Pentax K-x DSLR + 18-55 + 55-300 - TODAY ONLY (Black Friday) £399 @ Jacobs Digital

Pentax K-x DSLR + 18-55 + 55-300 - TODAY ONLY (Black Friday) £399 @ Jacobs Digital

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Pentax K-x
The Pentax K-x combines a variety of advanced features and user-friendly functions to ensure an outstanding level of photographic performance within a compact, lightweight body.

The K-x design is based on the award winning PENTAX K-m, an entry-class digital SLR camera launched in October 2008 that gained popularity for its compact, lightweight body and simple, user-friendly operation. The K-x features a newly designed high performance CMOS image sensor and an upgraded filter function. It also features a whole host of advanced features and such as live view shooting and movie recording, approximately 12.4 megapixels and high-speed continuous shooting. The K-x is the perfect camera for first-time digital SLR camera users, as well as an ideal backup camera for more experienced photographers.

Energy efficient circuit design for longer battery life, capable of capturing approximately 1,900 images with four AA-size lithium batteries

Custom Image function to create unique finishing touches

DR (Dust Removal) mechanism to eliminate annoying dust spots on recorded images and visually check for the adhesion of dust to the image sensor

2.7-inch, high-resolution colour LCD monitor with approximately 230,000 dots

Auto Picture mode for effortless, automatic selection of the most appropriate shooting mode, even during Live View shooting

HDR (high dynamic range) function to create one composite image with an extra-wide dynamic range from three images with different exposures

White balance control, featuring a new CTE mode to emphasise the colour components of sunset scenes

Status screen for easy, at-a-glance confirmation of various settings on the LCD monitor

Ten scene modes, with selection via simple icons

Automatic compensation of distortion and lateral chromatic aberration (available only with DA and D FA series lenses)

PENTAX Digital Camera Utility 4 software package, with RAW-data processing and browser applications

Type 23.6mm x 15.8mm CMOS
Effective pixels 12.4
Total pixels 12.9
Colour filter type Primary
Type PRIME (PENTAX Real Image Engine) II imaging engine
Mount KAF2 bayonet mount
Type TTL phase difference detection
AF points 11
AF point selection Yes
Exposure metering TTL open-aperture 16-segment metering
AF modes AF.A(auto), AF.S(single, with focus lock), AF-C(continuous), Manual focus.
Manual focus Yes
AE lock Yes
Exposure compensation +- 3EV (0.5EV steps or 0.3EV steps)
AEB 3 frames within range of ±0.5EV, ±1.0EV, ±1.5EV (0.5EV steps) or ±0.3EV, ±0.7EV, ±1.0EV (0.3EV steps)
ISO speed equiv 200-6400 (Could be expanded to ISO 100-12800)
Type Electronically controlled vertical-run focal plane shutter
Speed 1/6000 - 30 sec. and bulb
Settings Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten Light, Fluorescent Light (W, D, N, L (Light Bulb) ), Flash, CTE, Manual setting, with WB fine adjustment
Personal White balance Yes
Viewfinder Fixed molded penta-mirror type
Coverage 96%
Magnification Approx. 0.85x
Dioptre connection -2.5 - +1.5
Focusing Screen Natural-Bright-Matte II
Mirror Penta-mirror
Monitor 2.7 inch TFT
Brightness Adjustable
Hotshoe Yes
Exposure compensation -2 EV - +1EV (1/2EV steps)
External Flash P-TTL
Shooting modes Auto Picture mode, Picture mode, Scene mode, Program AE, Sensitivity-Priority AE, Shutter-Priority AE, Aperture-Priority AE, Metered Manual, Bulb
Shooting photo effects Night Scene, Surf & Snow, Food, Sunset, Kids, Pet, Candlelight, Museum
Continuous Shooting 4.7 fps, 17 frame (JPEG) 5 frame (RAW)
4288 x 2428 max
Compression Good, Better, Best, Excellent
Still image type RAW (Original/DNG), JPEG
Water/dust resist Dust Removal System
Histogram Yes
Playback zoom Yes
Self Timer 12s, 2s
Connection USB 2.0
Batteries 4x AA
Battery life 1900 - 130 shots depending on battery type
AC power supply Optional
Lenses KAF3-, KAF2-, KAF-, and KA-mount
Dimensions 122.5 x 91.5 x 67.5mm
Weight (body only) 515g

