Pebble 2 @ Currys (Maybe other Pebbles too?) for £50

Pebble 2 @ Currys (Maybe other Pebbles too?) for £50

Found 10th Feb 2017
Looks like Currys/PC World are trying to mark down Pebble stock as the company has been absorbed by Fitbit and will no longer be supporting the watches. This was found in Manchester but may be nationwide so worth a check!
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Website is been updated now it's likely to be on there... good find
Good watch, it's a pity after we funded the company they **** off with no more support.
If it wasn't for Kickstarter there wouldn't be a Pebble.
I've had very good use of my Pebble 1 and Pebble Time watches. If the company stops supporting them (which didn't happen yet), I would happily give the Pebble Time to a charity and buy something else. I believe I got my money's worth from it.

People wouldn't keep most technologies for more than 1-2 years nowadays, so even if the company is still there, I would have upgraded to Pebble X or something else anyway.

Very good and reliable watch in my opinion and for that price it's a bargain. Also, Fitbit said they'll continue supporting the software (i.e. Pebble Health, which tracks your activity, sleep,...etc) so if you buy today you should be able to use it for another 1-2 years at least.

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Well it seems that Fitbit are not doing so well as they would have hoped, and now they have also grabbed Vector they are realising that Pebble tech is way ahead of their own and may now be getting a new product ready that is largely a Pebble in all but name.

Which might mean some of the Pebble system may survive. For now the watches still work great for the important stuff.
Online price still appears to be £99.99, but good price if you can find one in-store. There's none in stock in Oxford, both at the central Currys or the Botley Road PC World.
Was this in Arndale?
Pebble 2 HR or the SE?
I had a look in the Currys nearby Toys R Us in the Central Retail Park and they said all the stores nearby have sold out - there's one Pebble Steel left in the Arndale for £50 which I didn't bite at if that helps someone though.
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