Peppa Pig Musical Band Set  £8.99 @ Home Bargains.

Peppa Pig Musical Band Set £8.99 @ Home Bargains.

Found 4th Nov 2013
Peppa Pig Musical Band Set is Only £8.99 Online & Instore. Great price for this set of toy instruments :-)

Selling for £11.25 @ The Entertainer, £14.00 @ Asda Direct and £22.62 @ Amazon.
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the present to buy the child whos family you dont like?
Not the best quality drum. Ours broke beyond repair within a few weeks... can't complain as got it at dirt cheap (like £3) price a couple of years ago. If you want to buy some instruments, have a look at the ELC set currently at half price £10 (down from £20). Was not too impressed with this Peppa (well we had a George one) set so we bought the ELC instruments separately and spent circa £25 on most of the bits you see in the set.

I don't believe this is a gift for a family you don't like. That is the recorder, perhaps. These are less 'offensive' instruments imo. Good for encouraging a love of music and therefore good foundation for rhythm, timing, mathematics etc in young children. I struggled to find a gift for my then 1 yo son, the instruments have been an investment that have lasted us several years now and are still knocking about.... the ELC ones, not the Peppa ones.
Sorry the cymbals don't clang very well and the tambourine is plastic so really does not make that big a racket.
Thanks will look out for this! Heat added
This is the sort of present I used to buy for friends kids, before I had my own. Now they are all getting me back, I expect we'll have one of these for Christmas, oh joy!! Good deal though, head added :-)
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