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Penhaligon's Men's And Women's Fragrances From £32.95 @Half price perfumes + £4.99 P&P
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Penhaligon's Men's And Women's Fragrances From £32.95 @Half price perfumes + £4.99 P&P

Posted 10th Sep 2015
Penhaligon's Ellenisia EDP 100ml £49.99 halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/…tml

Iris Prima EDP 50ml £41.95 halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/…tml

Juniper Sling EDT 50ml £37.99 halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/…tml

Sartorial EDT 50ml £32.95 halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/…tml

Opus 1870 EDT 50ml £32.95 halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/…tml

Blenheim Bouquet EDT 50ml £32.95 halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/…tml

Edit: Bluebell EDT 100ml £45, Artemisia EDP 100ml £59, Endymion Cologne 30ml £19.99, LP No9 For Ladies EDT 100ml £40, Vaara EDP 100ml £59 and a larger 100ml Prima EDP at £59 also added.
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These are popular fragrances at a real saving, check out TK Maxx as well, they have introduced a larger range that are discounted
Penhaligons Ellenisia EDP 100ml £49.99 halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/…tml
RRP £105. "Created in 2004, Ellenisia is an extravagant floral fragrance with heady white blooms wrapped in swathes of sweet plum and vanilla. As the green shock of the violet and mandarin settle you can close your eyes and just picture the bouquets of gardenia, jasmine and tuberose a tumble of scented petals. Then the slow simmering sugared plums appear, whipped through with sweet and creamy vanilla. This fragrance is elegant yet utterly magical."

Iris Prima EDP 50ml £41.95 halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/…tml
RRP £85. "A fresh and transparent bergamot opens the dance, the citrus freshness mimicks the graceful flight of a prima ballerina as she leapt into the spotlight. Green amber softens the effect and contrasts with sparkling pink pepper, which resonates like the steps of the ballerina on pointe. Iris soon takes centre stage, eclipsing all around her with her natural grace and powdery charm. In the base an intimate, musky leather note to represent the pointe shoe which lightly touches the scent of sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla and benzoin to signify the soul of ancient theatres."
*Fragrantica have this as a unisex fragrance: fragrantica.com/per…tml

Juniper Sling EDT 50ml £37.99 halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/…tml
RRP £78. "Juniper Sling is a crisp cocktail shot of gin with a fresh scent of juniper, cool measures of angelica and brandy and a beating libertine heart of black pepper, cardamom, soft leather and orris. A gourmand base of brown sugar, black cherry and amber add sensuality to the scent. Apply liberally and drink in. For enigmatic girls."
*was a bit surprised by this, as I've always thought Juniper Sling was unisex. Fragrantica seem to think so: fragrantica.com/per…tml

Sartorial EDT 50ml £32.95 halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/…tml
RRP £65. "The modern thread running through Sartorial is beeswax; echoing the blocks of wax each thread is run across before stitching. This sweet smudged note ties together the more traditional elements; the oiled flash of shears cutting cloth, the rub of fabric beneath fingers, tobacco tinted cabinetry, puffs of chalk in the air and old paper patterns vanilla with age."

Opus 1870 EDT 50ml £32.95 halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/…tml
RRP £65. "Opus 1870 created in 2005 is a complex and elegant woody chypre. A luxurious accord of sweet citrus and fiery black pepper opens the scent, delicately followed with a heart of English Clove Rose and evocative incense. The base notes are glorious, smoky waves of aromatic cedarwood and sandalwood. Opus 1870 is wonderfully warm and comforting, a fragrance to wrap yourself in on cold winter nights."

Edited by: "louiselouise" 10th Sep 2015
Blenheim Bouquet EDT 50ml £32.95 halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/…tml
RRP £65. "Created in 1902 and taking its name from Blenheim Palace the seat of one of England’s most respected bloodlines, Blenheim Bouquet is a bracing mix of citrus oils, spices and woods. Inhaling Blenheim Bouquet today it's hard to imagine it was created over one hundred years ago. It's a fragrance that has continually adapted to every twist and turn of its existence and survived. Blenheim Bouquet is enduring, timeless, discreet, sensual; immaculately turned out with a flash of heritage flourish. Endymion was a mortal who was so loved by the Goddess of the Moon that she put him to sleep forever so she alone could visit him every night."

Edited by: "louiselouise" 10th Sep 2015
Great post louiselouise and you have cost me a fortune! However, if Sartorial is your thing, then cheaper here. Otherwise, best price for the other men's fragrances that I checked.
My brother absolutely loves Penhaligon's Douro (I won a big bottle of it in a basenotes competition years ago!) and I'm tempted to get him another scent of theirs to try for Xmas. Glad the post was useful HertzVanRental
A few more added recently, it seems

Penhaligon's Bluebell Eau de Toilette 100ml, £45 halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/…tml
RRP £88 "Created in 1978, this is the pure and unadulterated distillation of the scent of bluebell woods. The telltale earthy sweetness of hyacinths rises through the soft citrus Head Notes and mingles with rose, lily and jasmine at the heart. As it settles the flowers give way to spicy clove and cinnamon and the unique textural base note of bittersweet galbanum. A scent which Instantly transports you to the woodland as it reminds you of wet earth, moss and rain, surrounded by dripping leaves, skin tingling with spring."fragrantica.com/per…tml

Penhaligon's Artemisia Eau de Parfum 100ml £59
RRP £108 "Created in 2002, Artemisia is floral and fruity. Created with a beautiful sensual powdery dry down. Caramel soft, sweet, powdery and silky. A tumble of green apples and nectarines washed with jasmine tea and sprinkled with a soft medley of violet, cyclamen and lily petals. All this unfolds with great subtlety surrounded with layers of honeyed vanilla, warm spices, a touch of amber and a hint of musk. Haunting and addictive."fragrantica.com/per…tml

Penhaligons Endymion Cologne 30ml £19.99 halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/…tml
RRP £50 "Penhaligon`s Endymion Cologne 30ml. Spicy and fresh, Endymion is a fragrance of contrasts, sensual, light and dark, velvety, sweet and sharp. Imagine walking in a moonlit garden, thinking thoughts of velvet seduction. The aromatic partner to Artemisia, Endymion in ancient myth was variously a king or a hunter, who was so loved by Diana Goddess of the Moon that she put him to sleep forever so she alone could visit him every night."fragrantica.com/per…tml

Penhaligons LP no. 9 for Ladies Eau de Toilette 100ml £40 halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/…tml
RRP £88 "Released in 1998, LP No. 9 for ladies is a potent and addictive brew of sweet floral notes, spices and musk. Opening with creamy accords of tarragon and lavender sharpened with a twist of lemon. The heart reveals the open sweetness of carnation wrapped in rich sensual base notes of cedar, spice and vanilla. The final effect is gorgeously soft and romantic, strange and beguiling."

Edited by: "louiselouise" 22nd Sep 2015
Penhaligon's Vaara Eau de Parfum 100ml £59 halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/…tml
RRP £120 "An intoxicating Eau de Parfum, evoking a stroll through an Indian spice market. Beginning with a fresh blend of coriander and carrot seeds, creamy saffron and juicy quince. The fragrance progresses to heart evoking the gardens of Balsamand, the Maharaja’s summer palace, with two glorious roses blended elegantly with a billowing white note of Indian magnolia, a touch of freesia and a whisper of iris. Settles into a luscious base of honey, white musks and resins dripping over an aromatic combination of tonka, cedarwood and sandalwood."fragrantica.com/per…tml (unisex apparently)

Penhaligon's Iris Prima Eau de Parfum 100ml £59, RRP £120 halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/…tml

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