Peep Show - Series 4 - £4.48 Delivered@The Hut

Peep Show - Series 4 - £4.48 [email protected] Hut

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title says it all.

A bit more info :-
DVD Description

With the release of Peep Show: Series Four, Mark and Jeremy, the directionless college friends and flat mates of Apollo House in South London, are back to their usual antics.

While Mark the sensible professional with a slightly disconcerting interest in World War II deals with the consequences of his accidental proposal to his office crush Sophie, Jeremy the drifting waster whose life-long dream is to become a musician struggles to win back his beautiful ex-visa wife, Nancy.

In this series, as ever, the pairs deepest and darkest thoughts and feelings are revealed to viewers, as they try in vain to find their place in the modern world and search to find love and fulfillment.


Mark Corrigan and Jeremy 'Jez' Osborne are caught up in a familiar malaise; the two housemates are constantly at each other's throats as they struggle to find a direction in life. Jez has aspirations to become a musician, but his efforts resemble the Prodigy on a very bad day! Meanwhile, Mark is stuck in an interminable office job, where the object of his affections--co-worker Sophie--is the only thing keeping him sane. Racked by nerves and insecurity, the lengths Mark goes to in order to impress Sophie often leaves her in a state of bewilderment. What makes Peep Show stand out from the Britcom pack is its finely honed script and strong lead performances by the show's creators, Mitchell and Webb. The fact that viewers are able to hear the innermost thoughts of Mark and Jez as they encounter various problems makes their characters all the more vulnerable and sympathetic. The result is a well-observed comedy for anyone who spends life at the mercy of their own hesitant thoughts (...and who doesn't?)


Great deal, voted Hot.

Anyone seen Series 5 for a good price??

great show, great price, hot

Ordered through Quidco! Great price - thanks!

Bah, only noticed after ordering that it wont be despatched for 2-4 weeks! Ah well, fantastic deal regardless, have the 1-3 boxset and was waiting for 4 and 5 to come down. Excellent deal, haven't seen it under a tenner anywhere else.

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Great deal, voted Hot. Anyone seen Series 5 for a good price??

Cheapest I can find is £11.97, its still quite new so I guess it'll be a while before the price comes down much.

Peep Show is brilliant but I've got all the DVD's already.
Very hot deal though!!

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Any chance of a bit of rep :whistling:


[SIZE=7]Free The Paedos![/SIZE]

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[SIZE=7]Free The Paedos![/SIZE]

Not a good name for a pub :-D
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