I recommned also getting 2 UV Digital HMC Filters for your lenses...the 52mm and 58mm....they are also on the Black Friday sale for £7-8 (normally £20-25)…475

This really is a great price for a camera with GREAT features for the price


Very hot for the 55-300mm lens. Superb image quality although lacks the quick-shift found in the DA version.

Good god, I thought the deal I posted a couple of weeks ago with the 50-200mm lens was good - this is AMAZING! Heat added.

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thx cant seem to make the link work(or change it now)...the deal you posted was great too!!
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K-x is a great camera and with those two lenses it's a good price. I am tempted but want to handle the new K-r first, which has some definate improvements over the K-x (visible focus point, etc.). Heat from me for this offer, though.

Great price with the 300 lens - still more tempted to buy...

@pet2000 - the K-r looks great - if only this had some of those features I wouldn't be dithering...

You could get this and eventually get the K-r body on its own... and then flog the K-x body

I like the look of the K-5 except the price... maybe in a year or something when it drops in price I might take the plunge

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i was also going to get the k-r...but for £200 more with a 55-200 instead of 50-300 its just not worth it. K-x has exact same image quality...same sensor...just a few better features that most people prob wouldnt even notice....not £200-300 better tho.....
this camera is enough to take great pictures, better to spend the rest of the money on a lens.

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Thanks OP - Have been hunting the best deals for the past week or so since narrowing down my search to either Canon 500, KX, Nikon 5000 or the Sony 550 - I know one or two of these are last years model, but looking at the various reviews, seem similar quality cameras. Cheapest alternative like for like KX package is £479, and £399 for the twin lens 55-200. Nikon and Sony with single lens are around £400-£429 and best deal I can find for the Canon is £439 with cash back.

Plan to take the plunge this evening and buy this KX twin lens package...unless anyone out there can point me in the direction of a better deal.......?!

for me personally the biggest flaw is the K-X does not have visible focus points...

Doesnt this camera take AA batteries? Might be an issue for some...


Doesnt this camera take AA batteries? Might be an issue for some...

It comes with AA lithiums. But I would recommend the Eneloop rechargeable batteries.

And this is an amazing deal.

finally dropped the cash on this bad boy, time to get me some eneloops!

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tbh i dont see anything wrong with AAs...i have about 12 eneloops and apparently a full charge will take at least 1000 pictures (1900 it says)

cant decide what card to get now...sandisk or transcend.....big price difference...but why?
sandisk ultra II maybe? 4gb for £7 not bad? ahhh i dono what im doing

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i went for an 8gb transcend class 10 one from amazon for £8 odd

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yea thats the one im thinking of getting...but think maybe its better to spend abit more for better quality card....ah i dono...for now maybe il just get the transcend

is the 55-300 lens DA or DAL? Seems from the picture it's DA, the would be fantastic

decisions decisions, if it's DA, I go for it

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Pentax K-x With Pentax SMC 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 DA-L And Pentax SMC 55-300mm f4-5.8 DA-L ED Zoom Lenses.

took that from bristolcameras site....i think its the same kit lenses set
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What is the difference between DA and DA-L?

according to wikipedia:
DA-L lenses
Similar to the DA series, these are smaller and lighter lenses than the DA models, but have a plastic (as opposed to steel) mount and lack the quick-shift focusing system of their heavier siblings.

yes, it must be the DA one, by the manufacturer number Mfr#:1580101

I got one, with DA lens it's crazy deal, that lens itself costs well over £200

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yea i think its this lens....Pentax smc DA 55-300mm f/4.0-5.8 ED Lens

wow this deal is better than i glad i returned the 18-55 + 50-200 set today to currys!!!!

