pedigree joint care vouchers - sign up required
pedigree joint care vouchers - sign up required

pedigree joint care vouchers - sign up required

See the difference in just six weeks
Does your dog find it hard to get going in the morning?
Does he struggle to keep up when you take him for walks?
If so, the chances are that hes already experiencing joint stiffness. It happens to a lot of dogs as they get older but there are ways that you can help.

Pedigree® Joint Care+ are tasty treats made with CPA Complex®, a unique blend of natural active ingredients together with Methionine. Fed daily, they can to help ease joint stiffness in as little as six weeks. Take the 6 Week Challenge and see for yourself.

Before printing off your six money-saving coupons, youll need to sign up to the challenge. Once registered, youll also receive regular emails with encouragement and useful advice.


None Of My Dogs Like These Lol And Neither Does My Friends Dogs

Great, will do this tomorrow when I am on computer with printer

anyone know the value of these vouchers ?

£1 x 6


anyone know the value of these vouchers ?

Joined, didnt get the email. Tried to resend it twice and still not got it, so I cant get the vouchers.

Oh and the email address is right, because I have used it to log in to the site and it worked

Used these 6 x £1 vouchers today in Wilkinsons. . As we have a large dog then normal full price is £3.98 each x 6 = £23.88. They are doing buy three of these joint care packs for £7 so 6 packs = £14 less £6 vouchers =£8 total (£15.88 saving!!) - bargain. Looking forward to a bouncy dog.

Heta and rep added to pinkmelons.

Great first deal pinkmelons and then an excellent find BigVern2007! What a bargain.

Heat & rep added.
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