Penumbra Collection (PC) £5.39 @ GamersGate

Penumbra Collection (PC) £5.39 @ GamersGate

Found 2nd Sep 2010
Penumbra is a first person horror adventure focusing on story, immersion and puzzle solving. Violence and combat is hardly an option - the player has to use wits to guide Philip through his final test, and this makes the series unique in offering a truly dangerous and terrifying experience.


sounds scary oO

This is truly a great game. It is creepy and it might make you jump in places but by far the best aspect are the puzzles. You'll collect a number of items that you might need to combine with others or use with parts of the environment, a similar style to the classic Lucasart point and click games.

The physic based combat / interaction is great too. You can slowly open a door by moving your mouse slowly to check for any enemies, or block a door off with boxes etc.

Heat added!

I notice the previous post of this deal at friction for £4.11 is no longer valid, so this is a great deal

Amnesia: Dark Descent is due fairly soon.
Gameplay looks scary!
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