Pentax Optio E50 Digital Camera (8.0MP, 3x Optical Zoom) 2.5" LCD £49.99 including delivery from amazon uk

Pentax Optio E50 Digital Camera (8.0MP, 3x Optical Zoom) 2.5" LCD £49.99 including delivery from amazon uk

Found 13th Oct 2008
8 megapixel entry class, user friendly camera that maintains a high quality image
3x Optical Zoom and 4x digital zoom making it ideal for a wide spectrum of subjects
2.4" LCD monitor
Face Recognition AF & AE for simple and convenient photography of portraits
Digital Shake reduction
Uses easily available AA batteries' allowing worry free travel
Auto picture mode which automatically determines the best setting for the shooting conditions
Has a Green Mode function which completely automates the camera setup making picture taking effortless for even complete beginners
Panoramic mode for composing photographs into one panoramic picture
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This seems a very good price for a basic ' point and shoot ' camera. Here's a review from from July 2008, camera was reviewed at a price of £99.99 and scored 6/10.

"For the price and it's market the Pentax E50 does it's job, but it's hardly the best camera on the market, even for £100. The poor LCD monitor and lack of features are obviously cost cutters, but the 8million pixel CCD sensor and lens really should be better. Yes you'll be able to take reasonable pictures, but no better than those of a 5 or 6 million pixel camera. It's best feature is it's simplicity, so if you want something for the non-techy person in your life, the E50 might fit the bill. "
Looking to buy someone their first digital camera for xmas. Needs to be as simple to use as possible. Would I be best to get this or the Kodak Easyshare for just under £57 from Ebuyer?

Any opinions welcomed :thumbsup:
You would most probably be better off with the Fuji from Morrisons at this price level.

Also it is worth looking at Fuji refurb website. They turn up looking like new ( I am convinced offer refurb products that are brand new allowing them to ease stock into the market place without disturbing their RRP). For extra piece of mind the 2 year ADDITIONAL warranty is available for about £20

Others here should be able to tell you if your camera would be marked refurb.

The Morrisons camera is certainly worth a look though.
I've got this camera, I bought it in Thailand whilst on holiday this year. I had originally bought an Olympus model but it died after taking about 3 pictures, was pretty glad it did actually as this Pentax looks/feels/performs so much better. Very impressed especially given the price I paid for it. Unlike most point n' shoot cameras this allows you to select your ISO setting manually so you can choose if you want natural lighting or flash, ISO goes up to 1600 as well.

Captures movies in 320x240 or 640x480, plenty of pre-set capture modes, face recognition, AA batteries so you don't have to worry about dragging your charging accessories along, SDHC support. and a whopping 9.5MB of internal memory so you can take 2 8mp shots!
they're great little cameras, especially for the price
Hi can all who left rep leave there name so i can return it as otherwise i dont know who you are
Thanks. One Xmas prezzie sorted out 2 months and 10 days earlier than normal.

Hot and rep added.
good price.
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