Found 14th Sep 2007
September clearance sale at wiggle, quite a few decent deals and an additional 10% off orders over £50 plus free delivery. This stood out, seems a good price. Note they are unboxed (probably surplus OEM parts) but the best value bike parts normally are!

* Solo Air
* Travel: 100mm
* Weight: 2071g (4.5 lbs)
* Spring: Solo Air, Spring Adjust: Air pressure via single Schrader valve
* Damping: Motion Control, Damping Adjust: External rebound, compression and lockout, PopLoc remote option
* Lowers: Magnesium, with bosses
* Crown: Forged, hollow, 6061 T-6 aluminium
* Steerer Tube: Aluminium
* Upper Tubes: 32mm 4130 tapered wall steel

Also bike lights and cycling shirts for a fiver amongst other things. PS If you sign up for the newsletter than send you a £5 off £50 orders voucher which might work on top of other discounts(worked for me last month...)

Also some super value raceface stems for £4.84 or less...
- jah128


I don't know why some people voted it cold, it's a fantastic deal !!!
This particular product retail at £160 minimum and that's on EBay.
Thank jah128
voted super HOT

Fantastic deal. Pity it doesn't appeal to the masses. Most people on this forum would probably only pay £80 for a whole bike. That's why I assume that it's cold.

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Their loss ;-) Thought it looked a good price, very tempted myself but its been too expensive a month! Hope someone enjoys it

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Changed my mind and went for it!
They have RaceFace stems that were a ]hot deal at £10 here for a super-bargain] £4.84 (or less with the 10% off deal!). Crazy price![/SIZE]

That is an awesome deal!!

I was building up a second bike to use around the streets, shops and back and for general messing about a few months back and wanted these but the cheapest on the net was £189.99 for them. As I already have an expensive bike (enduro SL) I was trying to keep this one resonably cheap but still good.

Ended up getting the Coil version for £118.99 and that was a great price too!

These forks are better than the standard Tora 302 coils on the £500-£800 bikes but not quite as good as the Recon/Reba's on the £900+ bikes.

Good for commuting aswell due to Lockout!


these are normally £209.99 on Wiggle ;-)

hot budget forks!

Do these go at the front or back of the pedal cycle?

Great deal and only 8 left. If only I needed a pair myself.....


Do these go at the front or back of the pedal cycle?

they go up your nostril and then you headbut the floor :x

do they except disc brakes?


they go up your nostril and then you headbut the floor :x

YES! - I love fishing for live ones...... :whistling:


do they except disc brakes?

Sure do


Stunning price for these forks - shame I've just bought some second-hand forks for £57 - these would have been a far better buy.

Only 2 left - grab 'em quick


All gone:x

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Ah well, hope some people get them. I'll expire it, but there are some other good deals still on there (especially that stem) so if anyone wants to post a new sale deal please do...

PS Please do post good bike part deals if you spot them, or similar niche things; whilst they don't tend to get too hot or too much coverage there are enough people on the forum who appreciate it to make it worthwhile

Just got this:

HiRe order from Mr. Andrew Duffell for RockShox Tora 318 Solo Air … HiRe order from Mr. Andrew Duffell for RockShox Tora 318 Solo Air UnboxedForks - Diffusion Black -We're very sorry but we cannot supply you with this product. Our supplierstold us we could have more but they have now run out without telling us.To make up for mucking you around, here's a wiggle Gift Voucher which youcan use towards the cost of an alternative product. Voucher IDXXXXXX-XXXXXX Amount £8.01.The RockShox Tora 318 Solo Air Unboxed Forks - Diffusion Black - has beencancelled from your order. Please make a new order for an alternativeproduct online.Sorry for the hassleWiggle Customer Services

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