Two things stand in my way:

1) I prefer my old mono laser

2) Doesn't this use the same hideously expensive inks as HP inkjets and thus add to, rather than reduce, landfill?

Yes you need an old printer...

Yes you need an old working printer...


Also needs Dell (or recycling team) to confirm it as working, otherwise you receive 50%, which I guess would be £20 + £10 towards postage.

Worth looking at the T&C's as they are quite restrictive for monitors and I'd expect them to require there be ink so they can fully test it.

All that effort to get a Lexmark? No thanks.

The old printer should be less than 3 years old and working, but not necessarily with working ink cartridges. Good price for what is is.

quidco discount is pre vat for dell

713 is £142
less dell discount £52 = £90
less quidco 10% pre vat @ £7.50 = £82.50
less £50 cashback = £32.50

515 is £112
less dell discount £42 = £70
less quidco 10% pre vat @ approx £6 = £64
less £40 cashback = £24

713 is best value imo
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