Peppa pig Dressing gown, Pjs and slippers £8.99 @ Argos

Peppa pig Dressing gown, Pjs and slippers £8.99 @ Argos

Found 6th Aug 2012
Just spotted this, there was stock in my 3rd nearest store but opted for home delivery for an extra £3.95 as I needed 2

Includes supersoft fleece dressing gown, pyjamas and free matching pair of slippers.
Available for ages 2-5 years.
100% polyester, 100% cotton.
Peppa Pig.
Machine washable.
Peace of mind: If you're not happy with your purchase, simply return it unworn, in perfect condition and in undamaged packaging, within 30 days for a full refund.
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Thanks for posting jayley, popped a pic in for you.
Thanks a lot! I can never manage to add a pic!
Good spot but if you order for home delivery they will not send you the slippers as they are seperate(despite a HUGE sticker on the bag saying something along the lines "please add slippers to this set before dispatch" or similar.
Had this happen to me on a Thomas set like this and read the reviews by others and it happened to a lot of them-tried to get this set for my daughter in the Argos next to my work and guess what-no slippers.
Having read the reviews for this set its happened to loads of folk again.
Aww man, thanks for pointing that out, I will be complaining to customer services if that's the case... False advertising lol
I just wanted to make you aware of it!
I dont know if its false advertising as such just really bad warehousing and stock management.
wish they had this one size smaller to put away for xmas, super cute
Thanks - just reserved one for my peppa pig mad soon to be 2 year old!
Heat added
Good post! Just reserved the last set for 2-3 year olds at my local Argos.....Peppa Pig is my grand-daughter's ( current ) favourite character!!

Thanks and heat added.
Thank you. Picking a set up tomorrow. My daughter will be wearing them all week...
Whos killing the site :P
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I got the peppa pig set last Christmas for my daughter and Thomas for a present but the slippers come up as a certain size. You can't chose a size. On the 2-3 years you get size 7 slippers. Other than that they are brill.
Thanks a lot. Just reserved the last set in my nearest store.
Reserved, v.much appreciated heat+
I ordered this last week and picked up from store. No slippers included! I had to bring this to their attention and in the end they provided me another pair of Peppa pig slippers for free that they had in stock. So stand your ground and don't leave without the slippers!!
Thanks op
It does actually say on picture does not include slippers.....? Also no where in listing on Argos does it say slippers included?
Well it says slippers on my order confirmation so i Expect slippers lol
not a single set in my ten nearest stores
Actually, that's a bit weird, because I copied that description from the site last night? And now they have changed it
Yeah it defo said including slippers last night But today you just get the gown and Pjs! I reserved some last night wonder if its worth picking them up today seeing as there might not be any slippers!?
I have just retuned from picking my set up , NO SLIPPERS ! . it does not say slippers included in the Argos ad . I took a refund .
I had real trouble in my local store, as I didnt realise about the slippers until I got home, slippers were advertised as free with them, collect at till point, but no bullet point comes up at the till point to alert them they need to be ordered, I went back to store and after 30 minutes and being made to feel like I was asking for a nought of gold, they finally called customer services who gave them the code of the slippers to order and surprise surprise after being fobbed off in the beginning that this was old stock and there probably were no slippers left, they gave me the £5.99 peppa pig slippers that are out of the new catalogue, , I was lucky they were in stock, after reading reviews on Martin Lewis its a common problem and people are actually having the slippers ordered into store, but on checking the Argos link above they have very craftly changed the advert today and removed the free slippers from it as it was still on there yesterday as they checked instore.
Just reserved and collected, dissapointed, no slippers, long and short is £9 is a reduced price as its an old line (not in catalogue that came out 2 weeks ago) and there's no slippers left, not overly convinced, but wanted the HC & PJs more than anything so took rather than refund.
I tried to warn you!
^agree with the last 2 posters

Just picked up a set instore (last 1 I think) slippers (the sticker on the packet says to pick them up at the till). The response of the store was essentially "tough. take it or leave". So now not sure if I should ask for something to be posted to my house? Or go to a store and demand any kind of slippers?
Just picked mine up the slippers weren't in the packet when I collecte them. The packet had a sticker which said collect slippers from the till. When I asked the guy on the till he said he'd ask the manager. The manager told him the slippers had to be ordered from the new catalogue at no extra charge
Tried 3 postcodes and out of stock at 10 nearest stores, would have been idea present, pity
None in stock for delivery and none in stock at any Argos near me. Wish i had seen this sooner :-(
Picked mine up today. Slippers were in the pack so there must be some of them out there. My daughter has yet to wear the slippers...
I just missed out on the 25% off clothing when you spend £20 offer code , ended @ midnight???

Would have been good to get 20 quids worth for 15 but never mind!!

Picked up ours today, no slippers, they couldn't find the slippers so gave us £3 off, super!
Just took delivery of my 2 that I ordered and surprise surprise... No slippers! Straight on the phone to them! Tried very hard to fob me off and tell me that the internet states no slippers, to which I pointed out my order onfirmation states AND SLIPPERS! Also there's a huge sticker on the front stating it includes slippers!!! Then got passed through after she said...oh does include them!!! 2 pairs of slippers will be with me by Friday!! So don't be fobbed off by them!
Thats exactly what happened to me last year with the Thomas set despite a huge sticker saying please include slippers.
Took me a bit of work to sort it out as well.
Has anybody got code for the slippers? Manager at argos told me that if I get the code for the slippers, he can give that to me. I have not got slippers today.
Thanks Sim

Has anybody got code for the slippers? Manager at argos told me that if … Has anybody got code for the slippers? Manager at argos told me that if I get the code for the slippers, he can give that to me. I have not got slippers today.Thanks Sim

Use the code of the slippers in the new catalogue
Be carefull to make sure they add the slippers, I didnt realise till I got home that they were not in the pack and the price of the bus fair would of made it uneconomical to go back to the store, just thought I'd warn others to make sure they add the slippers for you!
I asked to see the pyjamas first before buying them.
Then you can check if the slippers are in the pack.
If not point out the big sticker that says slippers included.
Mine werent included but they gave me the ones from the new catalogue for free. Not bad!!
Thanks for posting thats 2 more christmas pressies sorted!!
I sorted mine out by phoning the customers services, they sent me some in a size 7, but they were too tight for daughter so I stuck them on ebay and got £6 for them so really the pj set only cost me £2.99! yay.
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