Pepsi cans 6x330ml £1.50 @ ASDA

Pepsi cans 6x330ml £1.50 @ ASDA

Found 17th Jan 2010
Was £2.58 each now £1.50

Original, Max & diet varieties.


Cheaper at Co-op £1.29 I think

co op cheaper

Hot from me as I'm no-where near a co-op!

They're on BOGOF at my local NISA, not voted.

Regular.Max and Diet all £2.00 for 12 at Netto !

I guess that pepsi is a little over done at the moment !

Tesco had 24 cans for a fiver certain stores I think tho, because I went to 3 different stores and only 2 Had them

i think its a good price, no co op near me, heat added


Cheaper at Co-op £1.29 I think

i know but co-ops are closing down everywhere near me!
i go netto hehhhe

£1 for 6 in netto at the mo
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