I have been looking for a camera for ages and watching all the deals. From FZ38, HS10 to EOS 550D. I noticed the Pentax K-X with the twin lens package at £449 (the 50-200mm lens) and the (55-300mm lens) for £529. So this price is unbelieveable with the lens worth over £200 on its own. I have at last ordered. Shame there was no quidco, but I suppose that would be expecting far too good a deal.
I can't wait for it to arrive.

Looks good - they also have a good returns policy if it works out to be the lesser lens…spx

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Cant decide if i should get the ACMAXX screen protector or the GGS screen protector.....
anyone know anything about them? or where to get them?
(dont want to buy off ebay)
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Now I have ordered the camera I probably need a flash. But £279.99
The Mrs says she will flash me for free.

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back to £530
wow im so happy i bought it

hmmm, got a call from them that 55-300 is DAL, not DA, saying they had a mistake on their website.

Can they do that? Shouldn't they honour it?
Isn't it false advertising?

and it could not be a mistake as they still have it on their web, they didn't correct the product number!

got the same call from them today, to be honest it's still a great deal


got the same call from them today, to be honest it's still a great deal

yes and no. without quick-shift focus, the zoom lens is quite hard to operate when you try to focus on moving subjects. I wouldn't order myself. It is worth about that price, 400, with DA lens, could be the price they sell it now, maybe 530. They still haven't corrected it. The Black Friday price was £400, which they try to say was a mistake, which is clear lie.

They seem to think that their mistake was to include the WR (water resistant lens), I never saw that on the site, they must be confusing their sales force with what the problem was. I hassled them about could they do that and they said that was why they were phoning (no doubt it saves them the cost of restocking as we all send them back), they said they could cancel if I wanted. I tried to get them to include a few filters. They would not even include a lens hood. But worth a try. The price is at least £519 elsewhere with the DAL lens. As far as I know the optics are good on the lens (better than the 50-200mm) The lens must be worth at least £100 so £300 for the camera and the 18-55mm seems a great price.

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WOW i can not believe this is happening AGAIN...last week they had a k-r with 18-55+55-300 lens on offer for £600...the picture had a k-r with the said lenses....and even the catalog had written down 55-300 but they said it was a mistake and they can only give me a 50-200 with the k-r....and a week later they have another "mistake"? are they really alowed to do this? its still a great deal but they cannot do this twice can they?

is there really nothing we can do?
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ok, I'm going to play a game with them. They started. Once it will arrive, I'll send the lens back telling them to exchange it as they sent incorrect one. If they won't agree, I'll tell them to subtract £269.99 they charge for that lens, lol ... if they won't agree, which they won't, i'll tell them to send me the lens back + my postage expenses

and then i'll send it back as unwanted!

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that sounds like alot of work lol, might drive them crazy enough to give u a voucher tho lol.

im gonna call OFT/Consumer Direct/ASA/Trading Standards tommorow see what we can do, they shouldnt be able to get away with this. especialy twice.

EDIT: all 4 of these are 0845 numbers....i only have a mobile..this is going to cost me a forture....i guess i wont bother then

EDIT2: Nevermind that! found 020 numbers for all of them on

Consumer Direct - 020 8181 8956
ASA - 020 7492 2222
OFT Switchboard - 020 7211 8000
OFT Consumer credit licensing - 020 7211 8608
Trading Standards - No number

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mine arrived this morning, seems as if they threw in a pack of eneloops and a charger gratis. Shame I already ordered some from elsewhere!

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ah me2..i think im gonna keep be happier being able to take pictures then leaving it sealed and trying to come to an agreement with jacobs...what charger is it btw?...eneloop? (im not home atm)
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its the standard sanyo charger, takes ages to charge with it though

I received the courtesy call too from JD - which advised their error was in advertising the water resistant lens (same as Eye Will above), no mention of DAL v DA. Be interested to hear whether anyone is able to successfully challenge JD, or get anywhere with them. Mine is a Xmas presy from me to me, I haven't looked at what's i'd be tempted to open and play ! My wife has already wrapped it and it is sitting under the tree...
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