Interesting. I have always thought that there are massive energy savings to be made from cutting excess water boiling.

I thought most kettles have cup level markers on the side anyway, don't they? As I only fill the kettle up to just above the amount of cups I'm making for (doesn't everyone?), I don't need one.

I'm not sure this is so revolutionary but I know plenty of people who just fill the kettle up even if it's just for 2 cups! If the kettle had a LCD display which told them how much it would actually cost to boil that amount of water I think people might change their ways.

You can get this for under £23.00,as below in my basket. As Quidco 10% cashback too...they are Zeropointzero on Quidco.

1 xEco Kettle + Free Fairtrade Coffee £29.50
-Total:£24.50(Free Shipping):£0.00
Total:£24.50..................................- 10% Quidco £2.40 = £22.10 delivered.
[COLOR=#ff0000]You have saved:[/COLOR][COLOR=#ff0000]£5.00[/COLOR]

I tested the free delivery code on a £20.30 spend and after checkout went back to basket and added the £5.00 off code and it seemed to work,total came too £15.30, with free postage. Although did'nt buy to get any thing confirmed,but up till comfirmation page discounts still showing.....and i tested out sale items too.

By spending over £10.00 you have qualified for the following gift!
FREE - 6 Traidcraft Geobars
(Maximum 1 gift per order)

£5.00 Discount is for 1st time buy.


I could not get two codes to work together also noticed this

"N.B. Discounts are only applied to full price items."

The kettle is not full price, it is reduced so i doubt you will get either of the discounts anyway
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