Pearl Lollipop - £1.00 but FREE with easily available Firebox £5 voucher

Pearl Lollipop - £1.00 but FREE with easily available Firebox £5 voucher

Found 18th Jul 2006
Most of us have loadsa £5 firebox vouchers hanging round the place and you can finally get something FREE with them (inc P&P).

The Pearl Lollipop, a libido-raising treat made from raw cane sugar, wild Madagascan vanilla essence and ground natural pearls. The precious pearls within are said to give the lolly its potential potency - indeed pearl powder has been recognised as an aphrodisiac since ancient times. And now you can enjoy the benefits of consuming crushed bivalve bi-product without having to don your diving gear in search of blessed oysters.

If you're like me and have thousands of KitKash points, why not use them up and rot your teeth whilst sucking on this fancy free lolly!!


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Also, there's a free set of Perplex City Wave 1-3 Cards (worth £2.50 - free with every Firebox purchase), that you could flog on eBay!

Thanks feesh. You can easily get a £5 firebox voucher by going to:


If you need a £5 voucher and had one already try…als

Beat me to it by 1 minute, lol.

I'm quick on the draw Ducky!


Another free £5 voucher

Sold out. I'm gutted, that lolly sounded yummmmmmmmy.

I was lucky, placed an order at 8:07 and managed to get one.

Thanks feesh69

how much was the pearl lollipop originally cos I can't see how at £3.95 it would be free with a £5 voucher if you add P&P on as well?


It was coming up at £1 yesterday...
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