Pentax K-S2 with 18-135 lens £399 @ amazon

Pentax K-S2 with 18-135 lens £399 @ amazon

Found 30th Jan 2016
I think good price with lens(usually around that price body only),good reviews, very good IQ, not so good for video…iew
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Damn that is a great price. I bought my K50 with 18-135 2 years ago and its a great combination of go anywhere in all weather DSLR. The KS2 is a great camera but I'd need it in Storm Trooper white!
Very nice deal for a solid all-rounder DSLR with a very versatile lens. The KS-1 was a mess but this is much improved.
Very nice camera but no battery grip for it, which is a deal killer for me. Voted hot.
Incredible price. Very tempted - although K3 is also calling to me (shame it isn't so heavily discounted as this bargain).
Bargain of the year! - Lens is £320 on it's own.…A6/
back up to £644.
Reckon that was a pricing error - Did anyone order one?
Strange, I was dithering about this, it's a great deal and the cameras got some cracking features for the price -which was really low with this lens included just wasn't sure whether I wanted a DSLR even a compact one like this. I went to check if it was in lightening deals or todays deals and I found something on the site saying it was at that price till February 29th. Might be worth checking back later?
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