Pepsi 24x330ml £4.29+VAT at jj foods - (£5.15)

Pepsi 24x330ml £4.29+VAT at jj foods - (£5.15)

Found 5th Nov 2013
It's on for another week..
Thought this was a bit of a bargain if your close to a jj foods, lots of other good buys to, easy to register.
just order and go alone and pick up.
Still very green at posting deals so hope everyone's happy, if anyone could help with an image that would be mint...
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£4 for 24 cans at Asda incl. vat. Sorry Colston.

£4 for 24 cans at Asda incl. vat. Sorry Colston.

Never seen these at this price.
Have to say I've never seen them for £4 at Asda but hope they are, it's all good for the Christmas mixers..
not £4 down in cardiffs asda
£5 15p is a good deal for 24 :):):)
What's this " + VAT " is it freebie to drink the Pepsi out of?
I signed up a year ago & they do have some really good deals, my fav's 10kg of fresh chicken breasts for I think it's £32,
In Asda or Tesco it's way way over that in fact double I think.
But you do need a big freezer....
Just seen that this offer's on for another week.
Not sure if I can get anymore in the garage...
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