.

15.6" Matte Full HD IPS LED i7 Quad Core Processor 7700HQ 8GB Ram Graphics GTX 1060 - 6.0GB Boot 128gb SSD Storage 1tb £1278 @ PC Specalist
Found 18th Mar 2017Found 18th Mar 2017
15.6" Matte Full HD IPS LED i7 Quad Core Processor 7700HQ 8GB Ram Graphics GTX 1060 - 6.0GB Boot 128gb SSD Storage 1tb £1278 @ PC Specalist
Chassis & Display Proteus Series: 15.6" Matte Full HD IPS LED Widescreen (1920x1080) Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™ i7 Quad Core Processor 7700HQ (2.8GHz, 3.8GHz Turbo)FREE VR G… Read more

Pcspecialist, UK based. Provider of bespoke gaming laptops. Great team.


Looks decent. What is this company like in terms of warranty / after care?

17.3" Optimus VIII i7-7700, Nvidia GTX 1050Ti & SSD & 8GB RAM - £868 @ PC Specialist
Found 15th Feb 2017Found 15th Feb 2017
17.3" Optimus VIII i7-7700, Nvidia GTX 1050Ti & SSD & 8GB RAM - £868 @ PC Specialist
High-end laptop for less than £900, CANT GET BETTER SPECS FOR LESS MONEY THAT I CAN SEE Should be able to play most high end games on good settings Just specced:- Processor (… Read more

Pahaha did you honestly feel the need to look up an old deal I posted just to troll?? Pathetic and sad, no wonder you need a flash lease car to bolster your ego. Shall I do the same with your posts now?


Cold, why buy a laptop when you can pick up a pen, paper and calculator for next to nothing?


​no problem, ordered anyway. thanks


Sorry, i do not.


i am thinking of ordering the one you suggested, just wondering if you know of any discount codes? thanks

Laptop 15" Nvidia 1050 Ti...£918 from PC specialist
Found 31st Jan 2017Found 31st Jan 2017
Laptop 15" Nvidia 1050 Ti...£918 from PC specialist
I've been checking out prices of 15" gaming laptops with the newly released Nvidia 1050 Ti GPU. So far they've all looked a bit on the pricy side but I've just noticed that PCSpeci… Read more

Down £20 now to £898.


Probably a dead thread now, but here's a thorough review of the new Dell Inspirion 7000 with the Nvidia 1050 Ti GPU... http://www.notebookcheck.net/Dell-Inspiron-15-7000-7567-Gaming-Notebook-Review.196454.0.html The main thing to take from this review is the criticism of the poor quality, blue-tinged FHD TN display. There's no option to upgrade to a FHD IPS panel unless you pay for the 4K screen. Considering they want £1,099 for the laptop, I'd say Dell are taking the mick, especially when people like PCSpecialist will do a similar machine with an IPS screen for less money.


I would in theory opt for a laptop with the older Nvidia 970M but they are still somewhat pricy. I did a very quick bit of Googling and this is typical at £1,165 (£247 more than the Optimus VIII)... https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/NH.Q0SEK.002-Acer-Predator-G9-592-15.6_1919301.html You can find a few 970M laptops on Amazon around the £800 to £900 mark but quite a few of these are refurbs or sold by individuals (usually called Richard). If I'm paying this much for a computer, I want it to be brand new from a bona fide manufacturer.


The 970m is slightly faster, but don't forget that the 1050Ti uses less power than the 970m and the 7th generation "Kaby Lake" processor on this laptop is also more power efficient than previous generations, so anything still on sale with a 970m is going to run a bit warmer - which might be worth considering if it is literally going to be sitting on your lap.


