pembleton somerby ladies bike online today halfords £199

pembleton somerby ladies bike online today halfords £199

Found 13th Dec 2014
Received an email that this pembleton ladies bike reduced today only. Reading small print its all bikes in range and discount applied at checkout.

Also quidco of 3%.


Dude you need some sleep please rest

Thanks for this, my dad is looking for one to buy his partner Sen this looks like a good deal

Call the midwife!

Pendleton. Poor woman won gold medals, give her the credit!

I'm confused! You say £199. Halfords main page says "Deal of the day" £189. Product page with all the Pemberton bikes says £219
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Yes the email said £199 but webpage £189.. However if you click through to check out after reduction it's £199


Not sure if they have changed them or updated them but an older version I have is pretty heavy

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And spelling it incorrectly stopped people getting the deal ? Erm if u aren't interested don't comment ??

Nothing wrong wrong with the deal. Also, nothing wrong in getting the name right. I know of Pendleton bikes, never heard of pembleton. If I was doing a specific search for this make it would not come up.
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