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Pre Reg Seat Ibiza FR 1.0 MPI 80ps 5 Door - Now £12,795 @ Pentagon motor group
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Posted 25th Oct 2019Posted 25th Oct 2019
Pre Reg Seat Ibiza FR 1.0 MPI 80ps 5 Door - Now £12,795 @ Pentagon motor group
Trying to avoid depressing Friday night TV and found this deal.... New 69 Plate Ibiza FR 1.0 MPI 80ps petrol 5 Door. 69 Plate SEAT Ibiza FR 5 door pre reg from £12795 @ Pentago… Read more
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Expensive The RRP price is a joke so please ignore the 27% off


That’s expensive


Picture shows a DSG gear shift and sport trim fitted - if you were getting that it would make a pretty good well-speced city car and a bargain for that money.


I’ve got an Ibiza 95bhp FR best car I’ve owned great value and very cheap to run and maintain


That's right, it's from the technology and engineering capital of the World - South Africa (y)

Pre Reg Citroen C1 1.0 VTi Touch 72hp 3 Door (with delivery miles) @ £7,323 @ Pentagon Motor Group
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Posted 27th Sep 2019Posted 27th Sep 2019
Pre Reg Citroen C1 1.0 VTi Touch 72hp 3 Door (with delivery miles) @ £7,323 @ Pentagon Motor Group
Been keeping an eye out for another c1 deal & found this via the Pentagon motor group. The cars are Pre registered with delivery miles Citroen C1 1.0 VTi Touch 72hp 3 Door @ £7… Read more
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Its a wheelbarrow though


72hp? Ouch


And waste your pension fund instead XD


The road tax was reworked 2 years ago, so cars produced since then fall into that.


Why has the cheap road tax gone. Thought it £0.00 for this car

28 point car check for £9.99 and free gift worth £14.99 @ Pentagon Motor Group
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Posted 8th Jun 2017Posted 8th Jun 2017
28 point car check for £9.99 and free gift worth £14.99 @ Pentagon Motor Group
Summer Safety Check And Fluids Top Up Only £9.99 Keep cool on the road this summer with a Summer Safety Check and fluids top up for your car or van for just £9.99. Includes a compl… Read more

same here, wouldn't pay someone to tell me what was wrong with my car, they should do it for free, and then tell you. :-)


Not sure I'd want to pay £9.99 to receive a quotation for unnecessary maintenance work wrapped around a cheap car wash kit. Still, may be worth it to some people who never lift bonnet to check screenwash level.

NEW FIAT PANDA 1.2 Pop 5dr Only £6695.00 MRRP: £9,455 | Save: £2,760  @ Pentagon
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Posted 4th Sep 2016Posted 4th Sep 2016
NEW FIAT PANDA 1.2 Pop 5dr Only £6695.00 MRRP: £9,455 | Save: £2,760 @ Pentagon
NEW FIAT PANDA 1.2 Pop 5dr This new Fiat Panda 1.2 Pop 5dr Hatchback has a 69 BHP Petrol engine and a combined fuel economy of 54.3 miles per gallon. It comes with a full Fiat 3 … Read more
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You might think differently when you pass your driving test and discover it will cost you £3000 to insure your 1996 Fiesta Pop for the first year!


What is all this real man nonsense? Wind your necks in and get to bed. Back to school in the morning.


This vehicle is little more than a toy, no real man would be seen near it.


I came here for the middle aged nerds arguing about... well nothing really.


Really? I'm sure the group still do it. My Alfa did, and my parents ordered a new Jeep yesterday which comes with it. Maybe it's just certain models then.

