Pedigree, Spitfire, Hobgoblin and Bishops Finger ales - all £1 at Lidl

Pedigree, Spitfire, Hobgoblin and Bishops Finger ales - all £1 at Lidl

Found 22nd Sep 2009
I know there are a few £1 beer deals on at various supermarkets, (including a similar deal at Asda) but the following are all £1 at Lidl, saving 48p a bottle...

Pedigree Premium English Ale
Premium Spitfire Kentish Ale
Hobgoblin Ruby Beer
Bishops Finger Kentish Strong Ale

Go on, treat yourself!
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Are these beers as bad as that picture you have used.:whistling:
Haha, not at all, just depends how many you drink...
Hobgoblin is legendary.

it says it on the bottle.
I know all about Hobgoblin, just look at me!:thumbsup:
Good deal but the last time they did this I went and they didn't have any. I'm not wasting my time going to Lidl again!
ya could have chosen a better image...
Good beers, good price and much too tasty for Lager Boys. :thumbsup:
Lidl normally have these at £1.19 a bottle so a good saving but not the end of the world if you miss the offer this time round
Voted hot just for the image, hilarious! :thumbsup:
Excellent, having a house party on friday and am going to attempt to wean some of my student mates off lager onto the good stuff!
bargain, a few bottles of spitfire will do me nicely :-D
:thumbsup:Heat from me....
was just in Asda they were doing £1 on some bottles of beer as well (i would imagine to counteract this offer)

from memory:

old speckled hen
guiness foreign (the 7.5% stuff)
bishops finger
something pale ale

and a few more. i had just come from the pub so my memory is a bit hazy.
Sainsburys are doing Champion, Tanglefoot and small bottles of Guiness for a pound also.
You missed the Shepherd Neame Late Red Autumn Hop Ale 4.5% 500ml also at £1.00
how far gone have u gotta be to put your head in a urinal lol ewww
Got a Bishops Finger and Spitfire for tonight earlier when I was wondering around the Lidl by the tube station. £1 is a good price for these. Both excellent beers. Plenty in store still.
Mmmm got a bbq this weekend and these will go down well
Bishop's Finger? The name makes me cringe...

Hobgoblin? Isn't that from Lord of The Rings?

Pedigree? Dog food makers gone to ale? Must taste good.

Spitfire? Is that the one with extra hops?
Hah hah, love that picture!
The guy in the picture is definitely a lager drinker. He should have cut out the middle man and poured the stuff down there in the first place.:-D
tasty beers
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