Peep Show - Series 1 - 5 - £17.93 @ The Hut

Peep Show - Series 1 - 5 - £17.93 @ The Hut

Found 4th Feb 2009
This 5 disc DVD box set contains the complete series 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the multi award-winning comedy that follows the inner lived of two very ordinary weirdos, Mark (David Mitchell) and Jeremy (Robert Webb) as they try in vain to find their place in modern culture.

Series 1 Mark is in hot pursuit of the love of his life, co-worker Sophie, while Jeremy lives in awe of his idiotic mate Superhans, and their beautiful but brittle neighbour Toni.

Series 2 finds an obstacle in the way of Mark's quest for Sophie's love, in the form of his macho rival Jeff. Meanwhile, Jeremy has fallen madly in love with confused Californian Christian Nancy and embarks on a visa wedding which he hopes will be the 'happiest administrative procedure of their lives'.

Series 3 Jeremy tries to get over his disastrous marriage to Nancy by embarking on a series of ill-fated relationships with women - one of whom is Mark's sister. Mark, meanwhile, has finally managed to start dating Sophie - only to discover she's being relocated to Bristol...

Series 4 Mark spends a horrific weekend with Sophie's argumentative parents, tries to get his gym instructor sacked ('he touched me'), and gets involved in a spot of arson. Meanwhile, Jeremy performs some 'handy' work for a male pop star, does something pretty unspeakable to a dog, a worst of all - sleeps with Sophie's mother.

Series 5 Mark and Jeremy are entering their 30s with a sense of impending crisis. Time is running out for them to sort out their lives. Mark goes speed dating, and discovers money can buy you love, Jeremy and Superhans play at a Christian Rock Festival, the flat suffers multiple burglaries and the boys endure their worst ever night out - at the theatre.


Pretty much the standard price, slightly cheaper at £16.99 at

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i thougt it was good for all the series

yes, it is good, but cheaper elsewhere :thumbsup:

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wot do u mean by that

How thick is wall?

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sorry mate didnt know wot u was on about


I'll section you so help me

He obviously hasn't seen the show then.



He obviously hasn't seen the show then.DON'T SAY CRACK.

This crack is so moorish.
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