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Quidco @ 10% for new customers and 5% for existing (expires in 4 days).


If these were on a market stall for £30, I still wouldn't buy them because they look snide.
Ughh it’s hideous
White one even cheaper.
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Imitation leather ?? PVC? Bit expensive for non leather uppers
Extra ankle support to help you boot off those flat doors...
don't know if they are still giving £10 off for signing up worth a try! it worked last week for me xx
edit: they are, just signed up with a different email and got a code for £10 off
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Good price, especially if you can get the 10 pounds off but "imitation leather" and obvious glue around the sole puts me off this.
Still Heat though.
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I think the phrase most people are looking for is, horseshit
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had a pair of air max years ago. the sole disintegrated on them!
These will be quite popular amongst the chavs in Liverpool
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