Penderyn Myth Welsh Whisky £22.99 @ Amazon (Lowest its ever been)

Penderyn Myth Welsh Whisky £22.99 @ Amazon (Lowest its ever been)

Found 19th Nov 2016
OK - its not everyone's cup of tea (or whisky), but for those of us who quite like this stuff, this is like a good deal. Myth is closer to a traditional scotch than the other Penderyn's imo, but its all a matter of personal taste. I've seen it down at £25 before now, but never this low. 3 camels agrees. Enjoy...
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heat added. love their stuff which is aged in Madeira casks. This will go down well during my Christmas break in Wales.
I know nothing about whisky other than what years of pop culture references have taught me. That being said, why I can't I see the age of this?

That being said, why I can't I see the age of this?

Many distilleries are moving away from ages to NAS (No age stated) whiskies as they release whiskies which won't get much better over the years. It's a valid idea, but undermined by the use of fancy titles such as "Founder's Reserve".
As Huntegowk says its an NAS and has been around about a year.

Its one of their Bourbon Whisky range and is very drinkable - if you like Makers, Woodford and the like you will probably enjoy this quite a bit.

If you like to collect then this is from the only Welsh distillery and for this price its a good addition, not as peaty as Legend.

Good deal I prefer the Penderyn Legend myself heat
I was given a bottle of this as a gift last year. I like my whisky but i can be a bit narrow minded when it comes to ones that aren't scottish. This one however is absolutely lush. Very smooth and very drinkable. my friend and i emptied the bottle in a couple of hours.

heat added. good price.
Thanks. Just bought one
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