Peperami Fanimal £3 @ SportsDirect

Peperami Fanimal £3 @ SportsDirect

Found 19th Jun 2010
pereiami fanimal only £3, says loads of funny things.

"burger of USA"

Support the World Cup with this summer's must-have mascot the Pepperami Fanimal!
Shake to hear your Fanimal heckle the opposition.

lol lol lol.
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you can get these free by texting "fanimal" to 66644
thanks barky added some rep i just won one
Looks more like Mr Hankey than a Peperami to me :whistling:.
how much are the texts barky?
Is there one that will break into the England changing room and tell them how crap they are?
Cool just won one fifth time lucky mind lol. Hope the texts aren't expensive.
The cost of the text is your standard rate guys:…spx

Got mine (or rather my son's), after the third text. Not bad for 36p.

By the way, there's 1000 to be won every day until 28/06/10.
Got one. 5 goes it took me, free texts so quite happy, pity we'll be out of the bloody thing before i get a chance to make him 'rant'! Still, will come in handy for 2014.
Says 'Burger off USA' not 'Burger of USA'!!
thanx barky just won 1 only 3 texts and they are free for me lol

thanx barky just won 1 only 3 texts and they are free for me lol

nice one-and btw-these come VERY quick-we won two and the first arrived 3 days after we won,the second 4 days.
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