Penny Farthing £499 @ IWOOT(I want one of those)

Penny Farthing £499 @ IWOOT(I want one of those)

Found 2nd Aug 2010
Tally ho old bean and all that, why not try one of these splendid Penny Farthings on for size? This beautiful excuse to don an oversized hat is just the same as the Penny Farthing bicycles of yore, and is a brilliant way of getting around in style. The front wheel is a whopping 36 inches, while the rear wheel comes in at a slightly more reasonable 12 inches, giving you that classic elevated position associated with this most barmy of bikes.

Of course, we'd be barmy to send you off pedalling into the sunset with the safety features of a vintage Penny Farthing (otherwise your newly bought oversized hat might end up squished under an articulated lorry), so this new version has all the modern safety standards you'd expect. The frame is made of durable steel, the pedals are anti-slip (not sure what that entails, but it's bound to be a good thing), there's a brake on the rear wheel and the saddle has spring suspension to make your ride a little smoother.

In seriousness, there's hardly anything more eye-catching than seeing someone roll past on one of these lovely items. They're perfect for leisurely Sunday bike rides, fairs, events or basically any occasion when you want to stand out from the usual fleet of bog-standard cyclists.

A full-size Penny Farthing bicycle.
Accurate replica of the age-old original style.
Features a 32" front wheel and 12" back wheel.
Durable steel frame.
Steel cranks with anti-slip pedals.
Brake on rear wheel.
Spring suspension on saddle to ensure comfortable ride.
Air tires.
Suitable for ages 16 years +.

Front wheel 32".
Back wheel 12".


they are probably cheaper on (wtf would want one of those)

OMG.....what next???

i love the vintage look

Thats so coooool.!

hot From me

Look like a knob for only £499 plus delivery!!!

i would have liked one of these 150 years ago

shuld it not be called the 10p 5p today


shuld it not be called the 10p 5p today

They should make one based on the 50p and 5p.. would be much more entertaining.
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