Cost price Renault and Dacia @ Pentagon motor group
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Posted 20th Jul 2016Posted 20th Jul 2016
Cost price Renault and Dacia @ Pentagon motor group
Just had this email. I'm not in the market for a new car (already have a dacia) so I don't want to get the prices via a sales call, but still think it's worth putting out there. I … Read more
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This is a national style deal, that is purchase by dealers and used by marketing teams year in year out. You may get a good deal or it may just be hype. As ofheRs say try a dealer/broker so don't be tempted by below rrp, as most new cars can be got for below rrp


It sounds more likely that they have bought the vehicle for £x but will get £0.y as a "rebate" from the manufacturer when they shift the old stock.


Nah, the paper for the list of "optional" * extras would cost that alone. *(read "the bits even Datsun had as standard before they changed name 40 years ago")


Pre-registered no doubt, so savings of 20% plus from new would be expected, if not even more.


What they mean is "the single car invoice price is £X, but we're buying in bulk so we're actually getting them for £0.8X and selling them to you for £X". If you want a Dacia and the price you're getting them for is better than you'd otherwise get through a broker then why not?

Vauxhall Meriva 1.4 life MPV Brand new £8495 with scrappage and associate discount @ pentagon
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Posted 21st Jan 2016Posted 21st Jan 2016
Vauxhall Meriva 1.4 life MPV Brand new £8495 with scrappage and associate discount @ pentagon
Just gone for this my cars on its last legs !! £2000 for my old banger + the car was reduced in price + associate discount . £8495 for a Brand new good quality car . The Life mode… Read more
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Pick mine up this week , stonking price for a quality car . everything felt solidly built when i visited a vaux showroom . Like that the boot is level no lifting stuff into the boot . For the base model im surprised how much equipment it comes with too .


Just go Vaughan partner website you can type your job or employer in. NHS and civil servants also quality as do family and friends of vauxhall your personnel dept are supposed to have log in details and password etc


NHS staff and civil servants quality it's about £1000 off plus£2000 scrappage allowance. Great deal if car only worth a few hundred and newer models are better engines etc.


thankyou so much for your help x


Just phone up or visit a dealership. No need to register . You just need id that you work for a qualifying company . Wage slip would do . I emailed a picture of wage slip :-)

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New Dacia Sandero£5495 at Pentagon Cars
1706° Expired
Posted 16th Jan 2016Posted 16th Jan 2016
New Dacia Sandero£5495 at Pentagon Cars
Dacia Sandero 1.2 16V 75 Ambiance 5dr Hatchback PRE-REGISTERED 65 PLATE New Dacia Sandero Looking for a great value supermini that has enough room to seat five adults and offer… Read more
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​great summary. exactly why I did not buy one


​0.9 litre. has it been reliable?


Picked up ours today. Happy with the purchase. Stuck 200 miles on it already and it handled motorways just fine. Comfy seats. Doors close quietly which I like cos I get heavy handed, might be a little thing but I work odd hours and live in a very tight residential area. So far they're recommended for a nice cheap runaround. .


Well done, congratulations on your purchase, don't forget Dacia Forum. Looks like others can get deals for this car locally.


Yes was ambience same model white pre reg in December, very pleased with the price as the few others I rang were telling me 5,995 and couldn't go any lower

NEW PEUGEOT 108 1.0 Access 3dr Only £7165 @ Pentagon
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Posted 24th Oct 2015Posted 24th Oct 2015
NEW PEUGEOT 108 1.0 Access 3dr Only £7165 @ Pentagon
£7,165 MRRP: £8,290 | Save: £1,125 NEW PEUGEOT 108 1.0 Access 3dr This new Peugeot 108 1.0 Access 3dr Hatchback has a 68 BHP Petrol engine and a combined fuel economy of 68.9 mi… Read more

she's a beaut - might trade my veyron for this.


I love mine, got the 5dr Allure PureTech on lease, it's fab!


It's certainly got a better name.


how much more is a 5 door because i can't stand a 3 door!


Is this a better than dacia sandero?

