PENT METAL 6X4 SHED £63.99 @ Clearance Bargains (Argos)

PENT METAL 6X4 SHED £63.99 @ Clearance Bargains (Argos)

LocalFound 1st Aug 2010
Metal pent 6 x 4 sheds are being sold off in the Walsall Clearance Bargains for the wicked price of £63.99. Not sure if this is in all the clearance outlets but if you are lucky enough to live near one then at this price i'd jump on them!!!! Have been waiting for the price to lower for a while in Argos itself. The cheapest it came to was around £105 with delivery (and its still this price in store!!!) so you're gonna make a saving of £40!! Plus if you have a hatchback car it'll go in quite easily :-) AND you cant get a wooden shed this cheap so double bargain, no more yearly wood protection for me to be doing lol

•100% galvanised steel with polyester enamel paint finish.

•Double sliding lockable doors.

•Base not included.

•Door opening (H)150, (W)74cm / (H)4ft 11in, (W)2ft 4in.

•Pitch height (H)10cm / (H)0ft 3in.

•External size (H)171, (W)183, (D)128cm / (H)5ft 7in, (W)6ft 0in, (D)4ft 2in.

•Internal size (H)169, (W)168, (D)112cm / (H)5ft 6in, (W)5ft 6in, (D)3ft 8in.

•Overhang size (W)5, (D)6.5cm.

•Base not included.

•Manufacturer's 10 year guarantee against perforation rust.

•Packed flat for home assembly.
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Ooooops Forgot to say they also have the bigger size it was either 8 x 7 or 6 x 7 cant quite remember now but that was just under £80
damn,we dont have any nearby

Nope Jtd that's the apex one!! If you look on the agros site its product number 705/3225. The box i brought from clearance bargains is still THIS years stock coz it's exactly the same code (_;)
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And my bad if you order this from argos the delivery charge is £8.95 (has to be home delivered!) taking the total upto £108.94. So in all a saving of £44.95
i'm looking to buy a shed and walsall isnt that far from me either so I'll go have a mooch 2moro, thanks for posting
We have one of these and the trouble is, because it's metal, you get condensation on the roof which drips down onto whatever you have stored inside. I wouldn't recommend them!
I bought one of these a year ago.. to be honest it didn't last in the wind.. it's built like a giant Mechano set and if I were honest the materials aren't much better.

Might last a while longer if you have a spot out of the wind but if the wind gets into this, it stresses the steel and weakens/cracks easily.

buy with caution or if you can put it in a well sheltered place.

A friend purchased one of these, and after struggling for TWO days to put it together, gave up and returned it, so be warned!!
I bought this by accident, as I didn't look at the size propperly and turned out to be very small.
It really is much small than expected and it looked as if a little bit of wind would blow the thing apart!

I really wouldn't recommend it.
The neighbours brought 1 a while ago and have had no problems at all. The reason i bought this was purely because we have recently had rats in our garden and they have chewed straight through the wood. So for me it's the best thing going and to be honest i have the patience to put it up, plus my garden is sheltered. At the end of the day it is what it is, a metal storage shed. And whoever expired this link shouldn't have just because it is and instore offer doesnt mean the deal has expired. They still have around 25 or so of these sheds left, have checked mine today to make sure all the parts are in the box so thumbs up from me
Not bad at all for a metal shed - might just check my local for the larger one. What base do people generally use with these then?
For info, have had one for a couple of years, 8x4, it's sitting on concrete flags and they need securing so they don't blow away in the wind. It takes a full day to put up due to the amount of screws and small panels but it will fit in the back of a car. Haven't had any issues with condesation but I always store things raised off the floor as they are not watertight and the airflow helps keep them dry inside. These are a steal at £60/£80 if they are the quality ones produced by Rowlinson?.
JayDubya..... You can fit them to ANY solid base ie concrete coz unlike wooden sheds they dont come with a base. As above has just said they need anchoring to something solid so they won't blow away. Also they are not completely watertight at ground level but im sure if you guys get some fast drying silicone sealant and run it all around the base on the inside it should stop any excess water getting in X)
i have had one of these for bout 5 years, still standing well, yeah its a bit damp inside. but have 2 shelving units each side and odd sides so fine, holds lawn mower etc. like fact its metal as makes a right noise to open n close it, so great for security!!
i dont know where OP got 20 in stock from cos theres no such thing and i can confirm this is not the case cos they only had 2 to begin with!
so if people are thinking of making a special journey there like i did just be warned.
because its not a end of line item just argos customer returns so you can imagine they wouldnt have many in stock.

Sul i can assure you i saw them on Saturday in the walsall Clearance bargains, didnt have the money on me at the time so took the risk of waiting till Sunday. They are in the right hand corner of the store towards the back and they had at least 25 left when i picked mine up.
The only reason i knew they were selling them was due to the advertised picture in their window as i was walking past. I dont appreciate being called a liar! They also had over 10 of the bigger sheds as mentioned above. Do you really think i would post this deal if they only had a couple of these in stock!!!! Did you even go IN the walsall store? As i said i dont know if this was in ALL clearance bargains but definately in the Walsall store
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well im simply stating what i saw and from what staff told me. and yes i did go to the walsall store.
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