Very close, the 970m just edges it http://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-1050-Ti-Mobile-vs-Nvidia-GTX-970M/m223242vsm17319 http://gpuboss.com/gpus/GeForce-GTX-970M-vs-GeForce-GTX-1050-Ti (note: the above isnt the mobile version of the 1050ti) These are good tread if deciding between the two, compare the gaming benchmarks shows the 970m can still give a good punch, look at the resi evil 7 ultra fps http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-1050-Ti-Notebook.168400.0.html http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-970M.126694.0.html

PC Specialist black friday deals are up! £569 GTX 1050Ti Gaming PC, £15 off voucher, reduced GTX980M gaming laptop
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
PC Specialist black friday deals are up! £569 GTX 1050Ti Gaming PC, £15 off voucher, reduced GTX980M gaming laptop
Seems PC Specialist have gone live with their Black Friday deals. Black Friday £15 off code: BFPCS Gaming PC... Intel Core i3-6100 Dual Core Processor 8GB HyperX FURY DDR… Read more

Are there any good deals for gaming PC bundles under £500???? cant find any


i3. brilliant for games. NOT !!! great for tetris. maybe


this is not black friday deal its a rip off deal, i dnt now why not people search or luk around b4 they post


More cores and threads are starting to matter these days, and minimum framerates (often overlooked) especially benefit; Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 are good examples, although the latter is admittedly a poorly optimised game. i3s are good starters, but i5s should really be the aim for a truly capable (Intel) gaming rig.


That gaming laptop is awful value compared to the Argos gtx 1060 £855 laptop, trounces this

Desktop CPU + 1060 Laptop - customisable from £1128 @ PC Specialist
Found 24th Aug 2016Found 24th Aug 2016
Desktop CPU + 1060 Laptop - customisable from £1128 @ PC Specialist
Great offer for a desktop class CPU and GPU in a laptop. Make sure to remove Windows to save £89. You will not find better specs anywhere for this money.

I wouldn't buy a barebones laptop, and definitely not with desktop components. - Battery life is going to be close to Zero (if you press the ? it says " The realistic average run-time is 1.5 to 3 hours"). - Cooling is poor as desktop components needs more cooling. - Barebones laptops are massive (height 35.7mm, 3.4Kg) - Warranty repairs are not ideal as sometimes seller tell you to contact brand directly. But that's my personal opinion


Things aren't like that anymore, you can get 1000 series nvidia gpus in thin laptops now. I had a 980M 17 inch before and that thing was easy to take around everywhere with me. Not everyone has a 30 min walk to and from uni.


In that case what you need is a *portable* laptop, not a 3.5kg laptop with a 0.9kg power brick. Let me tell you my story. It's the start of university, I get a tonne of money and decide I want to replace my aging desktop (2007 C2D in 2012). I thought I'd be moving all the time, going back to my parents home on weekends, visiting friends and bringing along a computer. That meant I wanted a laptop (because laptops => portable, right?) and I wanted it fitted with the best GPUs because why the heck not. So I got a Clevo P370EM for £2k. The GPUs were £700 each so that's where the money went. I should have loved it but instead I hated it, not for the build quality, simply because it was noisy and heavy. You could always hear the high pitched whine of the fans, it was constant, no way the 300W going in was going to leave without loud fans. It was incredibly irritating. That power brick brings me onto the weight, 5.8kg for the laptop and brick. I lived a 30 minute walk from university and over a 4 year course I brought in my laptop twice. Each time I nearly injured myself doing it, messenger bags put weight in bad spots on your body, mostly the collar bone. I still needed something for day to day university but I wanted power, so I spent another £1k on an 11.6" Clevo W110ER with a 35W ivybridge quad core and a GT 650M. Not the beefiest laptop in the world but it weighed just 1.8kg and had a 200g brick. It got 6 hours battery life compared to the 2 of the bigger laptop. It at the time ran every game I threw at it though some required medium settings. It actually fit in my bag and it didn't kill me to carry it. I would even have been happy using it as a desktop replacement if it could actually drive my main monitor (Intel's HD 4000 wasn't quite HDMI 1.4 compatible, more like 1.2 due to a low clock speed, so couldn't hit 2560x1440 or anything above 1920x1200). I spent the next 4 years regretting buying the big laptop. Why oh why didn't I just buy a desktop, moving flat with one would be fine, after all the laptop got nearly as big as one with all the padding it required. I watched its market value plummet because who wants laptop GPUs. I heard it whine away for years. It limited the number of monitors and connected devices I could have. The whine was so irritating that instead of running it at full load for video encoding I bought a separate cheap desktop (i5 3470 iirc) to run those tasks because with the stock intel cooler it was *so* quiet. TL;DR Muffinss, take it from someone who regretted buying a big laptop for every year of its existence. Do not buy one. They are the worst thing ever because they're not a high performance laptop. They lose the right to be called a laptop when they weigh more than 2.5kg. Instead they're just rubbish overpriced desktops, brother only to Alienware. Get a 13 or 15" with a 960M or better. They exist, they're cheap and you won't regret them.