New Nissan Micra Visia Limited Edition Only £7295 @ Pentagon Motor Group
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Posted 25th Sep 2015Posted 25th Sep 2015
New Nissan Micra Visia Limited Edition Only £7295 @ Pentagon Motor Group
NEW NISSAN MICRA VISIA LIMITED EDITION. GO GET IT! The Micra Visia Limited Edition offers so much more than the basics to make your trips safe and comfortable.  New Nissan Micra … Read more

Care to explain how it does then instead of posting headline comments with nothing to back yourself up? My last post was in response to those who said air con was used to demist - you can also wind the windows down. I open windows in bathroom when it steams up? I've recently owned a car without air-con and it was a little uncomfortable when it was really hot but apart from that it didn't bother me. Even in my cars now I don't use the air-con regularly.


Which year did they start making in India. Just so I know what to look out for.


'India' isn't a race! X)


[/quote]What's wrong with winding a window down?[/quote] And if it's 80c and 95% humidity outside?


BRAND NEW Astra 1.4 Petrol Excite with £500 Fuel card Ends 21st Sept 15 £9995 @ Pentagon Motor Group
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Posted 17th Sep 2015Posted 17th Sep 2015
BRAND NEW Astra 1.4 Petrol Excite with £500 Fuel card Ends 21st Sept 15 £9995 @ Pentagon Motor Group
Dear People, I am looking for a new car and saw this and think this a really good deal, especially with the £500 fuel card effectively making it £9500. - MRRP price is £17995. Wa… Read more
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Pardon? I know the list price and I know what I paid.


Well your an idiot if you think they really did give you £25k off the list price. They saw you coming!!!


A very good guess with the imminent arrival of the new 7 series, however not correct. My new motor is now on the drive and what a buy it was. £25,000 off list price with 16 miles on the clock!


Hot deal


Yes and I get the £500 fuel card, which is just a pre paid credit card so can be used on anything , I have a paypal card machine so I will put through that and end up with £486.25 back £9463.75 for the car!

NEW DACIA LOGAN ESTATE 1.2 16V Access5dr Only £6810 at Pentagon
598° Expired
Posted 12th Aug 2015Posted 12th Aug 2015
NEW DACIA LOGAN ESTATE 1.2 16V Access5dr Only £6810 at Pentagon
£6,810 NEW DACIA LOGAN 1.2 16V Access5dr This new Dacia Logan 1.2 16V Access 5dr Estate has a 75 BHP Petrol engine and a combined fuel economy of 48.7 miles per gallon. Rated 4 … Read more
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Just shows you can't pull without a prop.


30 years ago I got offered one of these for £30 when I first passed my driving test but it was a right dog of a car and a rust bucket with no mot (I said to seller I would rather walk than be seen in this heap of s*** it is no bird puller.


Generally that Logan serves the purpose of a perfect minicab - very cheap to buy, insure, run and maintain. Who cares about acceleration or horsepower count as this is rarely going to do over 50mph. And if some young binge drinker pukes all over the interior - well... that's called an unexpected improvement!


It became a modern classic...


The loss in real terms is just over 4,000 pounds which equates to a little over 1,000 pounds per year, there are no real equivalent estates but the nearest equivalent for engine size, Renault Clio or for volume Ford Focus would loose you in the region of 8,000 pounds in four years, so you would have lost more than the cost of this car and even a more specked up top of this model range car.

Corsa VXR PCH 1 + 23 £159 per month  £3975.00 @ Pentagon
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Posted 14th Jun 2015Posted 14th Jun 2015
Corsa VXR PCH 1 + 23 £159 per month £3975.00 @ Pentagon
Pretty decent deal on what looks to be a half decent hot hatch.

​It clearly says at the bottom of the table "All figures include VAT".



This doesnt include Vat. With 18 inch alloys and black paint its £259 a month and its pcp not pch


This deal isn't including vat. With 5k miles, 18 inch alloys and black paint its £259 a month. And its pcp not pch


My wife!

