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Hitman Absolution PC £19.99 @ PC World Downloads
Found 24th Nov 2012Found 24th Nov 2012
Hitman: Absolution digital download. Activates on Steam.

Haha, someone purchased it for me for my birthday. win


I'm really enjoying Absolution, having enjoyed all previous Hitman games. I'm playing all missions on Professional Hard first time through, then Purist clean runs for the final high scores. Purist is tougher than Hard, but not by much if you are stealthy. Get into a gun fight and you will die in seconds, and the lack of HUD means you really need to pay attention to where guards are and where they are looking, but as it says in the Purist description - this is for people that know levels inside out - learn the level first, then try Purist and it is a fun challenge :) As for Zeipher's complaints about the checkpoint system - honestly I've not had a problem with it. Playing on Hard I just don't use checkpoints - each map is small enough to do in a single run, and being careful and stealthy avoids most contact with guards. If you are patient you can see most guard routines. I'm now doing quite a lot in Contracts mode and that is great fun - trying out other people's challenges for taking out different targets with all sorts of weapons and disguises on all levels. Think you can do better - then make you own levels to challenge others with :)


Interesting, I don't know if I can be bothered though. If they had a save system, I'd be more willing to play it through again, but the checkpoints are staggeringly awful with all enemies respawning. I don't think it's the gameplay that's bad... just the level design and direction. It's very scripted. Certain things don't start until you get close, where with Blood Money, they would happen after a certain time no matter what. One scripted event required that I unload an entire clip into someone's head, rather than just a single bullet. I kept dying and not knowing why I wasn't firing. I hate to say it, but I think I'll end up deleting and never going back to it once I've finished it, which is a real shame indeed.


Zeipher try it on a harder difficulty. I think they've got the balance spot on. Easy and Normal difficulty won't cater for those who liked Blood Money as they are both excessively easy. Expert is superb. I haven't tried Purist yet but I've heard it's practically impossible. I absolutely love Absolution, it's the best game I've played since Fallout 3.


Not really enjoying this game :( Been looking forward to it for so long. Very rarely feeling like a Hitman... just more like a Splinter Cell. Hot for the price, though I order my digital downloads elsewhere for cheaper. £18.93 atm...

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PC) £23.49 @ PC World Downloads
Found 13th Oct 2012Found 13th Oct 2012
Seems to be the cheapest it is available for now that the GMG code no longer applies. Also unfortunately it seems the pcgamer20 code no longer works. Registers on Steam.

Heated and bought.


I was put off by the demo, but bought it anyway and I'm loving it. Best game of the year so far.


It's worth having a read of the first page of comments on the GMG thread about DLC - HERE I know you didn't order from GMG, but the comments about checking how XCOM appears on your account may let you know if you have the Elite Pack content or not, as even with it installed it isn't immediately obvious. The DLC doesn't appear anywhere on a normal page on Steam. In the game if you go to customise your soldiers there should be an alternative set of armour, 32 colour options, and the additional flat top hairdo from the original. It allows you to create the combinations used in some of the promo material such as this:


For once, I truly hope not. I want the game to be a massive commercial hit for the developers, and to lead to a resurgence in the strategy game sector :)


very good game and true to the original in all the good ways, price is decent but i'd expect sub-£20 by next week for those that didn't preorder. far more playable, easy to pickup for newcomers or veterans. battles rarely if ever feel like a chore or a game of hide and seek - the 4-6man squad size really hits the perfect balance of tactics and danger of losses (plus losing troops can be a heartbreaker but unlike just reloading to replay a turn for better random chances in the original it makes game more tense). base building, while far from basic, is streamlined and quite marginalized compared to x-com, interception is a barely worth mentioning sub-game and on pc controls are perfectly usable but obviously designed for controllers (sometimes clicking to select a squaddie or use a medkit an be a hassle - game wants you to tab through units). highly recommended for new and old fans alike, everything good about the original has been made better and it's flaws corrected, about all i miss is my super-cheap tactic of having a squad with laser rifles spamming autofire at any and every object in sight at the start of a battle to destroy all cover :S

Saints Row the Third (PC Download) £3.99 @ PC World (activates on Steam)
Found 11th Oct 2012Found 11th Oct 2012
On PC World Digital Download Centre and activates on Steam. Genki Bowl VII DLC also available for £1.99 which is currently £4.49 on Steam.
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sigh, they've authorised my account, but now its gone back up in price.


Got nvidia optimus? make sure it's running on your 560ti and not an internal card.


Why is this lagging on my intel 3570k and nvidia 560ti? Yet it was fine on my Q8400?


Very good price but I'm not sure about the game. Personally I didn't like it.


thanks op excellent deal

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Borderlands 2 22.39 @PcWorld Downloads
Found 16th Aug 2012Found 16th Aug 2012
Use pcgamer20 to get this price It activates on Steam!!! Pre-order now for access to the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club: Gearbox Gold Gun Pack A package of unique Gearbox Golden… Read more
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these just steam keys?


got it.


They won't send it until a week or so before release.


I know how, but I've not been given a cdkey or anything


Fancy seeing you here! Don't act like you don't know how to activate games in steam aha

Saints Row The Third (PC) £3.99 with code @ PC World Downloads (Activates through Steam!)
Found 16th Aug 2012Found 16th Aug 2012
As far as I'm aware, most games on PC World Downloads site redeem through Steam although I can't confirm that, if this does redeem on Steam then I think it's a cracking hot deal! … Read more

THANKS OP!! love the game.. 10/10 in my opinion


Expired, now £9.99


Just bought another copy for a friend so we can co-op. There is a gift function, looks like some people are too stupid to see the purchase as gift button right next to the buy button.


