Pentax K-M DSLR two lens kit (18-55 + 50-200mm) - £311.99 @ Currys (£50 cashback)
Pentax K-M DSLR two lens kit (18-55 + 50-200mm) - £311.99 @ Currys (£50 cashback)

Pentax K-M DSLR two lens kit (18-55 + 50-200mm) - £311.99 @ Currys (£50 cashback)

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Curry's offering the above with the 50-200 thrown in for free. Top it off that Pentax is also offering £50 on cashback and it seems a pretty sweet offer.

Only available for reserve and collect. Make sure you phone up the store though as stock of the 50-200mm lens is limited and they'll likely "forget" to put that aside as well. Made sure I called up and got mine sat beside it this morning.

Experienced buyers review:
Read the forum thread above to get a good feel for the camera as well as some google reviews to get a rounded pic of the camera. DPreview has an indepth review but treats the expected user as not knowing how to do many things so assess its negatives:

5 point AF: Its a low end DSLR, simply constrain to centre focus only, focus to the depth you need the move and manually readjust as necesary.
ISO settings: Broad set. Performs exceptionalluy well in comparison to its competitor models.
JPEG Engine: Tweak the settings to match your own within the camera. Simple if you read up on how. Alternatively, shoot al pictures in RAW and batch convert on the PC.

Note this is a pretty compact fella so those with small hands make sure you hold it and fiddle before you buy.



Very good deal

Good price, worth checking on the £50 cash back as T&Cs say

"Cashback cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts"

looks like a good deal, am looking for entry level DSLR, this pentax one doesnt get glowing reviews, fair enough saying just shoot in RAW mode, but you shouldn't have to do this with a camera with RRP ~£400, should you?

out of stock

still available in stores near me

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Out of stock online, still available in shop, please un-expire. Bought mine today in the York branch on Coney Street, definitely at least 1 more set there.

Also, which reviews aren't positive about it? I read a good few thru Google, the only main niggles they have is the 5 point AF and jpeg engine, both easily compromised with. you can adjust the default settings of its jpeg engine in the more advanced controls if you read the instruction manual and as far as the AF goes, its 300 quid. they have to compromise somewhere especially as those two points are "revised" on the K200D.


Thanks Xeres for posting this, I managed to get one at the Guildford store today.I've been waiting since Christmas for an entry level dslr at the right price, but the prices of the Nikons & Canons are gradually going up. If the cash-back works (and I can't see why it shouldn't) this is an out and out bargain. Cheers!

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Good work, glad someone got a good deal out of an expired thread! This really needs to be unexpired, its an advertised instore deal!

Either way, glad I could help out.


Just been having a play with it - its my first dslr and whilst there are far too many features to take in I'm finding it really good. I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination but that dpreview about jpeg quality and limited af seems trivial to me, I've been taking pictures using RAW and JPEG indoors using flash and can't see what all the fuss is about - it will be intersting to see what its like in the daylight. Cheers!

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As long as you have a little computer know-how, its best shooting RAW then batch converting. Especially as this is your first DSLR, it'll be the best way for you to learn quickly if you want to do minor editing or adjustments. Also, once you work out what looks the best you can configure those settings into the camera's JPEG engine and voila! Learnt something new and are on your way to becoming that pro-photographer that everyone hates at parties etc etc :P

Thanks for that Xeres, I obviously have some experimenting to do. I have been shooting RAW+ which captures jpeg & raw files at the same time. I just compared the files with the supplied software (Pentax Photo Lab & Photo Browser) & I actually prefer the jpg - I guess they have set the jpeg to appeal to the unsophisticated eye!

I found the pentax users forum and have been lurking on there, but its way too deep for me - I haven't finished reading my "Digital SLR Cameras & Photography for Dummies" yet

I just realised that the Photo Lab preview is just using default settings, hence it looks very similar to my jpeg - I need to have a good fiddle about with it to improve the image - so much to learn and so little time

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ha ha! tis the beauty of using a DSLR, you get to choose how your pictures look and if someone else doesn't like it you can go "TOUGH. I chose to have it that way because I use a DSLR, do you? No? Off you go then." :-D

playing with these fellas really is an art. You can spend so much time editing an do after effects on them on the computer that you'll hardly ever use it!


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quick question, wat file sizes are you getting for the RAW and jpegs assuming you are using the highest quality?


File sizes (for the same photo) are:

11.4Mb RAW (.PEF)
3.5 Mb JPG

I think I've got highest quality settings

so is this £361 at currys with then £50 reclaim or already £311 at currys with a reclaim reducing it to £261, because my store nottingham couldnt find the deal on their computers

It was Reserve & Collect as per OP.

It has expired now.

so the currys price was?
As ive just bought one from a nottingham currys store with the 2 lenses at £350. Then i'll use the cashback form to bring that down to £300

The currys on-line price was £361. You've got yourself a good bargain there stuart, when I went into the Guildford Currys store the single lens kit was around £361.
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