Meh 8gb ram and a biwin 480gb ssd adds like £100. You dont go for those 2 extras then! :D I think the power brick thing is really weird like wat lol


Depends on your usecase tbh. If you need a laptop so you can for example go round a friends house easily with it or something like that then I would say going for a desktop processor is not a bad idea.

Defiance III - GTX 1060 Laptop - Customisable £1078 delivered @ PC Specialist
Found 22nd Aug 2016Found 22nd Aug 2016
Defiance III - GTX 1060 Laptop - Customisable £1078 delivered @ PC Specialist
Cheapest laptop with a 1060 that I've found. Remove windows obviously :P Change the default storage. You can get the biwin 480gb ssd for the same price.

​theyll install everything just not activate windows. if you buy a key from opiumpulses youll be good


oO I bought it! 1060, 240gb ssd + 1tb hdd 8) Got a question about Windows - so, being a cheapskate and a noob, I opted for 'No OS' to save the 80 pounds.. Now, 1) How do I install a fresh Windows OS onto this blank machine? I've always had pre-installed laptops and never ventured into such l33t world... What I've gathered so far, is to download the Windows ISO onto USB stick and install it, and just type in licence key from one of these deals: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/windows-10-professional-oem-14-65-opium-pulses-2504977 Will that be it? I'll need Nvidia 1060 driver too of course... 2) With a Skylake i7 and GTX 1060, should I go for Windows 7 (which I'm using and happy with, and M$ is going to support Skylake till 2018), or Windows 10 (read all the bad auto-update / privacy invasion etc, but surely at some stage the new games won't be compatible with WIndows 7?)


Some good specs for the price but I have never heard of this company! Amazing you can get a quad core i7 at that price though! I think the people voting it down are noobs who don't know how much this processor is worth. Heat from me even though I won't be buying it.


This was an 8800m sli...was a beast back in its day (approaching a decade ago) but chassis just couldn't handle it. Went with a 750m a few year back down to the fears the old one gave me but regretted not getting something better. Don't use my gaming rig due to house move and not fitting anywhere so a 1060 is in my sights at some point. £1k is a great starting price but just not got all the other specs I'd need to justify going for this. Maybe next year.


​I'm quite tempted to go for one with a 1070, it seems so cheap compared to what it would cost for something not quite as good a month ago!

Optimus VII Pro [Clevo N150RD] (15,6'' FHD IPS non glare, i5-6440HQ, 4GB RAM [upgradeable], 120GB SSD [1x SATA + 1x M.2 free = upgradeable], GTX 965M, Wlan ac + Gb LAN, 62Wh, FreeDOS) for £660 @ PCspecialist
Found 29th Jun 2016Found 29th Jun 2016
Optimus VII Pro [Clevo N150RD] (15,6'' FHD IPS non glare, i5-6440HQ, 4GB RAM [upgradeable], 120GB SSD [1x SATA + 1x M.2 free = upgradeable], GTX 965M, Wlan ac + Gb LAN, 62Wh, FreeDOS) for £660 @ PCspecialist
Hey guys. You get the Optimus VII Pro (= Clevo barebone N150RD) with the following configuration for £660 @ pcspecialist.co.uk. The specifications: 15.6" Matte Full HD IPS LED W… Read more
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It is the same barebone.


