This is still a lot of money for a digital cable. Get one off ebay for a couple of quid. As long of the signal can travel the length of the cable there is NO difference in picture quality with a more expensive cable, this is the point of a digital signal. The only thing you need to ensure is build quality so the ends are sturdy etc.

Still, clicked hot as it's not too bad for a sturdy cable delivered, and a good reduction on RRP, just don't pay any more!

I wonder if they have the RRP wrong seems to be £40-50 elsewhere. Monster cables on the cheap gotta be hot.


Monster cables on the cheap gotta be hot.

Profit margin on Monster cables gotta be sky-high.

Just because it's going cheap doesn't mean it's worth buying.

I don't dispute the profit margin is high, but they do look quality I sourced an Xbox one monster component for a mate £18 off eBay comparing it to the Ixos one I bought for a tenner mine really did look all of its money if a bit over priced.

Anyone who buys one of these needs psychiatric evaluation ASAP.


Rubbish anyone who hasn't had any first hand experience of these is talking out of their hat including me perhaps since my experience is with a component cable of which I don't think there is a better one made for the Xbox one.

have a watch of this, a monster cable $262 HDMI v's a $12 no-name cable. Well made cables they may be buy they are ridiculously overpriced.
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