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Thanks for the heads up, will definately be stocking up on a few of these.

Boots have some their own brand baby wipes 3 packets for £2.50,bought some today. I prefer Boots own over Huggies and I can't stand the smell of some the Johnson's ones.


these rip when ya use them

hot thank you

popped in this morning and its on TODAY

anyone see this thread about possible glitch on huggies at tesco??

Also quite sticky against babies bottom. Not the best, but I'm always after good deals on wet wipes so hot from me

These are like wet toilet paper !

You should try the baby wipes from ALDI, they are very good, and we have tried all brands, I would say they are most like Huggies and they are always 95p a pack, their nappies are good too.

alfie woo;8348572

these rip when ya use them

You're wiping your bum too hard then:oops:

So how many wipes do you get for £2.49 then?

If it's 3 x packs of 72 wipes, it's not that good a deal really.

A good deal on wipes should cost around 1p each.

Sainsbury's do these for 2 packs for £2 (or £1.44 each)

this a great deal for 3 packs - hot
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