New SEAT Toledo iTECH 5 Door From Just �189 Deposit And �189 A Month. 0% APR Representative - £13995.00 - Pentagon Motor Group
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Posted 27th Apr 2015Posted 27th Apr 2015
New SEAT Toledo iTECH 5 Door From Just �189 Deposit And �189 A Month. 0% APR Representative - £13995.00 - Pentagon Motor Group
1.2 TSi iTECH 5 Door £13995 1.6 TDi Ecomotive iTECH 5 Door £15295
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I know right. People are so ignorant to these kind of things.


i might get slated for saying this but check on autotrader you can get this car a lot cheaper if it's a year old with a couple thousand miles on the clock


seems like mileage restriction applies in case you decide not to purchase it after 35 months.


It is not lease is it?


5000 miles per year.

Brand New SEAT Ibiza SC Toca 1.4 3 Door Now Only £8495, Saving Over £4000 On MRRP from Pentagon
465° Expired
Posted 25th Apr 2015Posted 25th Apr 2015
Brand New SEAT Ibiza SC Toca 1.4 3 Door Now Only £8495, Saving Over £4000 On MRRP from Pentagon
I would say the extra £500 over the Citroen C3 1.0 offer also on HUKD is worth it for this car. I believe will also still do it at this price. Specification incl… Read more

hi harry. The torque is decent 125nm and there's no lag or flat spots that some small turbos suffer from. And it actually beats it's official mpg figures for me. 36mpg in town and almost 56mpg out of town. super slick 5 speed box. biggest flaw is lack of sixth gear. meaning 3000rpm at 70mph.


85ps from a 1.4 is pretty poor to be honest a lot of 1.2's are around that


you again. my 1.4 is polo is still sounding feeling sweet as a nut. ..


Apologies I thought the deal was for A personal contract plan, as the link takes you to a page about PCP. I didn't realised you could roll up and buy the car outright for this price (and yes I am aware that you can do as much miles as you want in your own car :{ )


VW Group stopped using the VAG acronym in 1992. It was formerly their brand name that they used for the distribution and leasing part of the group. It's amazing that 20 years later people incorrectly started using it as a name for the whole VW Group.

Brand New Citroen C3 1.0 VT 5 door only £7995 saving £3025 off MRRP at Pentagon
737° Expired
Posted 25th Apr 2015Posted 25th Apr 2015
Brand New Citroen C3 1.0 VT 5 door only £7995 saving £3025 off MRRP at Pentagon
Specification includes anti-lock brakes, power steering, remote central locking, CD/MP3 radio, steering wheel mounted audio controls, electric door mirrors, auto door locking facil… Read more
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Either way, trying to impress the boys then eh ! But you drove a Citroen, you hate Citroen ! You drove a Rover, youngsters don't drive Rover ! Ford Focus is ok though ;) Is there something seriously wrong with your eyesight? or are you just deluded... none of this each to their own crap, those Citroen & Rovers cars are hideous, end of discussion! ;)


Why have you answered ? Some confusion here (_;) Is LukeyBuilder & LukeyBoi189 one & the same ?


I'm not trying to impress ladies. I just don't like being best mates with the rac


Another choice for people who don't like a C3 or Cactus could be either of the following must have cars : Ford Focus Citroen VTR Rover 400 Decisions decisions, it must be hard choosing which one to go posing with, especially if you try to impress girls. (_;)


my audi tt was noisy rock hard ride and not that reliable either. plus parking was not exactly easy either. It did go like a stabbed rat. Most french cars are pretty poor. there's only the ds3 that's attractive for starters.

New Style Vauxhall CorsaSting £7746 MRRP £8940 @ Pentagon
247° Expired
Posted 13th Feb 2015Posted 13th Feb 2015
New Style Vauxhall CorsaSting £7746 MRRP £8940 @ Pentagon
This new Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 Sting 3dr Hatchback has a 70 BHP Petrol engine and a combined fuel economy of 53.3 miles per gallon. It comes with a full Vauxhall 3 years /60000 mile w… Read more

In simple terms: Having money and selecting cars based on image alone aren't always shared virtues. I would have thought that fact I liked the courtesy car was blatantly obvious, apparently I expected too much. So I'll ask what your point was? Because all I took away was you bought a new focus, and a couple of cars that you think make you look like you're in, the poor man's version of, Fast & Furious and think that's something to boast about.


