Pembrokeshire Cottage Deal - From £99 for 4 nights/2 people

Pembrokeshire Cottage Deal - From £99 for 4 nights/2 people

Found 12th Oct 2010
My other half and I took advantage of this offer when we were looking for a cottage recently.

Due to the late season, this agency have loads of cottages available for couples from £99 upwards for four nights.

The direct link has a link to the cottages so you can have a browse but you have to call them to find availability. I'm not sure the changeover day really matters because we started our four nights on a Thursday for a Saturday changeover cottage.

So decide on your dates, call them and they should give you a list of reference numbers to check on the website.

Good holidays!! We stayed in Willowcot cottage and it was truly lovely.


Nice way to see Pembrokeshire....

Used this company before - no problems in case anyone was wondering. Might go again.

If you can get a good deal then Pembrokeshire is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year. I love it down there

so are the £99 deals for 4 nights because i can see some that are for 5 people etc?

I rang them with the same question and apparently you can choose a £99 deal for 2 people even in a property that sleeps more than 2. They just lock the other bedrooms!

I was born in Pembrokeshire
Didn't stay there long though

Might go for this deal, as I've heard many a good thing about Pembroke.

half term
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