PCWorld - 5 night Gaming Sale - starts 31st July, 4pm to 8pm.....**

PCWorld - 5 night Gaming Sale - starts 31st July, 4pm to 8pm.....**

Found 27th Jul 2006
Just got advance notice of this gaming sale at PCWorld. I have no idea what sort of deals will be in it, but we'll keep an eye out and see what there is on the night. Apparently, it will include PS2,PSP, X-Box 360 Consoles and Games!!!

What I think is really handy about PCWorld is the collect at store option, rather than paying for delivery.

- OldEnglish
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This will start this afternoon folks.... I hope there are some bargains to be had!
Yes, fingers crossed, emmajk42. Will post if I spot anything worthwhile later. PCWorld is currently offering free delivery off all games, so could be well worth checking this sale out.
Bump: started now !!
You call this a sale? ~Shakes Fists @ PCW~


You call this a sale? ~Shakes Fits @ PCW~:roll:

these are the same prices as before the sale.:x
I logged on earlier today and again just now and cant see an awful lot of change? Not quite the big event I hoped for! Bring back 'Game' all is forgiven! ;-)
Are we all missing something big here??? I could get on the site before and the prices looked very normal to me! But now I cant actually get on the site! Similar messages to the ol Game on the hour! (Me worried im missing some bargains!!)

Oh Its back up now!
Site is normal now. Welcome to HUKD wjohnson12321 :wink:
Cheers!! Ive been a long time viewer of this site but only just decided to register! Top notch site btw! I check this site out every single day of my life! :thumbsup: (Im not that sad, but its just an ace site!)
does xbox 360 full system comes with the extra wireless controller.?
Great to know that johnson & thanks for the compliments too.
I think it's just one!!! Does anyone have any pcworld voucher codes at the moment that wud bring the £256.99 down??? Even a £20 on £200+ spend wud make this a very good price!!
5% off £200 spend - 5PCWPERKZ
expired apparently, Unless it dont work for these sale items
Hi try xbox20e

as the voucher code

I'm trying atm but the site seems slow

get 5% back on quidco too
nope.doesnt work.
Apparantly doing maintenance on the site (Pcworld), why put a sale on and at the same time do maintenance are they that stupid, tusk... don't need an xbox360, got one from dixons few weeks back when they had there offer, awesome piece of kit, not to be missed. I was trying to help with promo codes
Rumble Rose XX for £19.99 isn't bad.

Sure you can get table tennis cheaper elsewhere.
Just logged on to the net a few minutes ago. Forgot about this sale starting!

Truthfully, that is a good price for the XBOX 360, just not quite as good as it was a few weeks ago when combined with the discount codes.
fwibble are you really impressed with the 360 then?

Am edging closer towards getting one...
the 360 is awesome Love mine
ps2 games from 97p each! ]Here

PSP games from £15.99 here
Mashed: Fully loaded is a massively underrated game, if anyone is looking for a good four player game (needs a multitap) then I'd recommend picking it up for just 97p!


fwibble are you really impressed with the 360 then?Am edging closer … fwibble are you really impressed with the 360 then?Am edging closer towards getting one...

I used to have Ghost Recon on the Xbox, but then I modded my xbox and couldn't go live...

so waited for a good deal, and got myself a 360 and GRAW... graphics are awesome, the wireless controller is good too, I haven't really used it as a media centre yet, but the options that are on the 360 makes it look like you can do a lot with it...

Also you can download demos on to your HDD provided that you have one, and test the game before purchasing it.

Any Typo's in here accept my appologies..

Would help if their website worked :-(
As AMP has just pointed out, this is on again, with the XBOX 360 at £256.99. Not too bad a price. Thanks AMP.
oh here it is !! xbox 360 should have its own deal page IMHO....would be nice to see it actually rated if it is a good price....
It's not as good as it was a few weeks ago when combined with the discount codes...
ahh....i may have found that out quicker if i could have found this thread !? :P but the title change will do good work
Just point out to anyone considering this sale that [COLOR=blue]Play.com[/COLOR] currently has Table Tennis at £17.99 compared to the £22.99 here with PC World. It's supposed to be really good.
Yes, that's a much better offer. When a site is holding a "sale", it's always good to price compare anyway, and not take their word that it is the bargain of the century.

Thanks AMP!
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