I think this is expensive for what it is, £30 CPU, 4gb RAM, 500g HD, 300w PSU.Voted hot as it's still a reasonable deal for people who aren't confident or don't want to build themselves & agree the quality of the case and components must be better than a zoostorm (couldn't be any worse )
does anyone know how upgradable this PC is?

does anyone know how upgradable this PC is?

those are the motherboard specifications

does anyone know how upgradable this PC is?

Avoid anything with a 300w or less power supply if you want to fit a decent midrange graphics card, etc, unless you want to get your hands dirty and change out that power supply for something more powerful at a later date. In cheap PC builds, money is saved on the motherboard and the power supply, because the first thing that most people are looking for is what CPU the computer uses, which in this case is very basic, but more than adequate for an office/internet computer, say. Cheap power supplies are not untypically quite noisy and unreliable. Perhaps hot-ish for having Windows 7 Home Premium, if you're not an Ubuntu fan.

Edit - though reading through the customer reviews, a few people have mentioned 'quiet', which even if a basic spec makes up for a lot, in my book.
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Not too bad, it has USB3, WIndows 7, 4GB ram (but only two slots so upgrading ram may require ditching the existing 2 sticks (presumably) and install 2 x 4GB

Gotta be better build than the Zoostorm unless Asus have gone mental
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