Peperami hot & original 5 pack £1.00 @ Asda

Peperami hot & original 5 pack £1.00 @ Asda

Found 25th May 2010
5x25g Peperami both hot & original for £1 at Asda.
Online & instore
So wrong but so right
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I've been waiting for this price for a few weeks, time to stock up again! Hot!
Peperami are just wrong. I'm sure they're made of plastic.

For some perverse reason I love 'em though!

Wonder why the black ones are never on special offer?
You may as well start eating roadkill if you are going to eat these, or scrape the bugs off your car windsreen and fry them up.
I went to buy these in the Dagenham Asda yesterday as part of the weekly shop. They still scannned at full price (£2.35) and even though they were on the end aisle promo section, they wouldn't honour the price.
I even showed them the price on their website (my mrs saw they had already been reduced on there) and still no.
Chumps. :x
Satan's sausage, wrapped in your devilishly greasy attire... oh how I want you, oh how I need you!
Oh my hubby is going to be soooooo happy!!:-D…ai=

These should come with a health warning. Don't let your children eat these disgusting things, seriously.

Good price though..
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