Penny Farthing - Only £499 @ I Want One of Those
Penny Farthing - Only £499 @ I Want One of Those

Penny Farthing - Only £499 @ I Want One of Those

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Like the quirky and unusual? Then here's the thing for you a Penny Farthing!
Yip thats right a Penny Farthing. Don't know what to make of it really and imagine it would be quite difficult to ride. Defo need a helmet riding that thing lol.

They must be making a come back after all these years!


•A full-size Penny Farthing bicycle.
•Accurate replica of the age-old original style.
•Features a 32" front wheel and 12" back wheel.
•Durable steel frame.
•Steel cranks with anti-slip pedals.
•Brake on rear wheel.
•Spring suspension on saddle to ensure comfortable ride.
•Air tires.
•Comes with headset.
•Suitable for ages 16 years +.

•Front wheel 32"
•Back wheel 12"


This is sooo cool my son was saying a few days ago he would like to have a go on one, but this is a bit pricey, good find though

Too expensive and not the best ride..cold.Just wonder how many of these they sell.

just like the good old days.they don,t make bikes like this any more(they obviously do)

are they on offer in sports direct?

I believe they have races on these on Holland.....at least they used to, I know a guy who came off one in a pile up and he broke both arms, in several places and collar bone!

Its an expensive novelty, cannot see the lack of gears making for an easy ride. If it;d been 100 quid I might have gone for one

Why are people voting hot? It's a rip-off and if you REALLY want one of those you can get it a lot cheaper elsewhere! Very cold.

£500 to look like a knob? I dont think so!!!

Good idea the price of petrol and unlike ordinary bikes you can see above the cars..


£500 to look like a knob? I dont think so!!!

getting married costs you more and you end up looking like a knob

Has that thing got off road tires on !

Riding one of these in public is just asking for trouble from motorists / local kids

A bit disingenuous top call this a penny farthing. Real ones had a front wheel of around 50/60 inches - not 36 as in this model. Which means no good for speed which was the advantage of this type of bike over the early 'safety' bikes. Oh an the occupation hazard is taking a 'header' ...

I expect this will appeal to the same people who bought the unicycles from Home Bargains.

This is the type of T***T who will buy this crap:


Novel enough way of committing suicide.
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