the Nexoc review you linked to has different cpu, gpu, ram and hdd - hardly comparable (and not same barebone)


test (other configuration, but same barebone): http://www.notebookcheck.net/Nexoc-G515-II-Clevo-N150RD-Notebook-Review.153041.0.html some feedback: https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?49163-Review-of-15-6-quot-Optimus-VII-Pro https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?49336-Optimus-VII-Pro-review https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?48672-The-15-6-Optimus-VII-Pro video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vExo10b0vxY CPU: http://ark.intel.com/de/products/88962/Intel-Core-i5-6440HQ-Processor-6M-Cache-up-to-3_50-GHz http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel+Core+i5-6440HQ+%40+2.60GHz GPU: http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-965M.134120.0.html

NVIDIA® SHIELD™ Tablet K1 £149 inc delivery @ PC Specialist
Found 16th Mar 2016Found 16th Mar 2016
NVIDIA® SHIELD™ Tablet K1 £149 inc delivery @ PC Specialist
Available now with free delivery. Specification Snapshot: NVIDIA ShadowPlay NVIDIA GameStream Micro USB 2.0 Port 4K Ultra-HD Ready NVIDIA® Tegra® K1 2.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor An… Read more

While this is clearly not a deal of any kind I have to say my name is on one of these come May release. With a decent 5Ghz router you can stream games direct from your PC in 1080p 60fps, now whats not to like about that!?


​Thanks...will give it a look :)


I've had one for a year or so and it's a good all around tablet IMHO. It's a little narrower than some but works well for stuff like Marvel Unlimited, Kindle, Netflix, etc as well as working brilliantly for games. I've had stuff up to Dreamcast emulators running on it without much issue.


Waiting for an x1 version


Are these totally game-centric or do they make decent cheap Android tablets? ... or do I need to ask Google?

Pc Specialist Lafite II 13.3" Full HD - intel i7, 250GB SSD -  £599
Found 13th Jan 2016Found 13th Jan 2016
Pc Specialist Lafite II 13.3" Full HD - intel i7, 250GB SSD - £599
Special offer for clicking through a review link from techRadar Spec is: Intel® Core™ i7 Dual Core Processor i7-6500U (2.50GHz, 3.1GHz Turbo) 8GB Ram INTEL® HD GRAPHICS 510 [Pent… Read more

Apologies, when I said 5th gen I was referring to the original Lafite (which I think anthonywhite37 was referring to) The CPU was customisable until recently, and now it only has the option of Pentium


Got the missus one of these for xmas. Couldn't find an i7, 8gb ram, 256 gb ssd ultrabook for less at the time. Nice screen, backlit keys. Thin and light. Can't fault it. Was pleasantly surprised to find it plays Diablo 3 on low. 50-70 fps at 1200x720. and just about holds 30fps at 1920x1080. Battery only lasts about 2 hours on Diablo but 10-11 hours working/browsing.


urg lost my reply as its a review model you cant change the spec you can customise your own though, if you create spec of op its 661 - with i5 its 582 so saving a little under 10% buying through this link


you can if you are making your own but as its a review model its fixed if you spec your own with i5 its 582 speccing the review spec gives 661 so a little less than 10% off really


You can't customise the CPU with the 5th gen anymore by the looks of it

PC Specialist Optimus VII 17" -i5 6300HQ, 16GB Ram, GTX960M, FULL HD, 1TB WD, 256GB M.2 2280
Found 26th Dec 2015Found 26th Dec 2015
PC Specialist Optimus VII 17" -i5 6300HQ, 16GB Ram, GTX960M, FULL HD, 1TB WD, 256GB M.2 2280
The 17.3" Optimus VII Chassis & Display Optimus Series: 17.3" Matte Full HD IPS LED Widescreen (1920x1080) Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™ i5 Quad Core Processor 6300HQ (2.3GHz… Read more