I peed away 25k on a Focus and since then have had a Vauxhall VXR8 and recently for the hell of it a tuned Corsa VXR. I still have more than 95k so whats your post all about.......... A love of a cheapskate courtesy car?


I'm not disagreeing with your older Golf being a great car but comparing new cars the Polo is the same level as the Corsa and modern German cars are nowhere near as reliable nowadays as they once were. Most of the least reliable cars are german and they also have some of the most expensive repairs and servicing. They aren't such a good choice nowadays. The Corsa itself is manufactured in Germany as well as Spain. Vauxhall as a brand is more reliable than Volkswagon even if a comparison of Corsa vs Polo is a win for Volkswagon for this segment of car. Also Vauxhall has its complete range under one brand where as Volkswagen and Audi are split with the less reliable luxury models under the Audi brand. If you split the difference between Volkswagen and Audi results you are at 182 as an average. A lot worse than Vauxhall and up there with BMW and Jaguar for reliability.


I don't think it's elitist, the torque and handling of my mk4 Tdi (130 engine) I still haven't managed to replicate in a cheap modern car like the Corsa... hard suspension though!


I've had Mk4 golfs and while they were half decent cars back in the day, in no way were they enjoyable to drive and I had a 4motion. The best Golfs were the mk1 GTi's or mk2 16v GTi's .... they went downhill from Mk3 onwards in my opinion. I don't dislike VW, far from it....but the generally elitist attitude from most of their owners can only be described as delusional.

New Nissan Micra Visia 5 Door Only £6995, Saving £3300 @ Pentagon
410° Expired
Posted 21st Jan 2015Posted 21st Jan 2015
New Nissan Micra Visia 5 Door Only £6995, Saving £3300 @ Pentagon
New Nissan Micra Visia From Only £6995, Saving £3300 On MRRP Brand New Nissan Micra 1.2 Visia 5 Door available now at Pentagon Nissan with a massive saving. NEW NISSAN MICRA. GO GE… Read more

No no no... not me Dave!


Good deal, heat based on price if you can get away without paying the credit interest. I wish people would put their car reviews on car review sites. All of them are bunkum and not worth taking any notice of in my opinion.


though ad now expired, rejoice that you cant buy it. ive got a 2008 k12 Acenta 1.2 and its been superb. what I was shocked by when I drove one of the latest Micras was the atrocious quality and finish. horrid notchy switch gear that feels like itd come off in your hand, use of really vile hard brittle plastics. worst of all a truly hideous rubbery gearbox and linkage. the k12 iv got is precise, sharp, nippy and incredibly responsive with everything weighted perfectly. im infact convinced it thinks its a big car, its that refined.


Looks like that text has been edited after the conversation has finished - seems like this particular customer is not being honest !!!


Yes now built in India not sunderland

New Peugeot 107 Access only £5995 was £8165 @ Pentagon
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Posted 7th Jun 2014Posted 7th Jun 2014
New Peugeot 107 Access only £5995 was £8165 @ Pentagon
It's back again. This new Peugeot 107 1.0 Access 3dr Hatchback has a 68 BHP Petrol engine and a combined fuel economy of 65.7 miles per gallon. It comes with a full Peugeot 3 year… Read more
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the horn is a bit embarrassing though, and you can't rest your arm on the door card. and the engine looks like it's just been pinched out of a lawnmower :-D


had mine for just over a week now and I have to say I'm well impressed. OK so it's never going to pull like a train but I've had it on everything from motorway to fell roads and it's comfortably held its own. they've been very clever with the use of space, you sit quite far back so it actually feels much bigger than it actually is. turning circle is tiny, great fuel economy, 0 road tax, think you'd struggle to find better value for money and cheaper motoring tbh. thumbs up from me, and I'm not the stereotypical female as A- I'm a bloke (or was last time I checked) and B - usually drive an 150 bhp MG ZT diesel, very much different to the 107, and I can honestly say I'm quite happy to drive either.


