PeerBlock - Block certain connections to your PC for internet safety! FREE.

PeerBlock - Block certain connections to your PC for internet safety! FREE.

Found 11th Feb 2012
PeerBlock lets you control who your computer "talks to" on the Internet for example governments, corporate entities, malware and those flagged for anti-p2p activities. By selecting appropriate lists of "known bad" computers, you can block communication with advertising or spyware oriented servers, computers monitoring your p2p activities, computers which have been "hacked", even entire countries! They can't get in to your computer, and your computer won't try to send them anything either.

And best of all, it's free!

Personal Note:

I've been using this for nearly 3 years now. You can set it up as you like. Some known websites such as BBC etc. still track you so you have to exempt them or Disable it during the time you use those websites but it's unbelievable the amount of websites trying to "talk" to your PC. There's plenty of lists to choose from. Very little computer resources as well, only uses about 2MB. While typing this post I blocked an attempt from a computer, it informed me it was a 'Clicksor Malware Network - Yesup'.

I hope this helps a few people, no doubt it will be voted cold but I can assure you this works and prevents P2P, Spyware and Malware companies/computers from trying to connect to your PC.
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Its been free for 3 years,not exactly new
Indeed, but nobody had posted it before. I didn't say it was new software in any case.

Have you used it or do you still? What do you think of it?
how does this work with cashback sites such as quidco and topcashback

can you turn it off when making a purchase?
Yes you can, there is a Disable button on the GUI. It's very easy to do

Like I mentioned before, you can make certain IP's exempt by allowing them permanently or just disabling when you need to.
incidently just so people are not misled .. it HELPS to stop people p2p tracking .. its totally reliant on an updating list of p2p tracking services which is a bit like a global speedcamera database but far more rapidly changing (and diverse).. i also doubt it does anything against deep packet scanning as welll

its useful IMHO but do not rely on it to keep tracks covered as it wont
Windows only. Cold.
Better than having nothing, but if you're concerned about being monitored, then you wouldn't use bit torrent or HTTP anyway
You can just enable transport encryption in your bittorrent client. Your ISP cant traffic shape then either so you get faster speeds. If your really paranoid you can use a string of SOCKS proxys. Used to use peerguardian (predecessor to peerblock) before the creators stop supporting it but from what I have heard the anonymity gained from peerblock is negatable and it slows your download speed alot as it refuses connections from regular seeders/lechers it thinks are undercover government ninjas.
Useful .. thank you
ISP' can easily "man in the middle" SSL if they wish to ... so this is no panacea to personal privacy either
It would suffice for general piracy, I doubt there going to man in the middle every one on the grounds they might be downloading something copyrighted. ISP's arent bothered about piracy its the threats of court orders from MPAA and such which force them to take action so it would be them who have to man in the middle to get the evidence of what your downloading. The only reason we need 50Mb bandwith is to download movies nobody would need that for general page requests or small downloads. If ISP's discourage the majority of downloading people arent going to want to pay for expensive bandwith. Just my opinion obviously.
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