I am very doubtful of (games) using more than 4 threads (in fact they rarely use even that much) as simply said they use the graphics card and in this system graphics card is the bottleneck so in some sense there is no point in putting an i7 into it. (I would really be surprised if you found a game which there would be any difference.) Posting reviews of products you actually own and know something about is useful, but repeating general things people say in different situations without any understanding is simple whineing and is worse than useless (it is counter productive). Ebay may offer good prices but in many cases when something goes wrong (and eBay items have a tendency for stuff going wrong more often than not) you are often screwed, having to pay Shireoaks for shipping and waiting for a month or two without machines. (there are exceptions but they usually don't offer that good prices). This is customisable machine which you can tweak a bit to your liking (for example upgrading to that i7 you are so keen on...) at a reasonable prices and I believe it is useful to let people know of it. It may not get a lot of heat (because of ****** like you) but it will help people looking for such machine having more choice. So heres some heat.


If with no so called "whinging" there would be no reviews or opinions on earth..when pointing sth out ..it doesnt mean ur whinging. The heat this thread gets says everything. Surprised its not minus..


Plenty on ebay my friend


So instead of just whingeing about it, how about you post a machine of equal or better spec at this price - with a 4 core i7 that performs better than this i5?


More and more softwares will be devoloped to make effective use of more than 4 threads. Yes some low end i7 ones may not be as good as this i5.. But then they dont cost this much. Yes this is a brill processor but At this price i'd expect an i7 with quadcore too just saying lol

15.6" Optimus VII Core i5 & GTX960 Gaming Laptop £607.00 @ PC Specialist
Found 20th Nov 2015Found 20th Nov 2015
15.6" Optimus VII Core i5 & GTX960 Gaming Laptop £607.00 @ PC Specialist
Cheap gaming laptop if you configure it right! My config choice to get you away would be: i5-6300HQ 8GB RAM GTX960m No HDD, instead a 256GB M.2 2280 SSD (this laptop has upgrade … Read more

MPI57 doesn't work.


I noticed the same thing! Pretty sure I tried MPI56 last night but I'll give 57 a go when I'm home from work. Thanks.


The latest code that was posted here was MPI55 The one before it was MPI54 I think there's possibly a theme to it so worth trying MPI56 or MPI57 I've no idea where you put the codes in on their website.


Has anyone got a working code for these guys? Unfortunately the OP's one has expired.


UPDATE: Got my laptop from PC specialist (Octane 2: Intel 6700 + Nvidia 970m + DDR4 RAM) few weeks ago and did a stress test on it. Very impressed with the performance and the noise is much lower than what I expected. Same noise as my last laptop (Medion Akoya: Intel 3230m + Nvidia 640m) even when playing games (Dragon Age: Inquisition in Ultra settings) with external monitor mirroring at the same time. Does not get very warm, I think the 6th gen 14nm desktop CPU and the latest Nvidia mobile graphics is a good match for my needs. Brought the laptop at a friends house and played Dragon Age while waiting for dinner. Good times :D

PCSpecialist - Optimus VI - 13.3 inch Laptop with 2GB Nvidia 860M graphics card - Customisable £500
Found 4th Oct 2015Found 4th Oct 2015
PCSpecialist - Optimus VI - 13.3 inch Laptop with 2GB Nvidia 860M graphics card - Customisable £500
A fully customisable laptop from pc specialist. There aren't many customisable laptops out there so it's pretty cool.
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​I think that model is w230st not ss


Both are clevo w230ss


I have this laptop and the screen is great - I got the 1080p IPS version - the screen is actually nicer than either of my desktop monitors which were £150 each. I got it with a quad i7, 16gb ram, 860m, 120gb ssd and a 750gb wd black drive. Bargain at £700 imo...


This model does not have 1440P screen option. perhaps you are using a different machine.


Mine doesn't seem to have any tint - that being said I have the 1440p screen which is gorgeous but a little too high res.