Pedigree Dentastix box of 28 @ Farmfoods £4.99

Pedigree Dentastix box of 28 @ Farmfoods £4.99

Found 6th Apr 2014
saw this in my local Farmfoods store and grabbed some fast. usually close to a tenner for a box of 28 and they work really well for my shih Tzu

went into shop today and noticed that they are in fact £4.49 not £4.99 So an even better bargain
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What size are they please
Tesco have these on offer also, all sizes 2 boxes for £10
Good deal for the large ones
I have a Yorkshire terrier and I was told by a woman advertising these in shop to buy for large dog and then half them so get double for my money
Sometimes you get the single packs for a pound in most supermarkets. My advice is stock up when they are on offer.
Not voted either way as I've never tried them, and no chew is without issues, but this put me off when I googled for ingredients:…tml
I have yorkies so I buy the large dog and half them works out cheaper plus they are thicker so last them.a bit longer thank you
I used to give my dog 2 a day. One in the morning, one at night. My vet advised against this. He said the reason why my dog likes them so much is that there full of sugar. They do have "some" benefit. Because the shape of them will rub any new plaque build up away. But this can be out-wayed by the sugar content. I take it he meant if you give your dog 2 a day like I was?. Just a word to the wise for you good dog loving folk out there.
My vet told me these were full of fat and advised against. Give your dog a stick it's free.
My vet commented on how good my 2 dogs teeth were. When I told her I used dentastix she said she gave her dogs them also. So if they're good enough for a vets dog .......
These are ok as a treat and may help but are not a substitute for brushing. Even the advert states how good they were at removing plaque AFTER dental treatment from the vet.
These do nothing but put weight on your dog.....they are gone in a flash. If you want to clean your dogs teeth....get them bones from the butcher.
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