PCWORLD - LOGITECH Wireless Boombox - £59.97

PCWORLD - LOGITECH Wireless Boombox - £59.97

Found 2nd Oct 2012
Unleash impactful audio wherever you are with the Logitech Wireless Boombox iPod & iPhone Speaker offering plenty of bass in this cool retro style.

Boom shake the room

Get everyone raving with the Logitech Wireless Boombox Speaker for music playback on your iPod, iPad, tablet, smartphone or other music device with Bluetooth connectivity or 3.5mm auxiliary input.

Your device can connect wirelessly from up to 33 feet away as you stream to the Boombox for instant sound.

Not just the room

The Logitech Wireless Boombox Speaker is also easily portable, as you take a step back in time and carry the bass on your shoulder for that impressive, old school look.

Impress your friends on the go whether you are in the park, at school, or shooting hoops in the playground.

Boastful battery

This Boombox is equipped with up to 6 hours of rechargeable battery, saving expense on costly and wasteful disposable batteries.

Make the most of stylish beats and wicked sound with the Logitech Wireless Boombox iPod & iPhone Speaker!
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PC World + £*.97p = Good luck finding one.
...also, there's no such word as 'impactful'. Death to crappy corporate Americanisms!
They have two left in Currys St.Anns Shopping Centre in Harrow, even lower price £35. Checked today evening.
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These give really good sound. I bought the S715is from Tesco last year for £30 and I am very impressed.
Only thing is that if not plugged into the mains then an automatic volume restrictor kicks in to save battery.
Bluetooth version probably even better so well worth looking out for.
Nice - been hankering after one of these for a while.

Reserved, but will check to see if they're even cheaper when I'm collecting.
Well worth it at this price, good quality product and great bass.
Cold - not Lightning

...lol jk
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Thanks, managed to reserve one at my local store.

In stock in Lancaster and both Preston PC Worlds.
Everyone was eating boiled gooooose
Bought one, sounds ok, paid £59.97 as expected West Mids. area has plenty. HOT!
Just remember that a boombox is not a toy.
Bought one a month or so ago from Currys for about £80 - good speaker at that price, even better at £60.
Thanks OP. Got one from Tunbridge Wells. They were still marked as £79.99 on the shelf, but scanned at the lower price. Still two on the shelf.
Anyone used this connected to a car?

It's 12v/2A but don't know how regulated it will be in the unit.

I've got 4 vehicles I use (van, car, motorhome, work recovery truck). None has an MP3 player capable stereo and now had the stereo nicked from motorhome (which is 24v anyway so hassle) and recovery truck. Nice to just use this unit via BT with my phone, but better if I can keep it powered.

Oh and was in a rush so just picked up the reserve and collect, paying £59.97.
Used it in the van earlier and worked well, but not plugged in to the 12v.
Bit late for this deal, but for future reference - now used it plugged in to car 12v with a random 12v lead and it works very nicely.

Just got to remember not to plug it in to the main cig socket on my 24v truck-motohome!
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