Penbook FREE for limited time @ Microsoft (WIndows)

Penbook FREE for limited time @ Microsoft (WIndows)

Found 10th Apr
A fully featured touchscreen writing & sketching app.

Penbook is FREE to celebrate its nomination for the Windows Developer Awards! Support Penbook by voting here for App Creator of the Year:

FeaturesLots of ruled and squared paper stationery for writing
  • Stationery for planners, checklists, and calendars
  • Creative stationery types like penmanship, calligraphy, and sheet music
  • Drawing stationery, like perspective and isometric guides
  • Device templates for mocking up your next big app
  • Draw plays on baseball, hockey, soccer, football, and basketball templates
  • Built for pens and the Surface Dial
  • Write on your own photos or PDFs
  • Keep your work organized with beautiful Penbook covers
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The developer for this isn't Microsoft as stated in the title - it's User Camp, so I think we should be crediting them for obvious reasons.


Nice one
Thanks FOr Posting Heat
has already been posted but I had forgotten all about it so just downloaded now - thanks
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Meant to get this last time it was free. Thanks
Heated of course.
It's not "from Microsoft" though. It's a third party developer.
Mac needs something free like this.
my little one will love this thanks
thx OP
Thanks OP. Great find!
I must have 100's of icon packs but keep missing the genuinely useful apps like this... Bah. Heheh!
Expired, now £8.39
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