Pepsi 2 x 2L@ Farmfoods for £1.80

Pepsi 2 x [email protected] Farmfoods for £1.80

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Pepsi, Pepsi max - didn't see any other types...

These are 1.5 litre bottles with 33% free making them 2 litres, still a great price at 90p per 2 litres.

- konimitsu


Voted hot.

But...are these 1.5L bottles making them 2L?

Or 2L bottles making them 2.66L?


Pepsi's new size is 1.5l so as likely as not, that is about the size of it.

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2L bottles + 33% in each bottle = 2.33L


2L bottles + 33% in each bottle = 2.33L

Ah ok.

That makes the original bottle 1.75L rather than 2L.

90p for 2.33L of Pepsi is still a hot deal.


2L bottles + 33% in each bottle = 2.33L

1 litre's 33% is 0.33 litre so on a 2 litre bottle it's 0.66...


These bottles are not 2l with 33% free they are 1.5l with 33% free making them 2l bottles (might want to change the title OP)

Still a hot deal at 90p per 2l bottle though, I have been twice this week and stocked up on them.

Heat for the maths lesson lol

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Thanks also for the math lesson. Title changed

Milk is cheaper. Pepsi is sugar and chemicals.

Got these from the Wolverton store today. 90p per bottle = HOT!


I need to go their
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