Pedigree or Whiskas 25% off + 5% S&S @ Amazon

Pedigree or Whiskas 25% off + 5% S&S @ Amazon

Found 18th Apr 2017
Not a bad deal with the 25% off and the extra 5% and if you have some more or keep adding new ones you can get to the 25% and 15% off!

A little tip! if you want say 5 of the Whiskas 1+ Cat Complete Dry with Chicken, 7 kg then do 5 seperate S&S orders to get the extra 15% off all!

more at…H4D?
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thanks op will take a look now.heat added
also purina 20% off can add both to your s&s if you have a more cats
heat added
It's for when u subscribe and can't see cat food. I'll keep looking
do you know for sure you can use the voucher repeatedly by creating additional subscriptions?
Op, I want to send you a pm, but it's saying you don't have it enabled. Please can you enable so I can pm you ?
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