Peep Show: Series 1 to 5 (5dvd) - £15.99 online at HMV.. now £17.99
Peep Show: Series 1 to 5 (5dvd) - £15.99 online at HMV.. now £17.99

Peep Show: Series 1 to 5 (5dvd) - £15.99 online at HMV.. now £17.99

Buy forBuy forBuy for£15.99
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Best price I've seen for all 5 seasons (but be aware season 6 has been commissioned).
Still £35 on Amazon and Play !

Don't forget Quidco.

(ps - longtime lurker, 1st-time bargain post, apols if I've made any mistakes)

Price has now risen up from £15.99 to £17.99 Still a good price but no very nice of HMV!
- Marky264


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Great 1st deal - thanks

look how hot this got being £25 instore lol! hotukdeals.com/ite…mv/

Great Deal! Fantastic first post.

How thick is wall?


Blimey, this is £40 in store in zavvi. Great deal.

Fantastic price!!!! Good find.

I've been trying to find time to go into town to get this at what WAS a bargain price of 25 quid (plus cost of petrol, parking etc) !! I'm glad I had a busy week now cos this is a super bargain price THANK YOU!!! Happy happy happy................. :-D

Great find chum!

Best price ever for a great show, just ordered, each series for 11.99 each or all 5 for 15.99 what a serious bargain. thankyou spotter!

Damn, I got it for £25 instore yesterday

Great deal, heat added.

Wow-what a first post!!
Have ordered-thank you.
Heat and rep.:)

i got seasons 1-4 when they released eason 5 for a similar price. great value.

Top deal,for the best Brit comedy for years!

Computer says no!

7% quidco & 10% discount for students.

Fantastic deal! I already have the 1-4 boxset, so I will have to pick up 5 soon (I know there is a good price for it, I just haven't picked it up yet). Great deal for anybody that doesn't have this show yet!

great thanks just ordered for fellas xmas pressie
voted hot!


I'd never seen Peep Show before but theres quite a few episodes on youtube ]here

Ordered. Thanks OP

Amazing deal, I thought it was a good deal when I got 1, 2 + 3 for the same price.

awesome price for an awesome program !

I am so pleased about this! That's me set for a top weekend when it arrives.
Plus got student discout too and directed through nectar estores, so good old nectar points coming my way too!
Nice find!

Fantastic deal for one of the best comedies for year. :thumbsup:

heat and rep added

great find, voted hot!
I have all the peep shows on my PC but thought i may aswell order the original DVDs at this price!
thanks again!

Big Suze :thumbsup:

Wow nice deal, I was only looking for a deal on this the other day, ordering now, thanks!

Been looking out for this cheap for a while.

Only seen series 3 which i thought was excellent so really looking forward to watching them all.

thanks for this
just rented them all from lovefilm, but will send them back and get my own to keep!:thumbsup:


holy ****!



Fek moi that is too cheap, I have student discount and quidco, so about £13.50 working out

Thank you so much

Great price. Still haven't opened my 1-4 set that I got for the same price. Maybe I'll eBay that one and buy this instead

Ordered through Quidco. Bargain. Cheers!

Thanks so much for posting this

GREAT PRICE for a GREAT comedy!

Heat Added:thumbsup:

Cheers Op, thats another Chrismas pressy out the way :thumbsup:

Heat added!! Ordered mine earlier on.

That's about £3 per series, well worth it! thanks for the post!

Stop finding these bargains you so and so's. Ended up buying 4 box sets! :-)

Back in stock in 7 days,

Does this mean if I buy it now,

Will HMV honour the same price or will I have to pay a higher price if they put price up?,

Ebay search results for this boxed set,

If they are still charging £15.99 then that's what you will be paying - they can't make you pay a higher price.

fab post. cheers mate

One of the best comedies around! Fantastic, if you haven't watched this then buy it!
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