Not a bad weight either at 24 lbs, but i would like to see it more around the 18 lbs mark..

My Canondale with lefty comes in at around 21 lbs

Has anyone seen one of these in the flesh??

Im liking the look of the white frame,


10.9 KG - that's heavy for a bike with no gears/suspension, I suspect £199 is about right.

These are not fixed rear hubs are they??

Also... there is only one size... 59cm which is fair big.. (is it measured from BB to seat tube ??

they are selling these in Costco for £160.

and even at that... think they are overpriced for the components that are on the bike

If you really only have £200 quid to spend on a single speed then you would probably be better off buying a second hand Specialized Langster or you might even be able to find last years model discounted for not much more.

I reckon the frame looks "dead", at 24lbs it's too heavy ,if you've ever ridden a track bike, and with those clearances it would handle like a postman's bike. And the sales pitch about securing the whole shipment from the Chinese at half price is laughable. If you're blinded by style over substance then this is just the thing to show off to your mates on before pitching over the bars as you forget to pedal.

Nice Bike.....

Voted cold for four reasons:

1) The bike doesn't have an rrp of £500, bikes of a similar nature (but much better built and with better components) will cost £500+ if bought on the highstreet.
2) This bike is cheaper in CostCo - £160 + VAT = £188.
3) This bike is cheaper direct from the importers - createbikes.com/ £199 with free delivery.
4) The bike is IMHO junk anyway with a poor reputation for build quality and reliability - search for unipack (the original name for the bike).

er I think that's enough.

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