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would this be locked to O2? Looked on ebay and no unlock codes.
Android? Or? Honestly do you really will use it, I can understand if it is 2008 not 2018 why anyone will buy it even if for your business, waste of money more junk for draw,
And you need to give a working charger to CEX as well

Add £1 if you are going to sell.
R-110th Jan 2018

cex pay £11 grade a/b .. my local store accepts handset only

I very much doubt that.
Silhouette2 m ago

I very much doubt that.

My local store requires a charger as well.
PS Out of stock. Must have been last couple on the warehouse shelves
NCIS1 m ago

My local store requires a charger as well.

All stores do. They would never take a phone without a charger unless they're buying in as an 'F'/Non-Working.

Not only because they're not allowed to, but they'd then have to be sourcing and buying charges to go with it (or picking a £5.99 one off their own stock).

Would. Never. Happen.
anygood ??
Why expired? I just ordered this
Expired again. O2 are a waste of time i tell you
R-110th Jan 2018

It's unlocked ..

Not the one I bought, and couldn't find a way to unlock it, had to get rid of it.

CEX want a charger(or £5 off), which is strange considering most phones don't come with one, this Doro does come with one.
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Back in stock. There appears to be an unlock available using an NCK box or dongle, but where you might find someone with one I don't know..
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