I've had mine for 3 days now and I love it - me being a stereotypical female. Nippy, economical and basic (less electrics to go wrong). Was told be the dealership (Perrys) that all the Peugeot 107 range (and their equivalent) will be up for large discounts as the 108 range will replace it. Looks as though there's loads of bargains to be had. Good luck. 8)


Or a deal for someone who does not measure their sexual organs size by the size of their car engine, someone who does a lot of local runs/urban driving, someone who sees a car as a tool not a status symbol. Someone who wants cheap motoring. Suppose revving your engine while riding the clutch at the traffic lights in your massive car that is measured in Gallons Per Mile makes up for having a small willy? These things are pocket rockets, had one for 3 years . They are quite happy doing 80 mph on motorway. You can park them easy. Great mpg and free tax.Heat added


Arnold Clark, although they then decided the white was £200 extra so I've stuck to red. they're all robbers dogs tbh, I'll only believe I'm actually getting the car when it's parked on the drive!

Vauxhall Cascada £17,995 MRRP: £23,800 Save: £5,805 - £17995 at Pentagon
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Posted 30th May 2014Posted 30th May 2014
Vauxhall Cascada £17,995 MRRP: £23,800 Save: £5,805 - £17995 at Pentagon
This car looks great! Just in time for summer! This new Vauxhall Cascada 1.4t SE 2dr Convertible has a 140 BHP Petrol engine and a combined fuel economy of 44.8 miles per gallon. … Read more

Dude, it is irrelevant whether anyone sees this or not. I simply did a search on "Vauxhall service" and this deal came up as third from top on the first page. I saw your comment and it struck me as most odd, as it sounded like you were implying that Vauxhall's were inferior but mentioned Audi's then also said about having a BMW. I would drive a Vauxhall any day above a BMW or Audi. In your reply to me you also said "your comments mean nothing". That is very rude and has no place on here, there was no need for that! I am quite insulted.


You comments mean nothing, bad drivers in all makes of cars. It's not just limited to the brands you say. If you wouldn't drive an Audi, just because someone else says they are bad drivers. Then that's your problem not theirs. Another reason your comment means nothing, is you're replying to a post 6 years old. So besides me who got an alert, no one else will probably look at this.


Yes but who wants to be seen driving a car like an Audi or a BMW these days, with the reputation drivers of these cars have built up over the years? This is a nice car, and so is a Jaguar. But I wouldn't be seen dead in an Audi.


I know you were just reacting to the "it's a vauxhall" quote but let's not be silly now. Corsas don't have the same levels of quality as modern audis, jags and Lexus. To be clear, I'm not knocking corsas, just trying to put a bit of reality on this. Also, the service price and whether the car is picked up/dropped off is dependant on the garage. My last bmw service and mot cost £150 and was picked up and dropped off, so let's just judge this deal on its own merit and vote hot as it's a car with 20%+ off rrp.


and?....I've had jags, audi and Lexus cars before and I'd say the missu's corsa comes very close to all three quality wise. Plus I think she only paid like £180 the other month for an MOT and service. They also collected and dropped the car back to her work place.

New vauxhall combo diesel van 1.3cdti L1H12300  £8495 + vat @ pentagon
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Posted 21st May 2014Posted 21st May 2014
New vauxhall combo diesel van 1.3cdti L1H12300 £8495 + vat @ pentagon
This van again for the small trader /builder has approx £6000 off list price good van cheap price!

Thats a bargain for a new van,vat back too.


Shame the astra van is gone because these are fugly.


Very eager to purchase but would prefer the merc