I only got the Novapay option at checkout, I didn't know that you could pay by any other way.


Cha-ching. Sold to the man with the dog under his arm. Thx!

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine (PC) - £3.99 with code at PC World downloads (registers on Steam)
Found 16th Aug 2012Found 16th Aug 2012
Use code pcgamer20 to get this price. Registers on Steam. In Warhammer® 40,000®: Space Marine® you are Captain Titus of the Ultramarines, humanity’s last hope for survival in a wa… Read more

expired £7.99 now :(


and your point TALON1973? if people wanted on ps3 why would they look at this deal not everyone has a ps3(i do) or they might wanted it for pc instead


Thanks for letting us know.


and its free to play on psn+ network .. so i'll stick with my sub thanks


yeah, it has acheivements, most steam games do. certainly a nostalgia trip for those amongst us played the game as kids. definatly worth £4

Game of Thrones - PC - £9.99 @ PC World Downloads (£7.99 With code PCGAMER20)
Found 23rd Jul 2012Found 23rd Jul 2012
Experience an amazing adventure in one of the most complete and fascinating universes in medieval-fantasy literature. Game of Thrones is a great Role Playing Game that puts you at… Read more

This game is apparently bobbins.


Whats the deal with PC World Downloads, Steam etc.


Just about to post that!


Use code pcgamer20 to get it for £7.99 ;)

Saints Row The Third (Saints Row 3) Steam via PCWorld £9.99 (£7.99 using code pcgamer20)
Found 23rd May 2012Found 23rd May 2012
Been waiting for Saints Row 3 to be on offer on steam again. Looks like I don't have to wait now. On the PC World download site, it's listed as £9.99, but activates through steam. … Read more
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I searched on here the other day before ordering and never found this. :) Hot though its a great game i actually downloaded a pirate copy for free but its that good i dont mind paying for it at all.!




Whats the filesize on this? Hate that Steam never tells you before you buy


Once you get into Co-op this game becomes so addictive. Makes Apb reloaded look lame!


Download the Penthouse DLC and play as the delightful miss Ryan Keely. Great way to spend the evening.

Crysis Maximum Edition @ PC World Downloads - £5.99 with code
Found 26th Apr 2012Found 26th Apr 2012
Use the code pcgamer20 to get the price down from £7.49 to £5.99. Contains: Crysis Crysis Warhead Crysis Wars
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Thanks OP, downloading now......mmmm.....looks like I'm in for a looooong wait!




you mean bloody EA!


bloody platinum


Unfortunately not as I believe it can be activated in Origin.

Crysis 1 & 2 on PC - £9.98 @ PCWorldDownloads
Found 26th Apr 2012Found 26th Apr 2012
enter code pcgamer20 at checkout, be sure that you do them both at once seems like a good price for anyone looking to play the first two games before three comes out. 1-http://ww… Read more

They do actually have warhead and crysis one in the maximum edition for 7.49, so that would make it 12.00 for 1, 2 and warhead


Unfortunately they missed out Crysis "Warhead/Crysis Wars" which is the best of the series for multiplayer, so theres 3 games before Crysis 3...lol, Warhead is a singleplayer campaign that shows alternative missions of "Psycho" during Crysis 1, and Crysis Wars is a standalone multiplayer only game that comes with it which is very heavily based on Battlefield 2. Missing these two titles out is missing the best of the Crysis series so far in my view. Even so the two PCworld are selling are worth a £10 any day of the week.


heres the links Crysis 1 Crysis 2

Battlefield 3 - Close Quarters Expansion Pack - Pre-Order - £9.59 @ PC World Downloads
Found 26th Apr 2012Found 26th Apr 2012
Battlefield 3 - Close Quarters Expansion Pack. Due for release in June, and will cost £11.99 RRP on Origin. You can pre-order it through pcworlddownloads and use Voucher code pcg… Read more
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Might be cheaper to buy premium in the long term :p


This is an automatic purchase as I am a huge Battlefield fan so this is definitely hot.




Kerching. Purchased. Thx.


cant wait play this DLC :)

Crysis 2 - PC World Download - £5.99
Found 24th Apr 2012Found 24th Apr 2012
Crysis 2 for the PC, Downloaded from PC World Downloads. Activates on Origin for easier downloading. Use Voucher code pcgamer20 at checkout for 20% off the already discounted pri… Read more
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While this is true, it's also being forced on you when using EA games - so while it's a beta in their terms it's still a live product that you can't opt out of. Which is made more annoying when people like me give it a go only to find that the game you've paid for gets none of the DLC other distribution platforms get :D


Have been playing this over the weekend and what a great game, a visual feast running at ultra settings using Palit GTX560ti, didn't think it would cope but not missed a beat. Shame the price has gone up to £14.99.


OK, great. Thanks.


yes it will resume. it mentions it when you try to close the window.


Can anyone who has downloaded from PC World before tell me if the Ztorm 'minidownloader' download software has the abilty to resume a partial download at a later date or does it have to complete the whole download in one go? It's telling me I still have 5 hours to wait and I need to get to bed soon! P.S.: Used HSBC Visa debit card with no problems.

Shift 2 Unleashed (PC Download) £4.79 using code from PCW Downloads
Found 28th Mar 2012Found 28th Mar 2012
Use the code pcgamer20 to get this for £4.79, the download size is approximately 6.8gb and you can get the free DLC from Origin. You don't have to download it through PCW's god aw… Read more

The same 12 year old wanna-be moderators? Yeah sure.


already posted. spam. expire.


Nice attitude, i assume "careface" is some internet thing 12 year olds use to communicate with each other. Just thought you might want to mention the person that found the deal but judging by the above post i highly doubt that. Have a nice day.


[Careface] didn't come up with I searched, so lump it.