Peggle Deluxe (PC game) - £3.44 @ Steam
Peggle Deluxe (PC game) - £3.44 @ Steam

Peggle Deluxe (PC game) - £3.44 @ Steam

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An amazingly addictive game, for half price this weekend on STEAM.

Try the demo, you'll be hooked!


Brilliant game.

This game is excellent and will take up a lot of your time trying to do the challenges!



Brilliant game.

So Pog likes Peggle?

brilliant, I was going to buy this from game for £10, so saved a fair bit!


So Pog likes Peggle?


Ok so it's a PC game.......maybe mention this in the title.

i have tried the demo. i find it boringly horrible.
by the way, there are loads of free demos you can try on steam.

try audiosurf. by far the best li'l game ive ever played. it uses music in mp3 format to build each level you play. the beauty of it is that every level is randomly different based on the music you choose. so you get to listen to your favorite tunes while playing quite a good game. on fast tempo it can give you some weird psychedelic experiences. i can't describe it. steam talks about it as 'near religious experience'.
just try it

i forgot: it can use mp3 as well as audio cds. the demo is free, but the game will be 9.99$, that is nearly 6£ after taxes. you can pay with visa or paypal.

I have Peggle and love it, but ianyone know if peggle deluxe is any different?


Have to say I love this game! BUY IT!!

This game is superb, even though its for kids, i've played it for ages, so addictive.
If your a fan of Peggle Deluxe, they have just recently released the follow-up Peggle Nights, awsome games to keep you or the kids hooked for hours.

Voted hot no matter what the price


I have Peggle and love it, but ianyone know if peggle deluxe is any … I have Peggle and love it, but ianyone know if peggle deluxe is any different?Thanks

It is just the full version. Peggle Nights is out now ... and is just the same again. Totally skill-less but surprisingly addicting.

Great find, very addictive. You have been warned lol


try audiosurf.

Try as I might I just don't seem to enjoy Audiosurf. It's a neat idea but I feel the link between your actions and the music are too detached to get in a good rhythm.

Cheers ;0)

Such a great addictive game, I got this and the new Peggle Nights, although it was free for me.

and how was it free.

you know the questions going to be asked why not put it in your post!!

stay away its worse than crack

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I'm not sure why this has been expired, it's still currently at half price. :?
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